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The Bull Run Occoquan Trail meanders through a sea of bluebells.

Mark VanDyke

2017 Report

25th Running

VHTRC Bull Run Run 50 Mile Trail Run

Clifton, VA

Saturday, April 8, 2017

327 starters, 285 finishers

87% finishing rate


The 25th Bull Run Run had great weather, awesome performances, and throw backs to the past. Frank Probst completed the 25th just as he completed the first. He has done them all—someting no one else has done. The overall winners—Bradley Revenis for the men and Meg Landymore for the women—each won by substantial margins. Team The Survivors had all of its members finish. That’s an accomplishment given that if the insurance companies could still not cover you for preexisting illnesses, they would not get insurance.

Members of the 17th Fairfax Rifles with RD Chris Scott
Members of the 17th Fairfax Rifles with RD Chris Scott.

Race founder, Chris Scott, reinvigorated the history and tradition of the event. Civil War reenactors were out on the course. The “Chris gooffyness” that started it all, reappeared.

As usual, a cast of thousands of volunteers added to the great experience of the runners.

Two runners ran fastest times by their age group. Maureen Rohrs finished in 11:12:41. That was a half hour faster than the previous female super senior record. Gary Knipling bettered his own fastest time by anyone, male or female, 70 or above at 11:39:00. The course was different this year. We used the high water course. It is not precisely the same distance. From the results on this day, it didn’t seem that the course was short. In any event, no one has come close to a better performance in their respective age groups than Maureen or Gary.


Note on Photos

We had several photographers this year. There should be a photo of most runners at least somewhere. You should check with the photographer before you use a photo in any way. Most are okay to let you use a photo, including printing it, for private, non-commercial purposes. Any public display of these photos should include proper attribution to the photographer.

Other reports

Veterans with 10 or more finishes - 67 people

Here are runners who have finished Bull Run Run 10 times or more. Frank Probst has finished all BRRs. The top female finishers are Suzi Spangler and Michele Harmon with 15.

Veterans with 10 or more finishes
Veteran Finishes
Frank Probst 25
Thomas Green 23
David Janosko 22
Tim Stanley 22
Gary Knipling 20
Bob Anderson 19
Bill Wandel 19
Steve Burrows 18
John Guendelsberger 16
Michael Talbert 16
Philip Lechner 16
TJ Hawk 16
Wesley Fenton 16
Michele Harmon 15
Keith Knipling 15
Suzie Spangler 15
Michael Campbell 15
Paul Ammann 14
Michael Tatarko 14
Marcia Peters 14
Gaynor Bourgeois 14
Harry Smith 14
Barry Lewis 13
Jaret Seiberg 13
Ben Clark 12
Michael Yoder 12
Donald Mengel 12
Charles Leonard 12
Laurie Ann Cooper 12
Rob Apple 12
John Sondermann 12
Christopher Mortensen 12
George Hollerbach 11
Erik Leeds 11
John Prohira 11
Sean Andrish 11
Alisa Springman 11
John Shepard 11
Doug Freese 11
John Hampton 11
Prasad Gerard 11
Adam Hill 11
Ernesto Casarez 11
Marlin Yoder 10
Milton Webb 10
David Hughes 10
Farouk Elkassed 10
Bob Coyne 10
Joy Valvano 10
Gary Maier 10
Dave Gallen 10
John Weitzel 10
Mark Zimmermann 10
Steve Platt 10
Dale Weitzel 10
James Moore 10
John DeWalt 10
Pete Pontzer 10
Jen Jacobs 10
Scott Crabb 10
Gregory Loomis 10
Brent Fenstermacher 10
Darin Dunham 10
Libby Crockart 10
Rick Moyer 10
Maureen Rohrs 10
Bill Turrentine 10
The Nash Rambler
Something else that’s been there for 25 years—the Nash Rambler. Do Loop aid station volunteers dress up the storied vehicle.

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