The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club

Promoting trail running in the D.C. area for three decades.

Welcome to the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club

We are a fun group of trail runners of all abilities centered in northern Virginia. Many but not all of us run ultramarathons. Come play with us at our races and training runs!

The VHTRC is 30! We are celebrating with a year-long photo scavenger hunt. More information

Latest news

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  • Jan 17, 2023
  • Race report, John Calabrese

Your intrepid reporter John Calabrese ventured up to Delaware on the second Saturday in January for the PHUNT trail race experience.

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2022 Awards

  • Jan 10, 2023
  • Awards, Party

Time for all good VHTRC club members to do their civic duty by voting on the 2022 awards, and then by sending in their RSVP to the Awards Party!

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VHTRC 30th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

  • Dec 31, 2022
  • Club news

The VHTRC turned 30 in December, 2022, and we are celebrating with a year-long photo scavenger hunt.

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Upcoming stuff

Here’s what we have coming up. See our calendar for a full list of our (and others’) events

The VHTRC was founded to put on races. We are mighty proud of our courses and hospitality.

Sat Feb 25

50 km

Westminster, MD

Entry opens: Jan 3, 2023

31 miles of trails, old woods roads, open fields, and plenty of hills with a couple of stream crossings thrown in just for fun.

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Sat Apr 15

50.2 miles

Clifton, VA

Entry opens: Nov 15, 2022

A 50 mile trail run that parallels the Bull Run and the Occoquan River in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. The course traverses forested, rolling terrain during the height of Virginia’s spring beauty. The run’s unique character includes a Civil War theme that honors the battles that occurred here over 150 years ago. The 13 hour time limit makes Bull Run Run an excellent first 50 miler.

Sat May 20

100.6 miles

Fort Valley, VA

Entry opens: Oct 30, 2022

A challenging, rocky 100 miler on the trails of the Massanutten Mountains in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The course includes short but rugged mountain climbs with more than 18,000 feet of total ascent. There is a 36-hour cutoff.

Sat Sep 9

13.6 miles

Fairfax Station, VA

Entry opens: Jun 3, 2022

A challenging yet chill race for women only … built for new trail runners and veterans alike.

Events are open to the public and free to enter, but do require prior registration and many have entry limits.
Didn’t get in? Consider volunteering.

Entry is open

Sat Feb 4

Cabin John, MD

Entry opens: Jan 1, 2023

A party for all VHTRC members, to announce and honor the winners of the VHTRC awards for the previous calendar year. RSVP will open for the party right after the New Year.

Sat Feb 11

7 miles

Fairfax Station, VA

Since it is can be easy for the uninitiated to get lost, “Death by Do Loop” is a chance to become familiar with this section of the course while seeing how many laps you can do.

Sat Feb 11

30.3 miles

Fort Valley, VA

Entry opens: Jan 1, 2023

This MMT training run covers the middle third of MMT, from Elizabeth Furnace to Camp Roosevelt.

Entry is open

Sat Feb 25

71 miles

Fort Valley, VA

Entry opens: Jan 9, 2023
Entry closes: Feb 23, 2023

Why anyone who has completed The Ring would want to do this is anyone’s guess. Entry is open only to those in the Fellowship, so the rest of you can breathe a sigh of relief and run Hashawha Hills. Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard are the “organizers.”

Entry opens Feb 1

Sat Mar 11

30.5 miles

Fort Valley, VA

Entry opens: Feb 1, 2023
Entry closes: Mar 9, 2022

A challenging, low-key 50 km in the Elizabeth Furnace area of the Massanutten Mountains, utilizing the old Dogwood Half Hundred course. Excellent training for those inclined to run the MMT 100 miler in May.

Sat Mar 18

35 miles

Luray, VA

Entry opens: Feb 13, 2023

This MMT training run covers the final third of MMT, from Camp Roosevelt to the finish.

Sun Mar 19

15 miles

Fairfax Station, VA

“Baby Bull” run #3, with 14-15 or 21-22 mile options on the Bull Run Run 50 miler course, starting and finishing at the Southern end at Fountainhead.

Low-key runs with no formal sign-up. Just show up and run.

Sun Feb 5

7-10 miles

Washington, DC

Explore the trails of Rock Creek Park on these low-key runs. We leave at 8:00 am from either Peirce Mill or Theodore Roosevelt Island and the runs are roughly 7–10 miles long.

Fri Nov 24

25.3 miles

Nethers, VA

Often referred to as “Shenandoah’s National Park’s greatest hits,” this 25-mile loop’s highlights include White Oak Canyon, Hawksbill, Stony Man, all connected by beautiful ridge running on the Appalachian Trail.

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