The VHTRC sponsors 20 running events and one party throughout the year. These official club events are free to enter and open to the public — with few exceptions, you need not be a member of the club — but prior registration is required.

Many of the runs are supported by club volunteers and feature marked courses with aid stations.

Upcoming events

Quad State Quad Buster

Entry is open
October 22, 2022
44.8 miles
Pen Mar, PA

You run in four states in one day, traditionally held on the Saturday the weekend before the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s a long run over challenging trail - you will have to move with dispatch to finish in daylight. Entry is limited to VHTRC members.

PB&J 50k + 25k

Entry is open
October 29, 2022
50.0 km
Quantico, VA

A runnable 25k or 50k run comprised on a looped course comprised of the rolling trails of Prince William Forest Park.

Potomac Heritage

Entry is open
November 6, 2022
30.5 miles
Washington, DC

The event that proves that there are beautiful trails inside the Beltway. Entry opens a few weeks before the race.

VHTRC Turkey Chase

November 24, 2022
2.0 hours
Potomac, MD

The VHTRC version of this traditional fall running classic. Thanksgiving morning on the C&O Canal and the trails around Great Falls, on the Maryland side. Hosted by Mike Bur.

Magnus Gluteus Maximus

Entry opens Nov 1
December 10, 2022
50.0 km
Clifton, VA

The first event in the now-storied history of the club. Very low-key, a lot of fun, and no fee for those who RSVP and then show for the run. Come ring in the holidays with Furbutt and the VHTRC! Be sure to fill out the online RSVP to enter.

Boyers Furnace

Entry opens Nov 21
December 26, 2022
40.3 miles
Luray, VA

This classic holiday fat ass includes a nice mix of Massanutten Trail sections and dirt roads, with miles of spectacular views of the Fort Valley, Page Valley and Shenandoah Valley.

Redeye 50 km

Entry opens Dec 4
January 1, 2023
31.7 miles
Quantico, VA

Start out the new year with some cold miles at Prince William Forest Park and clear your head of any lingering hangover.

MMT Training Academy Run 1: Caroline Furnace to Elizabeth Furnace

Entry opens Dec 14
January 14, 2023
32.0 miles
Fort Valley, VA

Day #1 of the MLK weekend of mountain training runs, this year hosted by Larry Huffman. This is a roughly 50 km section of the MMT 100 course along the western ridge of the Massanuttens, starting at the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp and ending at Signal Knob.

Waterfall 50 km

Entry opens Dec 15
January 15, 2023
31.2 miles
Luray, VA

The traditional Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend kick-off to Massanutten 100 training, with two long training runs on portions of the MMT course. Day 2 is the Waterfall 50km event (Bur’s Death March).

Reverse Ring

February 25, 2023
71.0 miles
Fort Valley, VA

Why anyone who has completed The Ring would want to do this is anyone’s guess. Entry is open only to those in the Fellowship, so the rest of you can breathe a sigh of relief and run Hashawha Hills. Mike Bur and Quatro Hubbard are the “organizers.”

Elizabeth Furnace 50 km

Entry opens Feb 1
March 11, 2023
30.5 miles
Fort Valley, VA

A challenging, low-key 50 km in the Elizabeth Furnace area of the Massanutten Mountains, utilizing the old Dogwood Half Hundred course. Excellent training for those inclined to run the MMT 100 miler in May.

MMT Training Academy: Chocolate Bunny

Entry opens Mar 14
April 8, 2023
25.9 miles
Luray, VA

A low-key, tough, night-time run on the southern section of the MMT course. Prior daytime experience on the MMT course is a prerequisite.

Holy Cowans Gap

Entry opens Apr 24
May 28, 2023
31.9 miles
McConnellsburg, PA

Sheila Vibert and Brett Martin host this holiday weekend event in south-central Pennsylvania’s Cowans Gap State Park. Very challenging course in a beautiful area, with a lakeside barbecue at the finish.

Catherine’s Fat Ass

July 22, 2023
29.1 miles
Luray, VA

Popular event on the little-used trails in the southern section of the Massanutten Mountains, under the direction of Chelsea Smith.

The Ring

September 2, 2023
71.0 miles
Fort Valley, VA

If you want to run the Reverse Ring in late February (and who wouldn’t?!), you have to get this run done first!

The Big Schloss

Entry opens Aug 8
September 23, 2023
33.3 miles
Wardensville, WV

A challenging, low-key, beautiful run near the Virginia / West Virginia border. Generally held on the last Saturday in September, and limited to about 60 runners. New management in 2021 as Levi and Cara Mason took the reins from Kirstin Corris.

Events from the past

The dates for these events are not current.

Awards Party

February 1, 2020
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Cabin John, MD

A party for all VHTRC members, to announce and honor the winners of the VHTRC awards for the previous calendar year. RSVP will open for the party right after the New Year.

BRR Training Run #1 (The North)

January 22, 2022
17.3 miles
Clifton, VA

Come out and get some easy rolling miles on the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail! Starting at the Hemlock Overlook Regional Park trailhead at the end of Yates Ford Road at 8 am, this run will cover the northern section of the course that makes up the first 17 miles of the BRR 50 Miler.

Death By Do Loop

February 12, 2022
7.0 miles
Fairfax Station, VA

Since it is can be easy for the uninitiated to get lost, “Death by Do Loop” is a chance to become familiar with this section of the course while seeing how many laps you can do.

MMT Training Academy Run 2: Figure 8 from Camp Roosevelt

February 19, 2022
25.3 miles
Luray, VA

This MMT training run covers much of the middle third of MMT. Tweaked course due to continuing COVID concerns.

BRR Training Run #3 (The South)

March 6, 2022
15.0 miles
Fairfax Station, VA

“Baby Bull” run #3, with 14-15 or 21-22 mile options on the Bull Run Run 50 miler course, starting and finishing at the Southern end at Fountainhead.

MMT Training Academy Run 3: Camp Roosevelt to Camp Roosevelt

March 26, 2022
35.0 miles
Luray, VA

This MMT training run covers the final third of MMT, from Camp Roosevelt to the finish.

Martha Moats Baker

August 13, 2022
38.7 miles
Stokesville, VA

A low-key run, created by Dennis Herr, exploring some of the other trails around the famous Wild Oak Trail in the Jefferson National Forest.

VHTRC Summer Party

September 25, 2022
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Lorton, VA

One of the highlights of the VHTRC social calendar. All VHTRC members, their families, and volunteers are invited for good conversation, bad jokes, and plenty of food and drink.

Massanutten’s Revenge 100

September 30, 2022
107.8 miles
Luray, VA

As if MMT weren’t hard enough. Take out the road sections of MMT and add more climb and this is what you get.