Entry opens on Sunday November 15, 2020

The Bull Run Occoquan Trail meanders through a sea of bluebells.

Mark VanDyke

Accommodations at the Start/Finish for Friday Night

These accommodations are not for everyone. But if you want an inexpensive place to sleep with no drive to the start on Saturday morning, this may be your place to stay. You are urged to make reservations in advance.

Platform tents at Hemlock.

Hemlock Overlook Regional Park is owned by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and managed by Adventure Links. Adventure Links has sleeping facilities at Hemlock. These will be available for you to stay on Friday night before the run. They are very reasonably priced, but are simple and rustic. These are not hotel rooms.

General Considerations

Think summer camp. The following is true for all facilities:

  • There is no running water where you sleep. Running water, toilets, and showers are centrally located.
  • You will not be able to park your car next to your sleeping place. You will have to carry your stuff as far as a couple of hundred yards or even more.
  • You must provide your own bedding (sleeping bag or sheets), towels, etc. Mattresses, except for the camping option, are provided.
  • Not good for families or children. There are no co-rec accommodations (except for camping).
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • There are no TVs! This may be a good thing! (There is cell phone coverage.)
  • Bring a flashlight!
  • Late arrival on Friday night will be very inconvenient for you and for us. Plan to arrive no later than 8 PM. Check-in time is 4 PM.
  • Accommodations are not available for Saturday night.
  • You may leave your belongings in the building or tent while you run, but it will not be locked. It is best to pack your belongings back into your vehicle pre-race if you can. Do not leave valuables! You must collect your possessions after the run if you opt not to pack up prior to the start.
  • See other issues for specific options.
  • You may not sleep in your car.
Bunks in a bunk house at Hemlock.

Reserving and Paying

We believe that there will be space for those who desire it, but we could be wrong. Also, Hemlock will only set up the platform tents that have been reserved. Consequently, you are urged to make reservations in advance. You will pay when you arrive on Friday. If you don’t have a reservation, you can get an accommodation on Friday only if there are spaces still available. Don’t come relying on a place to sleep if you don’t have a reservation!

You will pay with cash or check. Credit cards cannot be accepted.

You must be on the entry list to make a reservation. If you withdraw from the event, we will cancel your reservation if we remember. Please remind us!

Accommodation Types and Costs

Here is what is available with the costs: (To see where everything is, consult the above map of Hemlock Overlook.

  • Bunk Houses - $15 per person
    Each house has two rooms, and each room holds 12 people. The bunk houses are very close to the bathrooms, and have electricity.
  • Platform Tents
    These are located in the woods behind the bunk houses. They are further from the bathrooms/showers than the bunk houses (approximately 200 feet). Each holds eight people. They are wooden platforms with canvas tents. They have no electricity so there will be no debates among occupants about when the lights go on or off. There is no charge to use the platform tent.
  • Your own tent pitched on the ground, in the field behind the bunk houses. There is no charge to camp.

This is camping. You will have to carry your tent from your car. Camping is further from the toilets than the bunks, but closer than the platform tents (approximately 100 feet).

Friday Night Meals

If you did not pay for a meal with your entry fee, you may reserve one on this page. You will pay at the pre-race registration check-in. The fee is $10 (cash or check only, please). Meals reserved below are in addition to those that you paid for with entry. If you are unsure if you paid for a meal when you registered, contact us and we can give you an update.

Meals are not guaranteed if reserved after April 10. We think we will have some meals available for purchase on Friday, but we can’t promise we will have one for you if you didn’t order ahead of time.

Last updated October 20, 2020