The Bull Run Occoquan Trail meanders through a sea of bluebells.

Mark VanDyke


Entry fee
  • $95
Entry limit
  • 250 people
Entry is closed

Entry Process

Important note: This page has not yet been updated for the 2022 race.

Entry will be capped at 250. You must be at least 18 years old when you enter to run.

Entry will be on a rolling, first-come, first-entered process. You fill out the application and pay online. If we reach our capacity of 250 runners, we will build a wait list.

Entry, including joining the wait list, is online. The registration fee is $95. The cost of processing your payment is included in the entry fee. All payments are through PayPal where you can use a PayPal account or a credit card. There is no paper option to enter or pay.

Entry is not transferable. You may not sell or give your bib number to another runner. If you transfer your number, you and your replacement will be barred from participating in future Bull Run Runs. The “bandit” runner will be disqualified.

You may receive a refund of your entry fee if you withdraw by the deadline shown in the column to the left. We hold back $15 from any refund. Please see the important conditions on refunds.


If you are interested in pursuing a VHTRC entry fee scholarship, do NOT enter the race prior to consulting with the RDs.

Again this year, we continue the VHTRC tradition of offering entry fee scholarships to deserving runners. These scholarships are based on need, not speed. There will be up to two scholarships available. The VHTRC will pay the base entry fee less $10 for scholarship recipients. (In effect, the scholarship is a credit of $85.) We do not disclose the names of scholarship recipients, and they are treated like all other entrants. To apply for a scholarship, contact the race director before entering the race. (Just let the RDs know you are interested in applying. They will send you more information about how to apply.)

Before you Enter

Runners crossing Little Rocky Run in 2003
Runners crossing Little Rocky Run in 2003.

This event is not for everyone. Before you enter the Bull Run Run, you should know that:

  • Cost: The 2022 Bull Run Run 50 Miler entry fee will remain the same as it has been for several years: $95.
  • Parking is difficult: Parking will require a 1/4 mile to a 1/2 mile walk to the start and from the finish.
  • Initial aid stations are low key: The first three stops at aid stations offer only fluids and limited food — they aren’t brunch buffets.
  • Personal listening device use: We don’t want you using personal listening devices on the first 17.6 miles of the course (and advise using them with care and courtesy on the rest of the course). VHTRC Policy on use of personal listening devices.
  • No pacers: You are not allowed to have anyone who is not entered in the event to accompany you on the course (i.e. no pacers).
  • No hiking poles: The Bull Run Run course is not mountainous and is often congested. The use of hiking poles are prohibited.
  • Time limits: There are both intermediate and overall time limits that are strictly enforced — this is not a hike.
  • No bathrooms on the course: You need to use the woods in an environmentally correct way (i.e. bury it). Your fellow runners will be using the woods also.
  • Mud and High Water: Parts of the trail will be muddy if there has been rain before or on race day. Stream crossings could require fording. (See view from 2003 above.)


Bluebells in bloom along the Bull Run Occoquan Trail
Bluebells in bloom along the Bull Run Occoquan Trail.

We will issue entry fee refunds to those who withdraw from the event subject to these conditions:

  • The request to withdraw from the event must occur on or before the dates noted in the entry schedule;
  • In order to formally withdraw from the event, you must use the withdrawal form, which you will find linked from the Entrants list;
  • The unconditional refunds will be given for withdrawals in the first two months of the entry period;
  • Conditional refunds will be given to a later withdrawal through the entry closing date, but only if another runner is on the wait list, has tendered payment of the entry fee, and can fill the vacancy created by the withdrawal; and
  • We will withhold $15 from all refunds.

Please use the Withdrawal form if you find that you will not be able to run the race. E-mailing the RDs directly will just result in a request that you instead use the form. This helps us keep a more orderly entrants list and to process any refunds accurately and quickly. Your date and time of withdrawal is considered based on when you submit the form. The conditional refunds are provided in the order requested, and again only if a runner is on the wait list and has paid the entry fee.

Last updated September 10, 2021