The PB&J is a tasty run.

Keith Knipling

PB&J 50k

A runnable 50 km run comprised of two loops on the easy rolling trails of Prince William Forest Park.

  • Sat Oct 3, 2020
Start location
Start time
  • 8:00 am
  • 50 km
Total ascent/descent
  • 2,500 feet
Aid stations
  1. Mawavi Road (7.3 miles)
  2. Turkey Run Education Center (TREC) (13.0 miles)
  3. Start/Finish (16.0 miles)
  4. Mawavi Road (23.3 miles)
  5. Turkey Run Education Center (TREC) (29.0 miles)
GPX file
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Sunrise & sunset
  • Begin civil twilight 6:41 am
    Sunrise 7:08 am
    Sunset 6:47 pm
    End civil twilight 7:14 pm
What to wear
In charge
Course records
  • Dan Fogg
    4:04 (in 2017)
    Krista Offield
    4:57 (in 2017)

Entry to the 2019 race opened on Monday September 2nd, and closed in a week (the cap of 110 was reached on Monday September 9th). For 2019 the PB&J 50k runners saw a slightly altered course and a NEW start/finish location within Prince William Forest Park. There was no wait list for the race.

If you are not running and would like to participate, volunteers are eagerly sought! Scroll down for details and contact information.**

For those wondering how quickly the race may hit its limit of 110, the sign up for the 2018 race opened on August 31st and it closed at that 110 runner cap on September 11th. In 2019 it closed after a week.

The 6th annual running of the PB&J 50K Fat Ass race is scheduled to be held on the trails in Prince William Forest Park on Saturday October 3, 2020. The start/finish area is at the Telegraph Road Pavilion, located a short distance past the park’s visitor center, within a half mile of the entrance to the park off of Joplin Road near I-95.

See the updated course map (course is highlighted in bright green), as well as the old map in case that is of interest Turn Sheet and Course Sketch Map. See also the Prince William Forest Park trail map.

For those of you who have raced at the pre-2019 iterations of this 50k, virtually all of the loop portion of the course on the far side of the suspension bridge from the start/finish area is the same as it was in previous editions of the PB&J. What changed is the approach to that landmark bridge from the start, and then the return from the bridge to the finish of each loop. The singular change on the loop portion of the course is the location of the Mawavi Road aid station, which moved down to the point where the South Valley Trail crosses that gravel road. This eliminated the out-n-back climb to the aid station on each loop.

Why the “PB&J 50K”? The name of the race is an homage to the late, great training run series hosted on local NoVa trails by Toni Aurilio and Jo Leigh Lockner. The intent of this event is not only to provide an organized 50km race on a relatively easy course in the DC area, but also to provide a great training run opportunity on some rolling, non-technical trails. We anticipate that many runners prepping for one or more of the Mid-Atlantic area’s November 50 milers may find the PB&J to be excellent prep.

PB&J Details

Aid StationSplitCumulativeCutoffMap
Mawavi Road7.3 mi7.3 mi
Turkey Run Education Center (TREC)5.7 mi13.0 mi
Start/Finish3.0 mi16.0 mi12:30 pm
Mawavi Road7.3 mi23.3 mi
Turkey Run Education Center (TREC)5.7 mi29.0 mi

The start time will be at 8 AM.
Pre-race briefing will start at around 7:50 AM, so arrive and prepare early.
The briefing will be held at the start line (on the pavement adjacent to the large shelter at Telegraph Road).
The race will consist of two 16-mile loops.
There is a 4 hour and 30 minute time limit for loop one.
The time limit for the full distance will be 9 hours.
The course will be marked.
There will be two aid stations located out on the course.
There will be an additional mid-way aid station set up at the start/finish.
Rest rooms at the start/finish, and at the second aid station.

How Do I Play?

Enter using the VHTRC’s online signup — keep reading and scrolling for the link, once it is posted!
There is no formal entry fee - this is a “Fat Ass” event.
That said, you will be assigned a “tribute” item to bring for common aid.
You will need to pay the park entrance fee ($10 per vehicle) at the Visitor’s Center at Pine Grove. If you have a National Park pass, you can display that in lieu of making day visitor payment.

Nitty Gritty?

Both loops are the same; you should print out and bring with you the marked map, and the simple turn directions listed below. Bear in mind, even though the course will be marked with blue ribbons, you should do your homework, and make yourself aware of the general nature of the course and the trails used for the PB&J 50k.

The approximate length of each section of the course is noted in the turn directions below. (Note: these turns noted below are from 2018, and will be altered prior to the race in 2019.)

Start from the point where the the main Pine Grove parking lot and the small lot meet.
Run the length of the parking lot & across a small field to Laurel Trailhead — 0.1 mile
Laurel Trail down to suspension bridge over Quantico Creek — 0.4 mile
Left after bridge crossing on Orenda Road — 0.2 mile
Left onto South Valley Trail — 6.2 miles
Right on Mawavi Road and up to Aid Station #1 — 0.4 mile
Return down on Mawavi Road to South Valley Trail — 0.4 mile
Right on South Valley Trail — 2.3 miles
Right on Oak Ridge Trail — 1.6 miles
Right on Old Black Top Road to TREC — 1.4 miles
Aid Station #2 at Turkey Run Education Center — TREC
Left out of TREC parking lot — 0.1 mile
Left on Turkey Run Ridge Trail — 1.4 mile
Left on South Valley Trail — 0.8 mile
Right on Orenda Road — 0.2 mile
Right across bridge and Laurel Trail — 0.5 mile
Return to the Start/Finish area (total distance @ 16 miles)
Lather, Rinse, Repeat (total distance @ 50K or 32 miles)

Missed out on the opportunity to sign up for the race, but you want to come out for PB&J Day? Good - volunteer slots are available! Please e-mail the race director (here) if you are interested in coming out to help on race day.

Volunteers - 2019

RD Sarah Curtis

(Course Markings - Friday) Sarah Curtis
(Course Markings - Friday) Elaina Stanton
Course Markings - Friday) Homer Komthirath

(Runner Check-in - Saturday morning) Kate Montgomery
(Runner Check-in - Saturday morning) Eric Thornton

(Mawavi - Cap’n) Sarah Smith
(Mawavi I & II) Tim Rohlfs
(Mawavi I & II) Ella Berkowitz
(Mawavi I & II) Eric Thornton

(TREC - Cap’n) Levi Mason
(TREC I & II) Cara Foley
(TREC I & II) Josh Howe
(TREC I & II) Marwa Elsayed

(Telegraph Picnic Area Start/Finish Captain) Christopher Moore
(Telegraph Picnic Area Start/Finish) Kate Montgomery
(Telegraph Picnic Area Start/Finish) Sheila Vibert
(Telegraph Picnic Area Start/Finish) Brett Martin

(Sweep - Start to Finish) Christopher Moore
(Sweep - Start to Finish) David Robertson
(Sweep - Start to Finish) Alexandra Stone

As you can see above, it takes a LOT of help to make a good PB&J! If you can help, please e-mail the RD so that your name can be added to the distinguished list of PB&J’ers above.

Last updated July 27, 2020

Club Event Participant Medical Policy

This is an event with very real risks to your well being. The VHTRC does not provide medical care for runners at this event. Runners are responsible for their own health, safety, and well being at this event. No doctors, nurses, or emergency medical technicians, or anyone with any medical training are available along the course, at any aid station, or at the finish. The club does not supply any medical goods or services, including bandages, splints, antiseptic, or Ibuprofen or any other drugs to maintain the health of runners. Physical, medical, and emergency care is the runners' responsibility. In case of an emergency, we will endeavor to get local emergency personnel to an injured runner as soon as possible. Since most of our events are in remote areas, medical care may be far away in distance or time. Each year, runners finish — or are forced to drop out — with scrapes, deep cuts, hematomas, dislocations, and sprains. Runners have experienced cuts, bruises, bee stings, and asthma attacks. This is an event with very real risks.