The Bull Run Occoquan Trail meanders through a sea of bluebells.

Mark VanDyke

North-South Competition

The Bull Run Run includes a competition between the two sides of the Civil War — the North and the South.

The North won for the second year in a row. No one takes this very seriously. Many runners from Virginia ran for the North.

More information on the North-South Competition.

2018 North-South Competition
  North South
Finishers under 10 hours 39 16
Entrants 220 95
Total Entrants 315
Factor (North/South) 2.316
Score 39 37.053

Each runner finishing under 10 hours scores for his or her side. If the runner is from the side with the greater number of entrants (the North, as it was in 1861 and is now), he or she will score one point. If the person is from the side with the smaller troop strength (the South), the score will be proportionally larger to account for the lesser troop strength.