Policy on Use of Personal Listening Devices during VHTRC Events

The VHTRC strongly discourages the use of personal listening devices by runners participating in our events because it is impolite and unsafe. We would ban them entirely if we thought that was a workable solution to what has become an ever growing problem.

Runners using personal listening devices can’t hear the “on your left” warning of other runners about to pass them. This makes for an awkward, sometimes startling, and potentially dangerous situation. The single track trails that comprise our race courses offer enough rocks, roots, mud, and just plain bad footing, that passing can be tricky under normal circumstances. Add to this startled runners who can’t hear what is going around them, and it is a recipe for trouble.

The use of personal listening devices is not only a safety issue, but a matter of common courtesy, and is out of place when used by runners during our trail races.

Additionally, our events are celebrations of being in the woods, and we want to encourage runners to engage more with the natural settings of our events

We don’t want you to get hurt. We don’t want you to cause anyone else to get hurt. We want runners to be free to get by you.

Use your good manners, and please leave your personal listening device at home.

Last updated December 16, 2019