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Keith Knipling

2020 Report

October 17, 2020  •  Quantico, VA

41 starters, 33 finishers

Dirk Schulze
Dirk Schulze, winner of the inaugural Pumpkin Spice 50 km in 4:14.

Results for the Pumpkin Spice 50k, held on Saturday October 17, in the Year of our Covid 2020. It was an amazing day in Prince William Forest Park, with perfect fall weather conditions. The run started with temps in the mid thirties to low forties, and under sunny skies it rose into the low sixties by the afternoon. There was a nice turnout of over 40 participants. Thanks to everybody for being respectful and following precautions to keep each other safe. It was great to see runners with numbers on the trails again!

Big thanks to Run Director Sarah Curtis (and her wonderful co-RD, Rye the Wonder Pup) for putting on this fun event, and in particular for putting it together in just over three weeks. The event was conceived as a “Covid-safe” replacement concept to fit into the October calendar instead of the traditional PB&J 50k. Thanks also to the VHTRC for its sponsorship of this first run held under the club’s banner since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020.

Stephanie Hill
The first female finisher at the Pumpkin Spice 50 km in 2020, Stephanie Hill. Stephanie had a time of 4:53 and also finished fifth overall.

The event was won by Dirk Schulze, with a sparkling time of 4:14! The Pumpkin Spice 50k women’s champ was Stephanie Hill, who also placed fifth overall, with a time of 4:53. Six runners in total were able to break five hours on this fast, and admittedly a tad short course. A consensus developed over the afternoon that the actual distance may have been closer to 30 miles rather than the full 31+ miles measured during the initial course selection.

Run photos are here.


The Pumpkin Spice 50k Results

PlaceNameSexAgeStateLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3Loop 4Loop 5 
1Dirk SchulzeM47VA0:491:402:303:234:14 
2William WeidmanM37VA0:511:442:393:394:39 
3Andrew MillerM28MD0:461:332:213:204:42 
4Jason JugarM45VA0:511:442:363:374:43 
5Stephanie HillF30VA0:551:532:513:514:53 
6Jon LongM42VA0:541:502:473:484:54 
7Wayne KlineM66VA0:541:552:553:595:10 
8Alvin LeeM45MD0:582:063:134:225:35 
9Emma ClarkF36VA1:082:173:234:355:47 
10Rodica UrsuF51MD1:112:163:244:375:50 
10Patricia ScottF53MD1:082:173:254:385:50 
12Paul AumayrM50MD1:062:143:264:406:01 
13Filip JasinskiM44MD1:022:113:284:566:16 
14Jamie GreenawaltF52PA1:052:153:344:566:24 
15Eliot GonzalezM38VA1:072:173:324:576:30 
15Michelle BarrickF56MD1:092:253:475:096:30 
17James GoetschiusM48MD1:092:223:385:056:40 
18Kuang LiM41VA1:062:203:425:086:43 
19Andrew ArbuckleM45DC1:112:233:395:106:51 
20Al DiemelM41MD1:052:173:445:267:10 
21Sarah HumphreyF63VA1:172:373:595:397:10 
21Anna BaskinaF43VA1:172:374:095:397:10 
23Cara ReganF31DC1:132:374:055:367:12 
23Nate MaugerM31DC1:132:374:055:367:12 
25Sherry LewisF45VA1:202:414:095:457:31 
25Ram OrugantiM50VA1:202:404:075:467:31 
27Tamari RamishviliF29DC1:162:444:155:537:32 
28Neisa CondemaitaF46DC1:192:464:216:037:35 
29Minh TranM31VA1:162:444:155:537:38 
30Ari DarmonM37VA1:222:504:236:047:53 
30Tom GamberM40MD1:222:504:236:047:53 
32!Michael StefanonM51VA1:052:153:596:379:10 
50k*Liliana MartinezF42VA1:393:164:396:09ROAD 
26.2**Angela HayesF50MD1:262:514:306:15XXX 
NopeJessica Lucas-JudyF46VA1:172:374:095:48XXX 
NopeBrian SchmidtM52VA0:491:352:23XXXXXX 
NopeErin AltemosM46MD0:551:522:53XXXXXX 
NopeMichael JuryM45VA1:092:213:40XXXXXX 
NopeShelly CableF51PA2:023:595:53XXXXXX 
NopeCarol CohenF43VA1:032:07XXXXXXXXX 
NopeMatthew ErbM42VA1:032:07XXXXXXXXX 

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