The PB&J is a tasty run.

Keith Knipling

2014 Report

October 19, 2014  •  Quantico, VA

58 starters, 35 finishers

The Inaugural PB&J 50k Report:

“The Fat Lip Trail Run”

VHTRC member Evan Fisher was the first finisher at the inaugural PB&J 50K, held on a picture-perfect fall day on the trails of Prince William Forest Park on Saturday October 18. Evan completed the two-loop course in 4:23. Club members AJ Cillo and James Whiteside joined Evan on the finisher’s podium, with finishing times of 4:35 and 4:58 respectively.

The winner of the women’s run was a rather surprised Maryellen Hutchins. Maryellen came in to the finish in 6:40, and could not be convinced that she had won. Maryellen, you did. VHTRC members Sara Fanous and Laura Drake rolled in shortly after, and both clearly enjoyed their times on the PWF trails so much that each logged some bonus miles before their finishes.

Why the “Fat Lip Trail Run”? A picture speaks a thousand words …

Gary Knipling and his bee-inflicted lip boo boo
Gary Knipling and his bee-inflicted lip boo boo.

RD Gary Knipling and a bee, both eager to sip from the same titrated beverage. The bee won. The good news is that by the time Gary had completed his valuable oversight duties out in the field and he had returned to the finish line area, the swelling had gone down considerably. And in case you are curious, Gary is just about uniquely qualified to make the following observation: “While a bee sting on the lip can hurt, a poisonous snake bite burns like the sting of 20 bees.”

This run was created to meet several perceived needs. The need for an accessible, non-technical fall 50k in the DC area. The need for a training run leading into the big November 50 milers that would be as runnable as they are. Finally, a desire to make more runners aware of what a great trail running resource they have in Prince William Forest Park. So hopefully all of these goals were accomplished for those who were able to come out for this run! There was much excited and/or apprehensive talk at the finish line of upcoming runs at Stone Mill, Masochist and JFK. The rather low 60 percent finishing rate for a run of this nature, on a gorgeous day (sunny, low 50s to upper 60s) and over a dry and easy course, would further indicate that many runners were looking for a supported training run of this nature.

We were delighted to welcome back the Queen of Prince William Forest Park, and one of the co-founders of the PB&J training runs, Jo Leigh Lockner, who flew in from Florida to be at the run, to revisit her former haunts, and to reconnect with so many friends. Jo helped at the start by “issuing” the runners’ run numbers - each number was Sharpied on the runners hand, followed by her trademarked smiley face.

The aid station at the end of the Mawavi road out-and-back section of the course (roughly 8 miles in to both loops) was the Boys Town stop in the run. While Dan Rose and Jack Kurisky were there, the aid station was dominated by The Boyz: J.P., Jack’s son; Danny, Dan Aghdam’s son; and Josiah, Dave Herring’s son. The aid station at the Turkey Run Education Center (TREC - approximately 13 miles in both loops), was the location of the Great Bee Sting, and other than Gary’s trailhead escort service for each runner, it was manned by Bernard Pesjak and Dan Aghdam. The turnaround and finish line was overseen by Kari Cillo and by the run sweep, Nick Combs. Big thanks to all of the volunteers who stepped up to make this run possible!

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PlaceNameSexAgeStateMawavi 1 - 8 milesTREC 1 - 13 milesPine Grove - 16 milesMawavi 2 - 24 milesTREC 2 -- 29 milesFinish
1Evan FisherM34VA0:591:442:083:073:564:23
2Antonio CilloM28VA1:001:462:093:094:044:35
3James WhitesideM42DC1:231:492:163:334:274:58
4Keith KniplingM38VAxxx1:492:173:354:335:04
4Justin McNeillM40VA1:001:492:153:314:435:04
6Chris McIntoshM41VA1:001:492:163:314:455:07
7Rob SherwoodM38AZ1:092:052:354:005:085:45
8Matt ChristovichM35VA1:002:052:354:055:115:46
8Tom DiLazaroM34VA1:132:122:444:075:115:46
10Scott LeeM43VA1:072:052:394:085:125:47
11Jesse FullerM30VA1:092:032:35xxx5:095:51
12Matthew SmithM35VA1:152:162:514:125:145:53
12Kevin WalkerM35VA1:152:162:514:125:145:53
13Dave HerringM43VAxxx1:492:284:165:326:10
14Frank ProbstM71VA1:152:212:554:255:376:14
15Irawan BalcetM38VA1:222:252:584:235:406:24
16Jonathan ErberM23MD1:002:032:324:085:326:36
17Maryellen HutchinsF60VA1:302:273:044:435:376:40
18Sara FanousF34VA1:212:243:025:206:116:45
19Andy OBrienM43VA1:302:263:044:436:076:51
20Geoff GiffinM35VA1:212:263:025:026:156:56
21Laura DrakeF25CT1:302:443:225:046:257:03
22Tom SimondsM59VA1:222:253:074:506:157:05
23Anzhela KnyazevaF29DC1:252:353:225:086:367:19
24Edward CacciapagliaM60VA1:242:333:165:166:487:29
25Stephanie ChivisF40VA1:432:493:305:506:477:32
25Sarah CurtisF33VA1:312:433:285:306:477:32
27Sirisha GollaF40VA1:352:553:425:336:567:43
28Keith HosmanM60VA1:353:164:005:537:137:56
29Paul CrickardM60MD1:282:573:455:507:157:57
30Alan GowenM64MD1:383:053:505:517:218:03
31Judith WeberF54MD1:362:593:455:507:158:07
31Bob PhillipsM59VA1:332:553:415:507:218:07
33David SnipesM46VA1:232:443:274:456:128:15*
34Chris FarmerM35MD1:332:553:415:497:238:21
35Ed WalshM65VA1:292:583:406:007:428:42
xHannah LaBerteauxF27VA1:232:323:125:13xxxDNF
xSanderson MittnachtM27DC1:082:052:33xxxxxxDNF
xErik PriceM31VA1:092:052:35xxxxxxDNF
xElena BraggF22VA1:082:052:40xxxxxxDNF
xThomas BuellM40VA1:152:212:53xxxxxxDNF
xKC GuevaraF38VA1:382:232:58xxxxxxDNF
xJohn GarneskiM37VA1:182:202:58xxxxxxDNF
xErnesto CasarezM58MD1:152:303:10xxxxxxDNF
xJohn NelsonM64NY1:302:353:19xxxxxxDNF
xMaria BertacchiF50VA1:282:443:28xxxxxxDNF
xChristine BoneF43VA1:332:463:35xxxxxxDNF
xMark MckennettM36MD1:332:453:35xxxxxxDNF
xFrancesco SmithM29MD1:382:583:45xxxxxxDNF
xHolly FranzF43VA1:433:033:50xxxxxxDNF
xJohnny NguyenM31VA1:433:033:50xxxxxxDNF
xDebbie DaughtryF56VA1:563:194:04xxxxxxDNF
xPamela GowenF62MD1:463:154:17xxxxxxDNF
xJill QuiveyF48VA1:583:284:23xxxxxxDNF
xDavid QuiveyM51VA1:543:254:23xxxxxxDNF
xStephanie WilsonF49VA1:583:284:29xxxxxxDNF
xFarouk ElkassedM65VA1:563:32xxxxxxxxxDNF
xJohanna LocknerF43FLxxx2:23*xxxxxxxxxDNF

Several runners missed sections of the course, but took advantage of the second loop to correct their errors.
David Snipes ran his second loop backwards, so his times are for the 3rd and 4th aid stations that he encountered.
Johanna Lockner raced to her own drummer, took advantage of her local trail knowledge to run directly to A.S. #2.

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