The PB&J is a tasty run.

Keith Knipling

2015 Report

October 11, 2015  •  Quantico, VA

61 starters, 44 finishers


Thanks to all who came out to the 2nd annual PB&J 50K! As in Year One, the participants were all treated to a picture-perfect fall day, with sun and 50s.With the terrific support of the volunteers (Megan and Jack Kurisky, Lindsey Welsh, Tom DiLazaro, Sue Baehre, Michael Gildea, Erin Brown, Gary Knipling, Abby Ngalle and Tom Buell), the finishing rate was an astounding 72% (up from 61% last year), and included five first-time 50K finishers.

The first loop saw a lead troika of Eric Price, Evan Fisher and Dan Fogg. Eric decided to save his legs for the Marine Corps Marathon later this month, dropping after Loop One. On Loop Two Evan Fisher held off first-time ultrarunner Daniel Fogg for the overall win in 4:30 and kept the distinction of being the event’s only winner. Gray Weaver rounded out the top three with a solid 5:26 run and Angela Russel finished fourth overall in 5:37.

A few runners had unfortunate encounters with yellow jackets and hornets, while Diane Behm won the best blood award for an unfortunate encounter with the ground.

Hope to see everyone back for next year’s race on the easy-running trails of Prince William Forest Park.


Finish area photos.


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeMawavi 1TREC 1Pine GroveMawavi 2TREC 2FinishNotes
1Evan Fisher35FemaleVA1:001:472:133:154:044:30 
2Daniel Fogg30MaleDC1:001:472:133:164:054:34F
3Gray Weaver32MaleVA1:112:052:353:494:515:26 
4Angela Russell39FemaleMD1:032:012:343:555:005:37 
5Adam Foley36MaleDE1:152:152:484:085:125:47 
6Stefan Shirley40MaleIA1:152:152:484:085:125:47 
7Suzie Spangler45FemaleMD1:212:232:584:245:276:01 
8Andy Burnette45MaleMD1:162:162:524:215:336:11 
9Sarah Smith43FemaleMD1:202:273:014:305:366:14 
10Justin Markunas35MaleVA1:212:273:014:305:376:14F
11Harry Behm45MaleVA1:242:303:033:265:346:16 
12Jen Norris44FemaleVA1:212:273:054:325:486:30 
13Scott Allender40MaleVA1:222:273:054:325:486:30 
14Marty Fox64MaleVA1:192:273:024:335:476:34F
15Li Chen30FemaleMD1:332:40xxx4:285:496:34 
16Brett Martin34MaleVA1:312:433:194:445:576:35 
17Irawan Balcet39MaleVA1:312:413:194:505:586:35 
18Stephanie Chivis41FemaleVA1:322:413:184:495:586:36 
19Gary Knipling71MaleVA1:212:253:014:426:036:43 
20Brian Chiles41MaleVA1:202:253:014:396:036:44 
21Yueqing Xie50MaleMD1:302:323:074:486:046:44 
22David Robertson63MaleVA1:322:393:164:516:056:47 
23John Nelson65MaleVA1:212:283:074:536:116:51 
24Josh Howe36MaleVA1:202:283:094:516:096:53 
25Carol Cohen38FemaleVA1:212:273:074:546:116:53 
26Larry Miller31MaleVA1:362:323:094:506:227:16***
27Jeffrey Klemm64MaleVA1:272:413:225:056:347:23 
28Christiana Fogg37FemaleMD1:352:59xxx5:266:437:28 
29Michael Jury40MaleVA1:352:593:465:266:487:28 
30Maureen Rohrs59FemaleMD1:372:543:405:266:527:36 
31Toni Aurilio40FemaleVA1:342:473:375:236:467:38 
32Samantha Pitts-Kiefer37FemaleVA1:332:473:335:246:487:38 
33Yushi Feng37MaleMD1:312:423:215:126:487:43 
34Alan Gowen65MaleMD1:322:483:345:327:027:45 
35Judy Holden54FemaleMD1:332:483:335:247:017:46 
36Diane Behm38FemaleVA1:362:553:404:305:577:56*
37Caroline Wiilliams53FemaleVA1:362:553:404:305:577:56*
38Iris Golla41FemaleVA1:362:533:435:427:128:06 
39Raj Pajjur42MaleVA1:362:523:435:427:128:06F
40Prianka Nandy35FemaleDC1:463:104:026:127:488:41F
41Richard Britton60MaleMD1:443:043:526:117:508:45 
42Jeff Reed55MaleVA1:393:034:046:127:508:45 
43Mohammad Schultz36MaleVA1:463:104:026:117:518:45 
44Bob Phillips60MaleVA1:393:034:046:248:099:13 
NopeRaisa Slepoy50FemaleMD1:322:533:49xxx5:24DNF****
NopeMaria Bertacchi51FemaleVA1:342:503:435:427:36DNF 
NopeLaura Bennett45FemaleVA1:442:583:465:046:00DNF**
NopeHolly Franz44FemaleVA1:442:583:465:046:00DNF**
NopeErik Price32MaleVA1:001:462:14xxxxxxDNF 
NopeCathy Ahn40FemaleVA1:222:323:16xxxxxxDNF 
NopeKerry O'Brien29FemaleNY1:302:443:24xxxxxxDNF 
NopeSara Davidson32FemaleDC1:342:473:37xxxxxxDNF 
NopeMeg Wiegand30FemaleDC1:342:483:37xxxxxxDNF 
NopeJared Byrd32MaleMDxxx2:483:37xxxxxxDNF 
NopeAddie Welch57FemaleMD1:372:523:40xxxxxxDNF 
NopeDavid Snipes47MaleVA1:312:493:43xxxxxxDNF 
NopeLarry Ferguson40MaleVA1:342:583:46xxxxxxDNF 
NopeJared Carhart26MaleMD1:322:553:49xxxxxxDNF 
NopeFrancesco Smith29MaleMD1:322:543:49xxxxxxDNF 
NopeNeisa Condemaita41FemaleDC1:503:214:35xxxxxxDNF 
NopeAndrew Arbuckle40MaleDC1:403:034:35xxxxxxDNF 

F = Finished first ultra

  • = Ran the second loop backwards, so aid station splits are reversed
    ** = Started one half early; went backwards to TREC on 2nd loop, then finished short loop in 6 hrs.
    * = Arrived after 8AM start, so “chip” running time about 20 minutes less
    = Reversed 2nd loop through TREK, then lost on next section, so returned to TREK and back to the finish for a total of roughly 26+ miles

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