The PB&J is a tasty run.

Keith Knipling

2018 Report

October 7, 2018  •  Quantico, VA

81 starters, 55 finishers


The results for the 2018 PB&J 50k are posted below. Thanks for all the runners and volunteers for making this year’s event the best of the five held to date! This year’s run, held on a generally cloudy and humid day on the first weekend in October (continuing a relentlessly wet and humid late summer and early fall in 2018), saw a record number of starters and a record number of finishers.

62.5% of the runners who started logged an official finish. This percentage would seem to indicate that the PB&J is held on a ridiculously challenging course for a 50k. However, little could be further from the truth. Other than some early rocky miles on the South Valley Trail along the South Fork of Quantico Creek, the course is quite benign and eminently runnable. It is two loops, however, so the lure of some runners’ cars clearly proves to be stronger than the desire to score the sweet PB&J sticker.

To compare to previous years:

  • 2017: 51 finishers out of 85 (60%)
  • 2016: 38 finishers out of 71 (53.5%)
  • 2015: 44 finishers out of 61 (72%)
  • 2014: 35 finishers out of 58 (60%)

Back to this year’s run. The first loop got off to an exciting start at the front of the pack, as a cluster that was generally led by Matt Christovich, and included Dave Herring, Tyler Gonsen, Will Adams, Rachel Viger and Dave Herring set a brisk early pace. After the first aid station, Will Adams quickly opened up a small gap on this group and systematically increased his lead over the remaining 24 miles to ultimately take the overall win with a nice time of 4:25. This is the third fastest winning time in the short history of the run (Dan Fogg’s 4:04 remains the record, set at last year’s run). Brian Schmidt set a consistently strong pace and finished second overall (first VHTRC and first masters, as well), and Tyler Gonsen was third. VHTRC members Dave Herring and Trevor Baine finished in 4th and 5th, in times just over 5 hours. Early pace setter Matt Christovich felt the lingering effects of a nasty bout with strep throat that led to his falling back to 6th overall, a remarkable performance under those circumstances.

Rachel Viger, 2018 PB&J women's champ.
Rachel Viger, 2018 PB&J women’s champ.

Rachel Viger cruised to an easy victory on the women’s side of the PB&J field. Rachel had been part of the early break away group, and she held on to finish in a sparkling time of 5:27, 7th overall (1st VHTRC). This is even more impressive in that Rachel was experiencing her first run at the ultra distance. The next four women finished in a fairly tight cluster in just over 6 hours: tied for second in 6:06 were Suzie Spangler (also 2nd VHTRC) and Kathryn Linehan; Llewelyn Engel was 4th woman 4 minutes back, and 5th woman was Carolyn Gigot in a time of 6:12.

The 2019 run date will be in the traditional early October slot on the run calendar; stay tuned to the event website for an announcement as to the specific date. The 6th PB&J 50k will feature a new start/finish location in Prince William Forest Park. Rather than using the Pine Camp parking area and pavilion adjacent to the PWFP’s Visitor Center, the Telegraph Picnic Pavilion located just down the road from the Visitor Center will become the new host site. This will also lead to a small alteration to the course as a result. Look for entry to open using the VHTRC’s online sign up system in late August/early September of 2019.

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No.NameSexAgeStateAS 1AS 2AS 3AS 4AS 5FinishTime
1Will AdamsM35VA9:079:5210:1711:1612:0312:304:25
2Brian SchmidtM50VA9:079:5410:2111:2212:1412:444:39
3Tyler GonnsenM30DC9:079:5510:2211:3312:2812:584:53
4Dave HerringM47VA9:079:5410:2211:3812:3913:115:06
5Trevor BaineM36DC9:1610:0710:3711:4512:4013:135:08
6Matt ChristovichM39VA9:079:5410:2611:4212:4313:165:11
7Rachel VigerF26VA9:079:5410:2211:3812:4713:325:27
8Lokesh MeenaM30MD9:1210:0810:4112:0113:0213:335:28
9Christopher BritzM35VA9:1710:0710:3812:0013:0513:435:38
10Josh HoweM39VA9:1210:0710:4112:0813:1213:485:43
11Bernard PesjakM49VA9:2510:2510:5812:1613:2214:005:55
12Keith KniplingM42VA9:1710:1710:5212:1813:3214:116:06
12Kathryn LinehanF46VA9:2310:2711:0412:3113:3714:116:06
12Suzie SpanglerF48MD9:2510:2911:0412:3113:3714:116:06
15Llewelyn EngelF29DC9:2310:2511:0012:3113:3714:156:10
16Carolyn GigotF24DC9:2210:2210:5912:2913:3914:176:12
17Ron ElyM47MD9:2110:2611:0012:3113:4614:216:16
18Caryn ThompsonF39VA9:2210:1710:5012:2113:4214:266:21
19Noah AnStrausM38MD9:2310:2711:0612:4013:5514:386:33
20Caroline CardulloF56MD9:3010:3611:1512:5814:0114:396:34
20Julie KimmelF37VA9:3310:3911:2112:5113:5914:396:34
20Veary PepelkoF42VA9:3310:3911:2112:5113:5914:396:34
23Trevor MyersM50MD9:2310:2511:0012:4514:0214:506:45
23George ScottM32VA9:2510:2711:0612:4214:0514:506:45
25Elizabeth GuillenF32MD9:3010:3711:1612:5414:1214:526:47
26Donald WellsM50IA9:2210:3011:1312:5914:1615:006:55
27Elsa AraujoF41VA9:3510:3811:1713:0414:0215:026:57
28Richard SissonM48VA9:3010:3311:1413:0114:2615:036:58
29Lynn KlineM56VA9:3010:4311:2313:0314:2215:046:59
29Kelly ViandsF40MD9:2810:3411:1312:5914:1815:046:59
31Laura TurbeF50MD9:3810:5011:3113:1314:2515:087:03
32John HodgeM30VA9:2910:3511:1613:0014:4815:197:14
33Catherine CohenF49MD9:3010:4511:2713:1814:4015:257:20
34Steve FrostadM56VA9:3010:3511:1513:0414:3215:267:21
34Roberta WhippleF46VA9:3010:3611:1513:0414:3215:267:21
36Tim MolesM59VA9:3010:4611:2713:2714:5015:357:30
37Eliot GonzalezM35VA9:2510:3511:1713:1014:4415:377:32
38Cherry GrassiF46VA9:4511:0511:5013:4114:5915:417:36
39Jeffrey KlemmM67VA9:3410:5811:4312:3114:5715:437:38
40Tracy CooleyF46VA9:4010:5911:4713:5515:0815:497:44
40James GoetschiusM46MD9:4010:5111:3113:3014:5915:497:44
42Quatro HubbardM58VA8:5810:1611:0112:5414:1514:597:44
43Arif KhaziM36MD9:3010:4211:2913:2515:0115:567:51
43Tonnie WarfieldF39MD9:3010:4211:2913:2515:0115:567:51
45Larry FergusonM43VA9:4511:0811:5313:4015:0816:007:55
45Michael JuryM43VA9:4511:0811:5313:4015:0816:007:55
47Alice HisamotoF57VA9:5311:0811:4913:3915:1516:047:59
48Michael GildeaM54VA9:4010:5011:3513:4115:1716:128:07
49Andrea Keane-MyersF49MD9:4010:5911:4613:5615:2216:148:09
50Gary KniplingM74VA8:5810:1611:3013:0414:4515:308:10
51Smita GokhaleF53MD9:4511:0911:5713:5715:2816:178:12
52John CalabreseM38VA9:3010:4211:2813:4115:2616:208:15
53Tanyia TroutmanF43VAOops!10:4911:3313:5615:2916:228:17
54Tamara JezicF48VA9:5211:1512:0414:0215:3216:268:21
55Michele ReavesF59VA9:4511:1211:5813:5715:3216:338:28
NopeEve MillsF53MD9:4010:5811:4413:3915:05xxxDNF
NopeJill JacobsF51MD9:4010:5811:4413:3915:08xxxDNF
NopeAmy YoungF46VA9:5511:3212:2514:37xxxxxxDNF
NopeEric MarshallM41VAOops!10:0310:35xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeWill KuperM38VA9:1510:1010:41xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeRick BennettM38VA9:3010:3211:07xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeWayne KlineM64VA9:3010:4311:23xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeStephane LorreM47DC9:3010:4311:28xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeBarbara BrownF27VA9:2510:4611:34xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeOmar HernandezM39VA9:3010:4311:38xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeKaren WilleF47VA9:4010:5111:47xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeEvangelia AndrosF40VA9:4511:0311:47xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeKC OrgeronF41VA9:4511:0511:50xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeMegan WiegandF33DC9:4511:0511:50xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeKevin GreenM46MD9:4011:0211:57xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeMaureen RohrsF62MD9:4511:1211:57xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeAddie WelchF60MD9:4511:1211:57xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeKathleen TepasF43MD9:4011:0211:58xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeJodi RakoffF46VA9:4511:1212:04xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeDiane BehmF41VA9:5311:1812:08xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeGretchen BoltonF72MD9:4511:1412:14xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeFrancesco SmithM64MD9:4911:2312:22xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeWilliam RohrsM65MD10:0711:5012:48xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeAmy CouchF46MD10:1012:0613:19xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeMark ZimmermannM66MD10:1012:0613:19xxxxxxxxxDNF

Start was at 8:05 AM.
Each of the six splits are logged in to reflect the time of day when the runner first arrived at that aid station.
Aid stations 1 and 4 are at the end of Mawavi Road (7.3 miles and 23.3 miles.
Aid stations 2 and 5 are at TREC (Turkey Run Education Center - 13 & 29 miles).
A pavilion at Pine Grove served as aid station 3 and the finish (16 & 32 miles).
Aid stations.
Cut-offs were at 12:35 (first loop) and 5:05 (finish).
Gary Knipling and Quatro Hubbard started 50 minutes early, which is why finishing times for those two do not match the split times.

Last updated December 16, 2019