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The start/finish of the MMT 100, taken on a brilliant afternoon of the 2017 race.

Keith Knipling

2018 Report

24th Running

VHTRC Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Trail Run

Fort Valley, VA

Saturday, May 19, 2018

190 starters, 126 finishers

66% finishing rate


On the Panhandle Road
On the Panhandle Road (Rt. 613, at roughly mile 40): Jesse Tubb (left) and David Peterman.

Water was the word at the 24th Massanutten Mt Trails 100. There was less than an inch of rain during the event, but the days before had several inches. Kathleen Cusick won her fourth MMT in a row. Matthew Thompson won his first MMT.

No event time records were harmed at this year’s event. Kathleen Cusick became the first person to win the event four years in a row. Keith Knipling and Roy Heger have 19 finishes. Susan Donnelly is the female with the most finishes (17). Kathleen Cusick joined the 10-time finisher list.

Visitors List

These four runners left the Visitors List because they finished this year (with the year they joined): Peter Daly (joined 2014), Adam Korona (2002), James Heun (2016), and David Glaser (2017).

The following people joined the Visitors List: Jennifer Hotchkiss, Brian Brown, Khalid Miah, Tracy Cooley, Sarah Harry, Jeffery Hayes, Gary Long, Gilles Poulin, Nicole Ponte, Alejandro Zapata, Brad Bansner, Michael Johnson, David Peppelman, Ryan Vandenberg, Justin Hersh, Hompeng Komthirath, Giles Gregory, Martin Bherer, Adam Dyas, Edward Wang, Kelly Shaer, Jesse Parker, Vincent Gauthier, Ryan Stuart, and Adam McGinnis.

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