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The start/finish of the MMT 100, taken on a brilliant afternoon of the 2017 race.

Keith Knipling

1995 Overall Results

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1John Geesler36MNY23:08:22 
2Joe Clapper36MVA23:39:30First Regional
3Reid Lanham25MVA24:08:29 
4Tim Beaman44MVT24:59:43 
5Mike Fiorito28MNC25:48:27First VHTRC
 Ian Torrence22MMD25:48:27 
7Larry Lovell51MVA26:13:28First Senior
8Bryon Frenyea48MVA27:40:01 
9Dek Stump52MNY28:02:40 
10Blake Wood36MNM28:17:00 
11Max Bliss27MSC28:22:14 
12Chris Scott46MVA28:31:33 
13Rich Shear46MNY29:20:50 
14Kimberly Goosen22FAR29:50:50First Woman
15Kevin O'Grady36MOH30:12:06 
16Mark Mills40MRI30:38:11 
17Tom Sprouse53MVA30:38:31 
18Sean Smith30MNM30:48:03 
19Bert Meyer49MCT31:06:50 
20Arthur Moore57MOH31:29:05 
21Steve Burrows43MCAN32:00:38 
22Phil Wright51MCA32:12:03 
23Tom Newnam50MNC33:05:20 
 Blake Norwood48MNC33:05:20 
 Jerry Dudeck45MNC33:05:20 
26Jeff Washburn45MMA33:21:20 
27John DeWalt58MPA33:58:40 
28David Hughes49MIN34:18:20 
 George Flynn41MVA34:18:20 
30Stanley Duobinis44MMD34:53:36 
 Margaret Schlundt42FMD34:53:36