Buck Hollow Trailhead

The Buck Hollow area is popular because the trailhead is low in the valley yet close to some significant vistas (Mary’s Rock, Pinnacles, and Stony Man), making for some serious climbing potential. It’s also convenient — only 65 miles west of the Beltway.

Buck Hollow Trailhead
The trailhead is a small pull-off on the south side of State Route 211, a few miles west of Sperryville, VA.

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Runs from Buck Hollow Trailhead
Run name
Ascent per Mile
Buck Ridge — Buck Hollow Loop 6.3 1,800 290
Mary’s Rock 9.0 2,600 290
Buck Hollow — Pass Mountain Loop 12.3 3,200 265
Cave Falls Loop 13.9 3,600 260
Buck Hollow — Hazel River — Hot Short — Hannah Run Loop 20.2 5,300 265
Buck Hollow — Cave Falls — Pass Mountain Loop 20.5 5,100 250
Buck Hollow — Nicholson Hollow Loop 23.8 6,175 260
West Virginia Loop 29.3 7,500 260