15 Feb 2010

Club Information

Ian Torrence Interview

Former VHTRC member Ian Torrence, who won the 1999 and 2000 MMT, was interviewed recently.

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17 Dec 2009

Carolyn Gernand

VHTRC Board of Directors

The new members of the Board are Paul Blackman, Anstr Davidson, Ed Demoney, Alan Gowen, and Quatro Hubbard.

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14 Dec 2009

Sophie Speidel

Hellgate 100K

Sean Andrish won the seventh running of the Hellgate 100K in 12:16. Keith Knipling was third. Keith, Kerry Owens and Sophie Speidel were recognized for finishing their fifth Hellgate, and Vicki Kendall was first SuperMaster female.

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6 Dec 2009

Sophie Speidel

Neal Gorman at The North Face 50 Miler

Neal finished 26th in a time of 8:04 at the North Face 50 Mile championships on December 5 in Marin County, north of San Francisco.

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28 Nov 2009

Quatro Hubbard

Vicki’s Death March 2009

We had 27 participants in this year’s version of Vicki’s Death March. This was a very nice turnout for the first Friday edition of the run.

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28 Oct 2009

John Dodds

The Turtle and The Bear

Here’s another story about another VHTRC adventure in Shenandoah National Park organized by Gary Knipling, VHTRC’s resident naturalist.

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11 Oct 2009

Anstr Davidson

Quad State Quad Buster - October 24

On October 24, the Quad State Quad Buster will return after a several year absence. This 40++ mile run takes you through four states in one day.

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23 Sep 2009

Jaret Seiberg

A Grand Race in the Grand Tetons

The Grand Teton 100 Miler looked perfect. It was the right weekend in that it did not interfere with vacation plans, it looked to be in a beautiful spot, and the race directors appeared to know what they were doing. So just like that I became committed to the Grand Teton 100 Miler in Alta, Wyoming, on Sept. 5 and 6.

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12 Sep 2009

Anstr Davidson

Women’s Half Marathon - Aaron’s Photos Available

Martha Nelson obliterated the course record at the 17th VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run held on September 12 at Fountainhead Regional Park. The weather was great for running and not too bad for volunteers and spectators either.

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11 Sep 2009

Anstr Davidson

Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile - Gary Knipling is Eighth

Gary Knipling finished the Superior Sawtooth 100 Miler in Minnesota on September 12. He was eighth in 32:04. Right behind him was Susan Donnelly.

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