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Keith Knipling

1998 Age Group Results

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Top runners1st OverallLindsey Mohle332:01:55
 2nd OverallHope Hall212:02:01
 3rd OverallMegan Rattermann292:03:18
 1st VHTRCMichelle Kane302:18:03
Men1st ManPatrick Koeppl312:15:55
 2nd ManCurt Meadow302:46:48
 3rd ManDon Boyle363:01:42
20-291stPeggy Grenter222:06:01
 2ndChristine Wilkas252:11:38
 3rdSuzy McDowell262:21:39
30-391stKatlin Eddy302:08:15
 2ndClara Poffenburger332:16:20
 3rdPeggy Dickinson382:19:35
40-491stMarcia Peters422:35:00
 2ndJean Litchenberger402:38:28
 3rdJanice Hoag402:38:29
50-591stLynn Morrow512:35:01
 2ndDelia McIntyre502:45:01
 3rdLucia Davidson522:46:38
Oldest Finisher Genevieve Dolan583:04:45