2023 Report

January 1, 2023  •  Quantico, VA

76 starters, 31 finishers

Redeye RD Dave Woll

Another Redeye is in the books!

The runners head out after the pre-run brief.

We appeared to have a total of about 84 runners on the course, and of those, 31 who ran the entire distance (3 loops for 50k). John Oplinger was our first male finisher and first VHTRC finisher, with a fast time of 4:30. Emily Flynn was our first female finisher with a sparkling time of 5:24. The course records did not fall, but these are still impressive starts to the New Year!

We could not have asked for a more perfect day for running – I think it has been a while since we have had this run without cold, rain, or snow. The temperature got up to near 60, early hints of fog gave way to abundant sunshine, and after the first loop I think everyone lost a layer of clothing due to how quickly it warmed up.

Overall the trails were in good condition for running and it seemed there were only a few slips and tumbles throughout the day. This is always a fun run and a great way to start out the year for what will become a busy VHTRC winter, with the MMT training runs coming up, Waterfall, BRR Training Run 1, Hashawha Hills … just to name a few. It was great seeing everyone out there and I am already looking forward to next year’s Redeye!

The famous bridge crossing in the early morning fog
Alvin Lee’s running motto

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Results are self-reported.

PlaceNameSexLoop CompletionTimeComment
1John OplingerM34:301st Finisher/Male
2Jared ByrdM34:44 
3Trey WindwehenM35:06 
4Anthony WolosikM35:06 
5Emily FlynnF35:241st Finisher/Female
6Noah CravenM35:29 
7Matt BurkeM35:35 
8Evan WeiselM35:37 
9Justin FaulM35:50 
10Dennis ChavezM36:02 
11David SethianM36:04 
12Heather RourkeF36:10 
13Erika FryF36:18 
14Ali MohammedM36:19 
15Bruce TweedieM36:19 
16Zach EdwardsM36:57 
17Alexander RuegeM37:00 
18Chris ChalkleyM37:05 
19Alice LoughranF37:13 
20Eric McGlincheyM37:13 
21John CalabreseM37:14 
21Denise FreemanF37:14 
23Marty FoxM37:19 
24Tin LuuM37:19 
25Laura YoderF37:36 
25Michael YoderM37:36 
27Wayne KlineM37:38 
28Bryan SlotterbachM37:45 
29Jacqueline MilzmanF37:47 
30Angela HuangF38:08 
31Ruth Machamer F38:15Did 35.8 Miles
 Alt Distance     
 Veronica CrawfordF23:50 
 Michael WoodM24:03 
 Rebecca ConveryF24:14 
 Kerlin DossM24:26 
 McKenzie McLeodM24:27 
 Dhanesh ShahM24:28 
 Chris ReinhardtM24:36 
 Karen KnightF24:39 
 Alvin LeeM24:45 
 Paul AmmannM24:50 
 Leigh WeilF24:50 
 Hompeng KomthirathM24:58 
 Carol CohenF25:01 
 Lauren GablerF25:01 
 Larry HuffmanM25:09 
 Barbara McMullenF25:09 
 Carrie DrummondF25:17 
 Ulrich ScottM25:17 
 Michael CampbellM25:22 
 Bob GaylordM26:24 
 Quatro HubbardM1 +5:09 
 Keith VanGraafeilandM11:50 
 Dani SevelF11:51Time Estimate
 Bob CooperM11:57 
 Pink PantherM11:57 
 Joshua BlytheM11:59 
 Joel McMullenM12:14 
 Patrick DiGiulianM12:18 
 Blair PetrilliF12:19 
 Eric ThomsonM12:29 
 Karen AudantF12:33 
 Nick NeakraseM12:34 
 Tracy DahlF12:35 
 Shannon AndesF12:42 
 Steve GouldM12:42 
 Tracey ThibodeauF12:42 
 Robert GrolemundM12:46 
 Rob ColensoM12:48 
 Ram OrugantiM12:51 
 Jon JesterM13:01 
 Stephanie FondaF13:01 
 Sarah SmithF13:01 
 Sara VargoF13:14 
 James WeserM13:22 
 Kari AndersonF13:49 
 Cathy RobertsF13:49 
 Dave YeakelM13:49 
 Dan YeakelM13:49 
 Farouk ElkassedM13:49 
 Gary KniplingM13:49 
 Pete PontzerM6 Miles  
 Caroline LeeanFUnknown  
 Keith&Knute KniplingMUnknownStroller Miles 
DNSTed BielawaMTooHungover 
DNSRich BollingerMTooHungover 
DNSGaetano CallaMTooHungover 
DNSDenise CollFTooHungover 
DNSAnthony DavisMTooHungover 
DNSAnderson DibbleFTooHungover 
DNSHeather DoughertyFTooHungover 
DNSJeni DwyerFTooHungover 
DNSKate FletcherFTooHungover 
DNSSeth GroveunderMTooHungover 
DNSBarry HauptmanMTooHungover 
DNSEverly HutchinsonFTooHungover 
DNSRebecca IvesterFTooHungover 
DNSScott LeeMTooHungover 
DNSLemell MayoMTooHungover 
DNSTheresa McBrideFTooHungover 
DNSJames MillerMTooHungover 
DNSMurphy NmeziMTooHungover 
DNSKelley PeardFTooHungover 
DNSTamari RamishviliFTooHungover 
DNSJackson RappaportFTooHungover 
DNSBrice RuizMTooHungover 
DNSBrian SchmidtMTooHungover 
DNSJaret SeibergMTooHungover 
DNSTom SimondsMTooHungover 
DNSDavid SnipesMTooHungover 
DNSTony TaylorMTooHungover 
DNSKathleen TepasFTooHungover 
DNSAndy TorzewskiMTooHungover 
DNSAllie WalkerFTooHungover 
DNSElizabeth WiseFTooHungover 
DNSChristopher YeungMTooHungover 

“DNS” translates into “too hungover to make the drive out to Prince William Forest Park to run on New Year’s morning” (we assume)

Last updated January 2, 2023