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Finish line in 2022

Keith Knipling

2007 Photos

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Aaron Schwartzbard.

Aaron’s Photos: Aaron Schwartzbard, a very accomplished trail runner and triathalete himself, takes these pictures as a labor of love. He has good equipment and is a good photographer. Additionally, he has built a very user-friendly Web site to house them. If you would like, he will make prints for you for very reasonable fees. But if you want to download the digital file and print it yourself or take it elsewhere to be printed, he is ok with that too. If you see Aaron around, thank him. He has made a great contribution not only to recent VHTRC events, but also to other events in the area. To learn more about Aaron and what he does, read his own “More Information.”

  1. Note from Anstr Davidson The quality of the photos at the finish line is not too bad. The quality of the photos around the first aid station is not too good. They were taken in low light conditions with a cheapo camera. Anyway, I apologize for the quality of these shots, but felt that you might rather see them as not. 

Last updated December 16, 2019