Anstr Davidson

BRR and MMT Entry Update

If you are involved in the entry process for either Bull Run Run or MMT, here is what you need to know now. For each event, there is an advantage to withdrawing early, if you have to.

BRR: The wait list has started moving for Bull Run Run. The last person on the initial wait list is already in the top 20. It is quite likely that all who initially applied for entry will get in if they stick with it. Even those who joined the wait list after initial entry have a good chance to run. It would not be a waste of time to join the wait list now.

If you are on the entrants list, remember that, though we give refunds, we do so only if there is someone on the wait list to replace you. Last year, we ran out of wait list people, and four or five people who wanted to withdraw could not receive refunds. If you think you may not be able to run, don’t delay addressing the issue.

MMT: There has not been movement off the MMT wait list yet. We still have over 208 people on the entrants list. No movement can occur before we go below 208. It may be a week or two before movement starts. Because of withdrawals from the wait list, however, the people at the end of the list have moved up eight places already.

If you are on the entrants list, remember that after April 1, we double the amount we withhold from refunds ($50 rather than $25). If you can’t run, it’s in your interest to withdraw by April 1. The MMT wait list could also run out, though it is less likely than at BRR.

If you are on the wait list for either event, the best source of information for you is on the wait list itself. BRR Wait list | MMT Wait list

If you want to withdraw from either list for either event, there is a link on the list page that takes you to a form to submit. That submission helps us keep track of your withdrawal request and get you your refund.

All this talk of withdrawal does not mean we want you to drop out. We hope you can run. But if you can’t, we want to get you your refund and make someone on the wait list happy.