Keith Knipling

2022 Massanutten Trail Work Party

In the days leading up to MMT, 17 volunteers from the VHTRC have been busy preparing the Massanutten trails. The major work effort was on Saturday, May 7, when 14 volunteers worked an average of 10 hours each in a cool, persistent rain. The following people helped out on Saturday:

  • Ted Bielawa
  • Anstr Davidson
  • Quatro Hubbard
  • Larry Huffman
  • Jon Jester
  • Jason Jugar
  • Keith Knipling
  • Patrick Lichy
  • David Matters
  • Thomas McNulty
  • James Miller
  • Randall Orr
  • Chelsea Smith
  • Bruce Tweedie

Work included clearing trees from the following sections of MMT:

  • Habron Gap to the Stephens Trail
  • Short Mountain
  • The Massanutten Trail just north of Edinburg Gap and just south of Woodstock Gap
  • Picnic Area to Scothorn Gap

Earlier in the week, Cara and Levi Mason and Andy Peterson cleared Browns Hollow.

At the end of the day, the VHTRC helped clear more than 27 miles of trail, removed dozens of trees, and contributed 160 hours of labor to our public lands. Happy trails indeed!