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2014 MMT 100 - Final Entrants List

The MMT entrants list is final. Of the 208 entrants, 108 have finished the race before. Seventy-seven entrants are VHTRC members. There is one 70-year-old entrant. If he finishes, he will be the second 70-year-old to do so.

While the number of repeat runners and club members makes the event look a bit inbred, we do have runners from France, Panama, and Portugal, as well as four from Canada. Other foreign places represented are Alaska, Utah, and California.

There are two people, Roy Heger and Keith Knipling, going for their 15th MMT finish. Three, Rande Brown, Michael Yoder, and Gregg Trapp, are going for their 10th finish.

We will, again, be doing live updates on the Web during the event. Each entrant may upload a picture of her or himself for the update page. (We really hope it is a good likeness of you, but we have not been deleting cat pictures.) You can upload your picture here.

Entrants may join the Solo Division if they have not done so already. The prize is a beer glass - much more useful than a belt buckle. (Solo Division finishers also receive a belt buckle, but we bet you will use the glass more often.) At this point, if you join the Solo Division, the entrants list will not reflect your membership in the division. We will fix that. The list on the Solo Division page should be right.

We have had wet weather recently. There will likely be muddy parts of the course. For example, Duncan Hollow (the section after Camp Roosevelt) is usually wet even in dry weather. Hopefully, not as bad as the picture at right of Duncan Hollow during the 1998 event. That course marking (see yellow streamer among the runners) was on the trail. It was more a navigational buoy than a course marking.