Panoramic view from the Big Schloss during the 2017 run.

Keith Knipling

2018 Report

September 29, 2018  •  Wardensville, WV

46 starters, 39 finishers


The 2018 Big Schloss 50k took place this past weekend in nothing short of miracle weather. It was sunny and mild, with blue skies — the only hint of the copious amounts of rain of late were the numerous stream crossings and the trails that were creeks themselves.

Despite wet feet, everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Reminiscent of the 2014 running, Barret Stanton led the run the entire day … until he missed a turn. Brian Greeley and Ryan Quinnelly sauntered into the finish together in a leisurely 6:09. Ryan pushed Brian across the finish line for the official win.

Allison Rosenberg took the win for the women in 7:32, a decisive victory.

Thanks most especially to our volunteers. This year presented a number of challenges and to those who stepped up and made it happen, we owe a debt of gratitude: Aid Station captains and workers, course markers, grill master, finish line helpers, sweeps, trail work participants. A huge thank you goes to the PATC Stonewall Brigade for their dedicated labor on our course despite being thwarted by rain almost every weekend.

If you took photos, please let me know where you post them so I can link to them.


Kirstin Corris's photos.


Brian Greeley348:4410:3611:561:396:09Basically a tie, but Brian got shoved over the Finish line first.
Ryan Quinnelly368:4710:3611:551:396:09 
Chris Pabian428:4810:4312:051:496:19 
Jack Anderson358:4410:3611:592:056:35 
Kevin Walker378:4910:4412:122:126:42 
Levi Mason378:5411:0212:362:327:02Thanks for bringing an extra volunteer!
Ryan Brown328:4910:5812:412:437:13 
Dave Herring478:4410:4412:172:447:14 
Eric Harris458:5211:0212:402:507:20 
Mike Zinn368:5411:0212:402:507:20 
Daryl Brubaker378:5911:1412:462:527:22 
Allison Rosenberg288:5411:0212:443:027:32First female!
Jonathan Gowen348:4910:5812:423:087:38 
Lokesh Kumar Meena309:0011:1412:593:107:40Best Blood
Marty Fox678:5711:391:153:358:05 
Justin Corddry458:5411:0812:573:448:14Congrats on his FIRST ULTRA!
Rachel Shirley418:5711:211:143:538:23 
Creighton Anders439:0011:371:434:178:47 
Richard Sisson488:5811:351:474:228:52 
Wendy Valdes389:0411:471:494:288:58 
Shayna Cooke419:0011:491:434:459:15 
Cassandra Lizza389:2012:072:104:519:21 
Elsa Araujo419:3012:182:224:569:26 
Mark Gregg438:5411:291:465:039:33 
Shelley McLaughlin459:0011:341:465:039:33 
Steve Platt488:5911:432:055:039:33Triumphant return of the co-founder of The Big Schloss 50k!
Jeffrey Klemm679:1612:182:225:069:36 
Jeremy Gray459:2012:072:125:099:39Thanks for bringing your wife to volunteer!
Carole Williamson579:2612:192:275:3110:01 
Gaynor Bourgeois509:1612:212:365:4310:13 
Laurel Lundstrom389:1612:212:365:4310:13 
Bob Gaylord709:3512:402:555:4810:18Bob reported no incidents with wildlife
Mandy Pierce449:3512:402:545:4810:18 
Tracey Thibodeau489:3012:382:545:4810:18 
Jill Jacobs519:4112:553:125:5010:20Despite a late start, made good time
Carolyn Wilson589:4112:553:145:5010:20Despite a late start, made good time
Elaina Stanton489:381:043:396:3211:02Does your son have to take you out to dinner since you beat him?
Quatro Hubbard589:1812:113:476:3411:04*No Big Schloss
Robert Grolemund499:381:053:39 DNF 
Allison Holko389:341:154:07 DNFAll the way from Ohio!
Tepas Kat439:4112:553:12 DNF 
Katie Keier489:3512:553:12 DNFThank you for being the DD from AS#3
Gary Knipling749:1712:152:40 DNF 
Larry Thibodeau499:381:053:50 DNF 
Barret Stanton208:3910:1911:251:40DQ*Had a big lead all day til he missed a turn and caught a ride.

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