Panoramic view from the Big Schloss during the 2017 run.

Keith Knipling

2009 Report

September 26, 2009  •  Wardensville, WV

We had a lot of tough volunteers and runners tackle a challenging course and adverse weather conditions. Like last year, our volunteers never mentioned the cold, wet weather. They are troopers! Their enthusiasm makes for a well-supported fat ass. The runners had a perfect cool, drizzly day until it mother nature opened the flood gates. Mike Bailey hammered through the course to take first overall in a time of 5:51 and Justine Morrison followed shortly thereafter for first lady in a time of 6:36. Her time was 4 minutes off the record, which is rather impressive considering the conditions. Thanks to everyone who came out and gave it their all both on and off the course. We hope to see you all on September 25, 2010!

Photos by Laurie Timberlake

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