Sunrise from Signal Knob, taken in the early miles of the 2014 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2009 Report

February 21, 2009  •  Fort Valley, VA

21 starters, 13 finishers


Check points list time of day. (Start was at 7:07 am.) Finish is elapsed time.

8.4 miles
14.2 miles
22.4 miles
30.4 miles
36.8 miles
46.1 miles
71.1 miles
(ellapsed time)
KniplingKeithMale33DC08:4909:2310:5412:3414:0516:0014:58(!)No sleep due to delayed flight from SanFran
LoomisGregMale34VA08:5109:5811:5713:5415:4517:5319:23Outlasted the rest of potential First Losers with great run
GarmanDavidMale47MD08:5209:5911:5714:1016:1218:5020:03Had great run to tie for the bronze medal
HarrisJimMale44OH09:1810:3612:2814:3216:2918:4920:03Not bad after running a TWOT loop the day before!
OwensKerryFemale45DC09:4111:0313:1315:2717:2419:5620:377:43 AM start
SnipesDavidMale41VA09:0210:2012:1414:3216:3419:1521:0861 miles on his own! Atypical Sniper race . . .
KendallVickiFemale56VA09:0210:2312:3415:0017:0519:5921:28Won "Most Efficient Use of Aid Station" award this year
ShafferDebbieFemale43VA09:0210:2312:3415:0017:0519:5921:28Was there to monitor Vicki at every single aid station
JacobsJenFemale32DC09:2510:5013:0815:4117:5221:0423:30Kept Mark M. on course for first 50+ miles, then rolled
DobiesMikeMale47MI09:0610:3012:3515:0017:0520:0424:11Failed to comprehend that this was a serious race
LoseyBillMale37OH09:1810:3713:0315:4218:0320:4824:11Billy Bob spurred to the finish by promise of shots at end
WandelBillMale65MD09:2510:4913:0815:5018:2421:5627:47Billy W spurred to finish by promise of IPAs at end
MckennettMarkMale30MD09:2510:5113:0815:4217:5221:0527:59Will follow any blazed trail, regardless of color, without Jen
KniplingGaryMale65VA?08:0010:1515:1015:4518:49drop/drink3:13 AM start - planted much "Yoohoo" for planned Camp Rosie drop
PeroSteveMale57NH09:0610:3112:4615:2117:2820:40dropSouthern cooking apparently a problem - felled by a tummy ache
PeroDebFemale54NH09:0610:3012:4615:2117:2820:40dropToo many black russians & Burnt Frozen Toasted Almonds Fri night
DemoneyNovaMale75VA?08:0710:5114:1217:1321:48drop3:13 AM start, drop @ Little Crease @ 29:35
BaileyMikeMale27VA08:5110:0611:4613:5113:50dropchair hogweak back
CombsBobMale41OH09:1810:3713:0103:4218:03dropsucking thumbweak willed
ClapperJoeMale50VA08:5009:5811:45dropdrinkingbuzzedpassed outCaught acute dropitis from Corris
CorrisTomMale55VA08:5009:5711:52dropdrinkingbuzzedpassed outknock kneed

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