2024 Report

January 1, 2024  •  Quantico, VA

94 starters, 33 finishers

Another Redeye is in the books! For the 2024 New Year’s Day run we had 94 entrants come out for the event. 33 of those runners ran all three loops to complete the entire 50K.

Of note this year was a reroute of the Birch Bluff Trail, the red-blazed section in the middle of the initial “prologue” portion of the course. Based on a review of some of the finisher distances, the total distance with this change appears to still be around 31.25 to 31.4 miles. So this remains a legit 50k, and still a great way to get your running year off to a very strong start.

The opening stretch of the Redeye course, on the short road to the first trailhead
📸 Zach Weinberger

Overall, the weather was good for running this year. While it never warmed up like the weather guessers had forecast, it was not terribly cold, either. From about mid-day on we had first a little very light drizzle, then a bit of sleet and finally a little snow. Overall, it was a great way to start out the New Year!

Jared Byrd was first male to the finish, in sparkling time of 4:40; Jared and new Devil Dog runs co-RD Pat Early got the run going by leading the runners out of the starting area to the prologue section’s trailhead. Dani Sevel was first female in just under 6 hours. Dani had also just finished (and won) the VHTRC’s Boyer’s Furnace Forty-miler on Saturday! A review of the entrants showed a strong turnout among the runners who had run the BFF two days earlier, including Joshua Binder, Zach Weinberger, Tony Taylor. Wayne Sheng, John Calabrese and Tin Luu, who all impressed by completing the vaunted BFF 40 mile and Redeye 50k double!

Big thank you to Brad Hawley and Mike Edwards for being out there and helping the runners as they came into the aid station over the course of the day. Big thank you, as well, to Alaina Brown and her family for sweeping the course. Final Big Thank You to Leigh Weil for making the cool VHTRC Coasters, Ornaments and Magnets with her 3-D printer – a great success.

Photos from the Trails: 2024 Redeye

Pencil in the Redeye 50k to start your 2025, 2026, 2027, and 2028 Years of Running, as the Park Service saw fit this year to issue a 5-year permit for this event. Big thanks to RD Dave Woll for his dedicated work on the Redeye over the years, and for working with the Park Service to obtain that multi-year permit!

If you have a report or photos that you want to share, feel free to send to Quatro for posting on this page. And some selected images are available to view as a slideshow below.


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Jared ByrdM34:40
Dennis ChavezM34:48
John OplingerM34:59
Jicheng LiuM35:04
Patrick EarlyM35:09
Lars HasselerM35:19
Evan WeiselM35:41
Chunxin WangM35:46
Dani SevelF35:54
Joshua BinderM35:55
Yuezhou JingM35:55
Jennifer CooperF36:05
Li FangF36:06
Zach WeinbergerM36:11
Alvin LeeM36:15
David CaveyM36:17
Nathan DunhamM36:17
Ali MohammedM36:26
Darin DunhamM36:35
Erika FryF36:48
Tony TaylorM36:53
Chase LoganM36:54
Dan LeeM37:01
Huanyuan ShengM37:07
John CalabreseM37:20
William ArntsonM37:21
Charlie PoffenbergerM37:21
Ying Long FordF38:04
Yali FuF38:05
Lei MengF38:05
Cheryl ChenF38:17
Tin LuuM38:17
Jeffrey KlemmM38:45
Nick NeakraseM24:38
Ian GillM24:44
Kelli GressF24:46
Hongshan ZhangM24:51
Carrie DrummondF24:52
Larry HuffmanM24:52
Tom SimondsM24:52
Sara FanousF24:53
Eric McGlincheyM24:53
Scott UlrichM24:53
Joel McMullenM24:58
Karen KnightF25:01
Bruce TweedieM25:09
Hai ChenF25:13
Paul AmmannM25:33
Leigh WeilF25:33
Barbara McMullenF26:04
Caroline LeeanF26:05
Kari AndersonF26:32
Dionisio De LeonM28:06
Elizabeth CortezF12:03
Chris StabbM12:03
Patrick VaughnM12:07
Christian StantonM12:08
Ellen HartF12:08
Justin ContoisM12:21
Isla ContoisF12:21
Sharon LeuF12:31
Laura ChipkinF12:33
Veronica CrawfordF12:33
Jennifer Lucas-JudyF12:36
Alice LoughranF12:39
Wayne KlineM12:39
Karen AudantF12:40
Jana BravoF12:42
Elaina StantonF12:54
Carol CohenF12:55
Jill DissF12:56
Colleen BergF12:57
Carolyn WilsonF12:57
Mohammad ArefM13:09
Hussein EzzeldinM13:09
Tamim SookoorM13:09
Qinghua LiuF13:17
Michael CampbellM13:20
Jack JenningsM13:22
Sherry SlackF13:27
Sandy VanvalkenbergF13:28
Kim HerringF1 
Shannon AndesF3 Miles 
Steve GouldM3 Miles 
Quatro HubbardM20 Miles6:05
Robert GrolemundM19 miles3:57
Sara DavidsonF18.25 miles4:23
Larry ThibodeauM16 Miles2:53
Tracey ThibodeauF16 Miles2:53
Holly FranzF16 Miles4:11
Laura BennettF16 Miles4:11
Rob Colenso M14.5 Miles3:30
James MooreM10.61 Miles4:13
Rebecca MooreF10.61 miles4:13
Carey AhrMDNS 
Joshua BlytheMDNS 
Kate DellisFDNS 
Stephanie DempesyFDNS 
Kerlin DossMDNS 
Todd EllickMDNS 
Andrew FrancisMDNS 
Denise FreemanFDNS 
Laura GrahamFDNS 
Karen HaymoreFDNS 
Jennifer HickeyFDNS 
Jon JesterMDNS 
Scott LeeMDNS 
Lemell MayoMDNS 
Kelley PeardFDNS 
Brandon PenningtonMDNS 
Vince RanganathanMDNS 
Michelle RindosFDNS 
Christine SchleppegrellFDNS 
Kathleen TepasFDNS 
Katie ToFDNS 
Andy TorzewskiMDNS 
Guy TowlerMDNS 
Lindsey WeaverFDNS 

Last updated January 4, 2024