2022 Report

January 1, 2022  •  Quantico, VA

46 starters, 20 finishers


Having big fun splashing down the Burma Road: Karen Knight, Joe Hain and eventual second place finisher Michele Jacoby

2022 got off to a wet start. A very, very wet start. The runners who braved the rainy forecasts and came out to play on the trails of Prince William Forest Park for the VHTRC’s annual Redeye 50k on New Year’s Day were “treated” to more than they had bargained for, as the fearcasters in this instance underestimated the amount of precipitation. Nearly half the entrants did join the run, and everyone appeared to have a blast splashing about on the course.

20 of the nearly 50 participants started their new year off by finishing the 50k run. It was great seeing Brian Schmidt back to his old 50k form. He ran a very steady pace for his three loops and finished ahead of the field in 4:36:42. Jared Byrd also broke 5 hours, coming in second in 4:56:48, with Brad Hawley rolling in a few minutes later, in just a seconds over 5 hours. Sara Davidson, whose primary goal appeared to be a desire not to get lapped by Jared, was thusly motivated to finish first among the women, with a time of 6:13:31. Michele Jacoby ran negative splits(!) to come in second in 6:35:32.

2022 Redeye Champ Brian Schmidt, with Dan Aghdam

Covid was again impactful on the Redeye. The pandemic caused the 2021 run to be canceled. This year, not only were several runners unable to attend due to positive tests or exposure, but run director Dave Woll was also a late scratch due to his need to quarantine. His volunteer crew subbed in to put on a successful show in his absence, however. Regular VHTRC run report viewers have no doubt noted some unusual precision in the results; for this, relative trail racing newcomer Heather Phelps must be thanked. Heather kept very close tabs on her runners on this day, and brought out the old-school Timex Ironman watch to track their arrival times back to her start/finish tent down to the second. Leigh McCue was out on a gorgeous New Year’s Eve afternoon helping Quatro Hubbard mark the course. Despite the slew of hikers who were out that afternoon enjoying the trails in near spring-like conditions, the course experienced virtually no vandalism, other than late on run day, when the entire area around TREC (the Turkey Run Education Center), about 7 miles into the loop, was cleared of its blue ribbons. The rest of the course was eventually cleared by volunteer Ram Oruganti. Big thanks also to Dan Aghdam for helping with run set up and break down, and early recon to ensure that the course remained marked. Finally, RD Emeritus Gary Knipling sprang for several boxes of pizza to provide a hot afternoon treat for the runners and volunteers alike.

That is one accomplished Subaru Outback!


2022 Rainy Redeye Pics - on the course

Cathy Roberts Photos

On the Course Video One

On the Course Video Two

PlaceNameLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3Comment
1Brian Schmidt1:36:563:03:284:36:4250k
2Jared Byrd1:46:253:20:394:56:4850k
3Bradley Hawley1:47:453:22:295:00:4950k
4Christopher Flint1:46:493:20:455:03:1350k
5Josh West1:46:383:21:205:30:0550k
6Keith VanGraafeiland1:46:253:30:575:30:2450k
7Shawn Baker2:03:063:52:285:33:0950k
8Al Murray1:58:353:40:555:35:1950k
9Jun Komiyama1:58:153:42:355:35:5250k
10Kerlin Doss2:03:023:52:285:43:2650k
11Bruce Tweedie1:58:093:57:046:06:1050k
12Sara Davidson2:05:384:11:556:13:3150k
13Paul Valenzuela2:02:574:09:406:17:0550k
14Wayne Kline2:16:384:26:516:35:1750k
15Michele Jacoby2:19:034:27:396:35:3250k
16Brian Chiles2:07:324:16:386:36:5050k
17Larry Huffman2:25:174:41:386:59:4850k
18John Calabrese2:03:124:27:127:15:0150k
19Marty Fox2:28:004:46:387:16:0950k - long course
20Jeffrey Klemm2:59:535:47:488:48:0050k
DNFHompeng Komthirath2:02:524:08:54XXX2 loops
DNFTodd Ellick2:05:494:08:54XXX2 loops
DNFJames Brennan2:10:494:25:18XXX2 loops
DNFGreg Loomis2:10:574:25:30XXX2 loops
DNFVeronica Crawford2:16:224:38:53XXX2 loops
DNFTim Moles2:29:215:01:49XXX2 loops
DNFBlake Larkin2:34:155:35:44XXX2 loops
DNFJames MillerMissed4:47:37XXX2 loops - missed AS 1
DNFEric Thornton1:49:19XXXXXX1 loop + 16 bonus miles
DNFRebecca Ivester2:03:22XXXXXX1 loop
DNFKen Robitaille2:03:30XXXXXX1 loop
DNFChris Reinhardt2:06:44XXXXXX1 loop
DNFJeffrey Kent2:06:53XXXXXX1 loop
DNFJoe Hain2:17:35XXXXXX1 loop
DNFKaren Knight2:18:41XXXXXX1 loop
DNFTom Simonds2:19:28XXXXXX1 loop
DNFDebi McGuire2:27:02XXXXXX1 loop+/late start
DNFAngela Huang2:40:40XXXXXX1 loop
DNFMartin Dubbs2:59:10XXXXXX1 loop + prologue repeat
DNFRam Oruganti2:51:00XXXXXXBlue Ribbon Sweep
DNFMike Edwards3:01:48XXXXXX1 loop/late start
DNFKari Anderson3:22:57XXXXXX1 Loop Walking
DNFGary Knipling3:22:57XXXXXX1 Loop Walking
DNFDave Yeakel3:22:57XXXXXX1 Loop Walking
DNFCathy Roberts3:22:57XXXXXX1 loop walking
DNFIsrael Archuletta1:39:01XXXXXX1:39:01
DNFSteve GouldXXXXXXXXX5 miler

Last updated January 5, 2022