2020 Report

January 1, 2020  •  Quantico, VA

102 starters, 39 finishers


Sunny skies with a hint of winter chill greeted the runners; Red Eye RD Dave Woll also greeted the runners, and after that pre-race greeting and briefing, just shy of 100 runners (including a few hikers, along with a few bonus Canine Americans), took off promptly at 8:07 for their initial two mile, plus, prologue run on some side trails, before crossing the famous suspension bridge across the South Fork of Quantico Creek and starting the first of the three loops that make up the bulk of the 50k course.

Michael Wardian cruised to a new course record of 4:17
Michael Wardian cruised to a new course record of 4:17. Here he is finishing loop 2.

Of the 102 runners and hikers who made their way on to the course, 39 finished the first day of the new year with a shiny new 50k finish to their credit. The shiniest belonged to Michael Wardian, as he not only won the first run of 2020, but he did so with a new event and course record! Michael’s 4:17 broke the previous record of 4:20:24 set in 2016 by Brandon Mathews. The 2020 Red Eye women were paced by Laura Yoder, down from Pennsylvania to ring in the new year with the VHTRC along with her husband Michael. Michael Yoder is Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 gold buckle recipient, having finished MMT 10 times!

Two other runners of note: Mel Rohall completed her first 50k, so congrats, and thanks for choosing the VHTRC’s Red Eye for your initial ultra experience! Poor Karen Knight, a recent arrival to our area from Alabama, had a different experience and a far shorter day than anyone wanted. She was one of a handful of runners who fell victim to a mishap on a slippery bridge in the early morning cold. Her fall, unfortunately, took her out of the run during the initial prologue section of the course. Hopefully Karen recovers quickly, and we look forward to seeing her at many additional trail events in the coming year!

Kurt Stein leads a group on the opening of the prologue loop early in the 2020 Redeye
Kurt Stein leads a group on the opening of the prologue loop early in the 2020 Redeye.

Check the notes below the results table for additional details related to some of the runners and hikers, and check back soon for final results (if edits are needed), links to photos and perhaps an RD’s report. Final note: big thanks to the volunteers who helped Dave put on this event: Laura Bennett and Holly Franz, who helped put up yellow flagging to mark the loop course; and Marty Fox who saw to the removal of the ribbons during his third loop. Marty drafted several runners to help him clean up the course. Marty also successfully ensured that all the runners found the correct prologue course to start the run, so special thanks to Marty for his efforts to make that happen, especially considering some of the speedsters in this year’s field! Also, heartfelt apologies to Marty for questioning whether he directed the runners down the correct trail in the prologue section! Marty, you were right.

Linda Wack channels Team Slug member, James Moore, with her colorful tights at the 2020 Redeye
Linda Wack channels Team Slug member, James Moore, with her colorful tights at the 2020 Redeye. Lawrence Bartlett gives chase.


Below are the final results for the 2020 Red Eye 50k. This race on the trails of Prince William Forest Park is the VHTRC’s traditional celebration of the start of a new year. If 2020 is anything like the Red Eye, then we are in for a great year!

PlaceNameAgeSexHomeLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3
1Michael Wardian !35MVA1:362:564:17
2Dan Fogg35MDC1:363:014:34
3Antonio Cillo33MVA1:433:154:55
4Aaron Hastings48MMD1:463:255:02
5Benjamin Schoffstall30MVA1:463:285:03
6Christopher Flint36MVA1:543:265:09
7Keith VanGraafeiland38MVA1:463:295:15
8Shawn Cissel34MMD1:463:295:22
8Greg Jackson41MVA1:463:295:22
8Jared Byrd36MMD1:493:295:22
11Jesse Fuller35MVA1:513:385:38
12Mark Domanski (V)39MVAXXX3:445:52
12Scott Lee49MVA2:054:015:52
14Paul Valenzuela54MVA2:014:015:54
15John Oplinger43MVA1:463:425:55
16Todd Ellick36MVA2:134:136:19
17Michael Maddock51MVA2:004:036:21
18Greg Loomis (V)45MVAXXX4:046:22
19John Calabrese39MVA2:044:116:28
20Edward Leno52MVA2:204:206:32
21Laura Yoder51FPA2:114:136:36
22Russell Holland Jr49MVA2:134:166:37
23Chris Chalkley (D)50MVA2:274:326:41
23Brian Chiles (D)46MVA2:184:406:41
25Marty Fox (D)69MVA2:144:246:44
26Steve Barge53MVA2:104:186:55
26Sarah Capostagno (D)28FMD2:174:266:55
26Lauren Gabler35FVA2:214:326:55
26Sarah Curtis38FVA2:144:336:55
30Michele Jacoby42FMD2:234:407:00
30Holly Armstrong43FVA2:254:417:00
32Larry Huffman59MVA2:264:467:08
33Rob Kolb52MVA2:214:417:17
34Jill Robinson44FMD2:184:467:20
34Kurt Stein38MMD2:184:467:20
34Mel Rohall *40FVA2:264:537:20
34Chris Walsh33MDC2:294:467:20
38Wayne Kline65MVA2:415:007:33
39Jeffrey Klemm68MVA2:425:248:08
 Two Red Eye Loopers      
 Shawn Baker33MVA1:463:30XXX
 Robert Pawlak56MVA2:053:59XXX
 Tom Simonds65MVA2:054:15XXX
 Paul Crickard66MMD2:134:15XXX
 Bob Cooper54MVA2:104:20XXX
 Nathaniel Mauger30MDC2:274:28XXX
 Ellen Hart (A)21FVA2:114:32XXX
 Patrick Vaughan42MVA2:114:32XXX
 Robert Grolemund51MVA2:234:36XXX
 Larry Tumblin51MVA2:194:37XXX
 Chris Reinhardt45MVA2:274:38XXX
 Steve Grassi51MVA2:184:45XXX
 Cherry Grassi47FVA2:184:46XXX
 Jen Norris49FVA2:284:56XXX
 Matthew Erb41MVA2:225:05XXX
 Carol Cohen43FVA2:385:05XXX
 Minghong Ward (LS)52FVA2:475:07XXX
 Danett Crespo33FVA3:075:10XXX
 Chris Gellene57MVA2:325:18XXX
 James Thull62MVA2:405:20XXX
 Andy OBrien49MVA2:335:23XXX
 Lawrence Bartlett65MMD2:325:28XXX
 Linda Wack64FMD2:335:28XXX
 Quatro Hubbard59MVA2:385:33XXX
 Sherry Ruffner-Slack47FVA3:045:36XXX
 Eichelle Hamaker (B)48FVA2:346:01XXX
 Farouk Elkassed (EB)70MVA3:176:16XXX
 One Red Eye Loopers      
 Peter Folan36MVA2:07XXXXXX
 Michael Yoder57MPA2:11XXXXXX
 Joseph Abell62MPA2:18XXXXXX
 Dan Aghdam51MVA2:20XXXXXX
 Nicholas Rivera35MKS2:21XXXXXX
 Elaina Stanton49FVA2:23XXXXXX
 Larry Thibodeau51MVA2:24XXXXXX
 Tracey Thibodeau49FVA2:24XXXXXX
 Marvin Benjamin48MVA2:26XXXXXX
 Rachel Leahy34FVA2:26XXXXXX
 Jeffrey Kent43MVA2:28XXXXXX
 Joe Hain57FVA2:30XXXXXX
 Gaynor Bourgeois51FDC2:33XXXXXX
 Bob Gaylord71MVA2:33XXXXXX
 Laurel Lundstrom39FDC2:34XXXXXX
 Sara Davidson36FMD2:37XXXXXX
 Beth Foster41FTN2:37XXXXXX
 Sean Lawler47MVA2:37XXXXXX
 Megan Wiegand34FDC2:37XXXXXX
 Katie Keier49FVA2:37XXXXXX
 Tracy Dahl40FVA2:37XXXXXX
 Alice Loughran53FDC2:42XXXXXX
 Michael Campbell69MVA2:53XXXXXX
 Francesco Smith65MMD2:55XXXXXX
 Laura Bennett49FVA3:04XXXXXX
 Holly Franz48FVA3:04XXXXXX
 Jeff Rice50MVA3:11XXXXXX
 Michele Tucker52FVA3:29XXXXXX
 Sandra VanValkenburg51FVA3:29XXXXXX
 Ed Walsh70MVA3:30XXXXXX
 Brian Darnell (B)41MVA4:43XXXXXX
 Hikers/Injured Reserve      
 Karen Knight (IR)46FALXXXXXXXXX
 Cathy Roberts (H)62FVAHikeXXXXXX
 Tom Corris (H)66MDCHikeXXXXXX
 Gary Knipling (H)75MVAHikeXXXXXX

Race started at 8:07, so runner loop times calculated based on that time.

Due to the use of an unmarked prologue section to start the first loop, Loop 1 is 2 miles longer than Loops 2 and 3.

Symbols and Definitions:

! = New Course Record!
* = first time finisher at 50k distance!
(A) = Age unknown, but based on all evidence (physical and otherwise), can’t be more than 21 years old.
(B) = added bonus miles
(D) = 3-loopers who also served as defacto trail sweeps of sort; these runners cleared the ribbons.
(EB) = Early Bird (started at 7:35)
(H) = Hiker
(IR) + “Injured Reserve” (knocked out of race after falling heavily on early, slippery bridge crossing)
(LS) - Late Start (started roughly 9 AM)
(V) = Course variation. These runners missed the turn back to the start/finish after their first loop,
and just continued on to their second loop. They made up for the lost mile by doing an extra suspension
bridge section descent and ascent after loop 2.

Last updated January 7, 2020