2017 Report

January 1, 2017  •  Quantico, VA

34 finishers

Report: A Red Eye Swan Song

The VHTRC’s annual start to the New Year was held for the 21st year on Sunday January 1, 2017. 34 of the 120 starters got their training year’s off to a solid start with a 50k finish. This 28% finishing rate was historically in line with other Red Eye years.

The VHTRC’s and Montgomery County’s Peter Diak was the overall winner, taking the coveted Red Eye crown in a time of 5:06. This was Peter’s first ever overall win, and should provide him with some great momentum heading into his upcoming MMT 100 training. Jesse Fuller finished second overall (with a 5:09) despite pulling up with an ankle sprain in the first mile of the run. Greg Holden finished third with a time of 5:28.

On the women’s side of the field, the first finisher was Jennifer Cooper with a time of 6:24, rumor has it this might have been her first ultra finish**. Jennifer was followed by Kelly MacDonald in 6:50, and Angie Knyazeva and Michele Harmon, who came into the finish together after 7 hours of 12 minutes on the Red Eye course. Holly Franz and Laura Bennett had the priviledge of escorting the first Canine-Americans to the finish, as two of Holly’s dogs tied after running half of the course each, in a 50k shuttle run.

The DFL Award went to Jim Medley, a runner from the Fort Valley, who got his three loops done in a time of 8:50. Of additional note: this was Jim’s first 50k finish, so he started his 2017 off a particularly high note!

Original Team Slug members James and Rebecca Moore framing RD Gary Knipling during his pre-race briefing
Original Team Slug members James and Rebecca Moore framing RD Gary Knipling during his pre-race briefing.

RD Gary Knipling had some great help in putting the run on. Ed Walsh assisted with organizing the parking pre-race, and Bruce Tweedie was the Red Eye Rabbit - leading the runners out of the Pine Grove parking lot area in order to complete the early “silly loop” that starts the run. Ed and Bruce saw to it that the course was swept of the ribbons during the third loop, and they were both assisted by Dave Yeakel and Dave Robertson in marking the course ahead of the run. As usual, the runners supplied more than enough tasty treats for use as common aid at the finish.

The big news coming out of this year’s Red Eye is that its director for a number of years, Gary Knipling, is stepping aside after this year. A new director will be needed to take the run forward into the new years’ to come. We can’t thank Gary enough for all he has done to grow and nurture this treasured event over the years. Gary is largely responsible for developing this annual event into the intstitution it has become, and we look forward to seeing him out at Pine Grove for future Red Eyes as either a volunteer or a participant.

** Correction: The rumor that Red Eye women’s champ Jennifer Cooper had just completed her first ultra turned out to be unfounded. The author regrets the error.


Below are the results from the 21st running of the Red Eye 50k, held on New Year’s Day, 2017, in Prince William Forest Park, near Triangle, Virginia. Despite pre-race forecasts to the contrary, the day turned out to be dry and sunny, with early temps around freezing rising into the upper 40s by the afternoon. Congratulations to all of the runners who made it out to start their new year right with some miles in the dirt with their fellow trail runners. Thanks to the VHTRC for sponsoring this great event, and to Gary Knipling for his steady and joyful direction of this race this year!

1Peter Diak38MMD5:06
2Jesse Fuller32MVA5:09
3Greg Holden37MVA5:28
4Keith Knipling40MVA5:42
5Tadhg Ryan Charleton24MFO5:52
6Scott Lee46MVA5:58
7Darin Dunham47MAL6:03
8Daniel Lawver31MVA6:04
9Todd Ellick33MVA6:05
10Mike Campbell66MVA6:10
11Bob Blunkosky43MVA6:18
12Jennifer Cooper28FVA6:24
13Lynn Kline54MVA6:30
14Kelly MacDonald27FMD6:50
15Wayne Kline62MVA6:51
16Larry Huffman56MVA6:52
17Jon Jester57MVA7:09
18Anzhela Knyazeva31FDC7:12
18Michele Harmon51FMD7:12
18Quatro Hubbard56MVA7:12
21Jay Fitzsimmons36MVA7:18
22Jeffrey Klemm65MVA7:32
23Mark Zimmermann64MMD7:35
24Alice Loughran50FDC7:40
25Jayme Dubinsky33FVA7:41
25Bob Gaylord68MVA7:41
27Ed Walsh67MVA7:41
28Bruce Tweedie55MVA7:42
29Marty Fox66MVA7:48
30Rob Kolb49MVA7:50
31Jackie Ong55FVA7:58
32Holly Franz45FVA8:30
32Laura Bennett46FVA8:30
34Jim Medley62MVA8:50
Two Loopers     
DNFBrandon Mathews32MVA3:17
DNFTim Geezler37MMD3:40
DNFEmmett Delaney50MVA3:49
DNFJohn Nelson66MVA3:56
DNFGeoffrey Mason53MMD4:00
DNFJohn Fitz42MMD4:01
DNFDoug Bourks28MVA4:05
DNFNathan Dunham21MGA4:10
DNFKelley Fitzsimmons36FVA4:15
DNFSara Davidson33FMD4:30
DNFShawn Cissel31MMD4:30
DNFJared Byrd33MMD4:30
DNFJoe Clapper58MMD4:33
DNFKevin Green44MMD4:47
DNFJohn Stacy60MVA4:47
DNFRobert Whipple46MVA4:48
DNFSteve Filostah55MVA4:48
DNFMichele Tucker49FVA5:00
DNFPaul Crickard63MMD5:00
DNFEmily Ford32FVA5:01
DNFAlvin Lee42MMD5:03
DNFTony EscobarxxMCO5:07
DNFLawrence Bartlett62MMD5:10
DNFGaynor Bourgeois48FDC5:11
DNFCherry Grassi44FVA5:12
DNFDenise Coll56FVA5:12
DNFMegan Wiegand31FDC5:15
DNFTracey Thibodeau46FVA5:19
DNFTom Simonds62MVA5:30
DNFAdeline Ntam37FMD5:35
DNFMike Edwards54MMD5:35
DNFBarry Hauptman53MMD5:40
DNFJudith Weber57FMD6:24
DNFJames Thull59MVA6:24
DNFCarla ReadxxFVA6:30
DNFAjani Simmons39MVA6:30
Single Loopers     
DNFMartha Nelson35FDC1:40
DNFSeth Mathews27MVA1:41
DNFChristopher Britz34MVA1:54
DNFDavid Woll51MVA1:55
DNFLara Zoeller32FVA2:06
DNFThomas McNulty39MDC2:07
DNFLisa Bandiera-Woetzel48FVA2:11
DNFJulius Garcia56MVA2:13
DNFAmy Boilen40FMD2:19
DNFRob Colenso42MVA2:19
DNFMike O'Hearn46MMD2:19
DNFAmy Dunham20FAL2:20
DNFElizabeth Guillen31FMD2:20
DNFWendy Valdes37FDC2:20
DNFSarah Smith44FMD2:20
DNFThelma Cardoso36FVA2:24
DNFScott Allender42MVA2:24
DNFMalachi Woodlee37MVA2:25
DNFJosh Howe37MVA2:26
DNFPeter Josendale44MVA2:26
DNFDawn Gray42FVA2:27
DNFTodd Wolford51MVA2:28
DNFDeb Cawthorn45FVA2:31
DNFJoseph Abell59MPA2:31
DNFJill Jacobs50FMD2:32
DNFStephanie Danahy60FVA2:39
DNFDave Yeakel52MVA2:39
DNFYancey Padilla38FMD2:40
DNFJuli Briskman49FVA2:41
DNFJenny Charkoudian50FMD2:41
DNFDan Aghdam48MVA2:42
DNFKatie Keier46FVA2:45
DNFTodd Folmsbee46MVA2:50
DNFCharlie Miracle63MVA2:50
DNFDavid Snipes49MVA2:56
DNFCathy Roberts59FVA3:00
DNFMeghan Smith19FMD3:03
DNFAmanda Carden27FVA3:03
DNFFrancesco Smith61MMD3:03
DNFGretchen Bolton71FVA3:04
DNFSerhot Ozturk36MMD3:09
DNFAllison Holko37FVA3:17
DNFLarry Thibodeau48MVA3:20
DNFMary Campbell43FHI3:30
DNFMeghan McCluer53FVA3:35
DNFJuan Lopez51MVA3:35
DNFRebecca Moore71FMD3:45
DNFJames Moore72MMD3:45
DNFKari Anderson55FVA3:55
DNFBob Anderson70MVA3:55
Too Hungover - DNS     
DNSCaitlin Ochs27FVAx
DNSGina DeGaetano30FVAx
DNSMisha Heller32FDCx
DNSBetsy Nickle32FDCx
DNSLeah Pan35FDCx
DNSSara Fanous36FVAx
DNSHelen Hayn38FVAx
DNSWindy Aziz40FVAx
DNSCatherine Howard40FDCx
DNSNeisa Condemaita42FDCx
DNSDora Elmore42FVAx
DNSMary Beth Krob43FNCx
DNSSherry Ruffner-Slack44FVAx
DNSLisa Johnston51FMDx
DNSSusan Gardner52FVAx
DNSKathy Stump54FVAx
DNSAlice Hisamoto55FAKx
DNSLemell Mayo29MVAx
DNSJames Nelson29MVAx
DNSChristopher Moore31MVAx
DNSKeith Morris34MPAx
DNSEnrique Rubio34MDCx
DNSJustin Contois36MVAx
DNSJohn Garneski39MVAx
DNSLucas Moten40MMDx
DNSAndrew Arbuckle41MDCx
DNSChris Melvin41MVAx
DNSBrian Chiles43MVAx
DNSTommy Knight43MVAx
DNSEric McGlinchey43MVAx
DNSAndrew Burnette46MMDx
DNSAlan Lagon46MMDx
DNSCharles Rousseaux46MDCx
DNSSteve Grassi48MVAx
DNSDennis Mondoro48MMDx
DNSBrian Schmidt48MVAx
DNSErnesto Casarez60MMDx
DNSBob Coyne70MMDx

The Red Eye course consists of three loops that are just short of 10 miles in length. In order to complete a full 50k, the runners not only run three loops, but also start the race with a “silly loop” that adds the additional 1 mile + to their distance for the day to make their total distance 50k in length. A number of runners stop after a single loop, which would be roughly 12 miles in length, or two loops and 22 miles.

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