2008 Report

January 1, 2008  •  Quantico, VA

13 finishers

Volunteer Wendy Marszalek with RD Gary Knipling
Volunteer Wendy Marszalek with RD Gary Knipling.

Thanks to Gary Knipling for producing the results. Who would have known that Gary could do such a thing?

In the event itself, Robin Kane gave Howard Nippert a run toward the end, but Howard won. Back in the pack, there was a lot of goofing off and having fun. The weather was fine. Overall, it was a great way to start the new year.


Photos on Flickr.


31 milesHoward Nippert4:38
 Robin Kane4:43
 Jeff Holdaway5:14
 Greg Loomis5:14
 Justin Riddle5:21
 Darin Dunham5:38
 Mark Prescott6:12
 Kirk Jansen6:21
 Paul Ammann6:27
 Vicki Kendall7:12
 Bill Sublett7:45
 Mark Zimmerman7:54
 Lou Jones9:38
28 milesBrad Hinton4:20
21 milesPierre Garant3:32
 Bill Rysanek3:35
 Brendan Clare4:05
 James Hinton4:08
14 milesStephanie Wilson3:29
11 milesAlex Papadopoulis1:43
 Tom Corris1:45
 Mike Campbell1:54
 Pete Pontzer1:54
 Bryan Smith1:56
 Dave Yeakel,Jr1:56
 Bob Hagan1:57
 MG Glavy2:02
 Aleka Campbell2:05
 Kathy Harju2:05
 Craig Peurose2:07
 Keith Hosman2:08
 Tom Krahling2:18
 Kirstin Walcott2:23
 Marti Kovener2:28
 Caroline Nichols2:28
 Drew Watson2:28
 Lucia Davidson2:29
 Anstr Davidson2:29
 David Powell2:29
 Farouk Elkassed2:34
 Dee Smith2:46
 Smitty Smith2:46
 Helen Hipps3:38
 Ed Cacciapaglia3:38

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