2006 Report

January 1, 2006  •  Quantico, VA

19 finishers


Time marches on. Yes, that is the theme of New Years. This year’s Redeye 50 km run proved time marches on. Older but not wiser runners enjoyed Prince William Forest Park on the first day of yet another year.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

The traditional Redeye starts with folks comparing notes on the previous evening’s festivities. What did you do at midnight? When did you get to bed? Did you get to bed? This year, no one had even made it to midnight. What a bunch of losers!

For the second year in a row, the weather was relatively warm. Run officials declared that Redeye records could not be set as the temperature was above freezing, the official ambient temperature of the Redeye. (This, of course, made no difference. The Redeye has no records. “We don’t need no stinkin’ records!”)

The aid station was quite a spread
The aid station was quite a spread.

As usual, the runners themselves provided the aid. The aid station tables were a cornucopia of treats that had all the important nutrients needed for ultrarunners — sugar, salt, grease, trans fats, red dye no. 2, and pecan pie. What more could you want?

The little loop

In order to respond to the many complaints that last year’s course was short, Redeye management added the “little loop” at the start. That loop, of exactly 1.1 miles, when added to the 10.0 mile big loop, done three times, added up to a 50 km course that could have been certified to USATF standards if anyone cared about USATF standards which, of course, no one does.

Slugs Rebecca and James
Rebecca Moore with James following.

Not surprisingly, there were no young people at the run. They had all partied the night before. There were, however, two exceptions — Keith Knipling and Ryan Henry. Apparently, these two don’t have lives. They showed up rested and “won” the event. They reminded of Courtney and Mike as they blitzed the trail together. Well, they sort of reminded you of that famous pair.

Continuing the pitiful performance of last year, far more people looked at the Redeye as a party than those who looked at it as a 50 km run. Only 19 people finished the event. These folks had to leave the start/finish aid station for their last loop while the others were celebrating the New Years. That was either very heroic, or very stupid — probably, both.

Time marches on

While running (and walking) through the park, the theme of the day was clear. Yet another year had passed. Then, sooner than you expect, you couldn’t say “good morning” anymore. All too quickly, the first day of the new year was gone. Age was slowing us all down. Two of the Slugs who always put this thing on — Dan and Bill — were not here. There were no bowl games on TV. It would rain on the Rose Parade the next day. The Rose Bowl game will start at 5 PM and a Big Ten school will not play. What is time doing to us? It’s time to go running.


As usual, thanks to all who brought the delicious goodies. Gary Knipling put up the course markings, brought the tables, the water, and the mid-loop aid station. The National Park Service provides Prince William Forest Park, one of the best kept secrets in this area.

The year 2006 may streak by, but we started it out right!

Anstr Davidson

Bill leads a group on the trail
Bill Turrentine leads a group on the trail.


Photos on Flickr

Gary, what a guy, helps young lady who wants to know the course
Gary, what a guy, helps young ladies (Pam Gowen and Martha Wright) who want to know the course.


You get what you write down!

PlaceFirstLastCityLoop 1Loop 2Loop 3
1RyanHenryRuther Glen1:453:365:17
KeithKniplingChicago, IL1:463:415:17
3MichaelCampbellDale City1:443:305:27
GaryKniplingMason Neck1:463:415:58
7Pedrode la ViescaAlexandria1:473:506:06
13MargieHughesWilimington, DE 7:15
14JimCavanaughArlington 7:17
16AlanGowanKeymar, MD2:114:487:38
DavidQuiveyManassas Park1:473:54 
JillQuiveyManassas Park 3:54 
PatriciaZerfasKensington, MD2:064:03 
DavidGaudetteFalls Church2:004:22 
LindaGaudetteFalls Church2:004:22 
PetePontzerFairfax 4:29 
SandyFillebrownPhiladelphia, PA2:164:33 
PhilSilasWoodbridge 4:50 
PamGowanKeymar, MD2:305:22 
ChallenEdwardsArlington2:10No Time 
JamesMooreBowie, MDSlowSlower 
 TomCorrisLake Ridge1:47  
LindaWackGermantown, MD1:57  
JeffReedFairfax Station1:59  
FrancescoSmithScaggsville, MD2:16  
RebeccaMooreBowie, MDSlower  

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