2003 Report

January 1, 2003  •  Quantico, VA


Starting the first loop
Starting the first loop.

Team Slug congratulates every “sick puppy” that braved the cold rain to bring in 2003 by running the 8th Redeye.

Following are some comments about the event:

James Moore gets waaay down!
James Moore gets waaay down!
  • With only two weeks advance notice 30 Slugs participated in the Redeye 50K.
  • 21 runners went the entire distance and the remainder got in some good training that seemed to average around 20 miles each.
  • The weather at the start was pretty bad – temperatures in the low 40s and pouring rain. During the day the temperature climbed to around 50 and the rain stopped for several brief periods, resulting in almost ideal running conditions.
  • As for the trails – wet, muddy and slick. Several runners related their experiences with face plants and butt slides.
  • Michele and Jeff were the fastest Slugs and Lou and Carolyn won the coveted title of Official Slug (Lou only won the honor because I wasn’t running.).
  • James Moore gets waaay down!
  • One police report…..the old time Slugs would not like this, they prided themselves in their ability to use stealth to avoid contact with park rangers.
  • Scott proved that it is possible to observe a full moon at 11:00 a.m. in Northern Virginia.
  • I want to announce several changes in run management. After being heard making discouraging remarks on the trail, Jim Moore has been demoted from Team Slug management, his status may be restored pending the results of his next evaluation. In addition, Anstr has been drafted to management as Director of Public Affairs.
  • Thanks to the All Nighter for providing the certificates, Bagel Bill for the Redeye buttons, the Brewmiester for his internet assistance, and each participant for contributing all the great junk food (better every year).
  • Next year – Same Time – Same Place (Pending receipt of a National Park Service Special Use Permit – how unSluglike). Start Slowly, Ease Off!
It was wet!
It was wet!


Collage of Photos


Mike GholsonSlug Finish Award 
Bill SublettSlug Finish Award 
Anstr DavidsonSlug Finish Award 
John DoddsSlug Finish Award 
Lou JonesSlug Finish AwardOfficial Slug – Male Division
Jim TweeddaleMini Slug 
Joe ClapperMini Slug 
Mike CampbellSlug Finish Award 
Scott MillsMini Slug 
Charlie MiracleSlug Finish Award 
Carolyn GernardSlug Finish AwardOfficial Slug – Female Division
William HarroldSlug Finish Award 
Kevin O'ConnerSlug Finish Award 
Robin KaneSlug Finish Award 
Peyton RobinsonMini Slug 
Mary DeppaSlug Finish Award 
Vicki KendallMini Slug 
Michele BurrSlug Finish AwardQuickest Slug – Female Division
Jeff HoldawaySlug Finish AwardQuickest Slug – Male Division
Jim CavanaughSlug Finish Award 
Tim StanleyMini Slug 
Stan SpenceSlug Finish Award 
Chris RiveraSlug Finish Award 
Mark PrescottSlug Finish Award 
Gary KniplingSlug Finish Award1st Hokie
Tom CorrisMini Slug 
Marty LindemannMini Slug 
Mary CampbellMini Slug 
Bill GentrySlug Finish Award 
James MooreSlug Finish Award 
Sam AdamsNo Show 

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