2001 Report

January 1, 2001  •  Quantico, VA

15 finishers


Twenty-seven hardy (discounting mental problems) souls gave up nice warm beds to start the new millenium with a trail run at the Redeye. The 16 degree starting temperature made for frozen wiskers and frosted hair, later replaced by sweat as the day topped out in the low 30s. The trail conditions were good, however, several runners reported the usual spills. James “All Nighter” Moore confessed to falling four times, twice at the same location - very unSLUG like.

Scott Mills and Joe Clapper lead the pack and finished together. The leading lady was Jeanne Christe. Carolyn “Virtual Slug” Gernand captured the coveted Official SLUG Award. If you want to know the finishing times you will just have to ask the runners, I’m not telling. By the way, despite what Joe Clapper says, the Redeye is not a W$100 qualifer - sorry Lou.

Congratulations to all the runners. Thanks to Bagel Bill Bublett and John “Cookie Monster” Dodds for help at the aid station. Also a special thanks to Bagel Bill, the All Nighter and the Slugette for providing the starters awards. I promise to try to find some Crazy Horse Ale for next year, it is the official drink of TEAM SLUG. Wrong Way and Major Mudd, your absence was noted - consider yourselves on report. Chris, if you ever expect to become a SLUG you have to actually finish one of these things. Joe, what did you determine- is it better to run the Redeye drunk or with a hangover?


Danny McDonnell31
Carolyn Gernand31
Amanda Preble31
Mike Smith31
Ned Moody31
Chris Rivera31
Lou Jones31
Scott Mills31
Randy Snyder13
James Moore31
Rebecca Moore23
Gyula Kiss26
Gary Knipling31
Chris Scott18
Anstr Davidson18
Joe Clapper31
Phil Silas18
Norm Albert31
Colleen Dulin18
Stan Spence31
Jeanne Christie31
Larry DeHof31
Phil Young13
Mark Prescott21

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