Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2022 Report

November 6, 2022  •  Washington, DC

27 starters, 18 finishers

RD’s run report is under construction, check back later for full report. In the meantime, see the results below and check out one of the runner’s accounts of his day (link below the photo of the starters)!

[Editor’s note: Tom sent this note out at the conclusion of the run, and it fits perfectly here as a recap of the 2022 PH 50k, while we wait for that promised formal report.]

Runners & Volunteers,

Thank you all of you for coming out yesterday!!! First and foremost, the run would never happen if it weren’t for the many, many volunteers who donated their time to be out there, ensuring that the rest of you all had a great run! Myself and the runners can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, shenanigans, and help that you gave this weekend. It takes a village to put these Fatass runs on and I love my VHTRC village that always rises up to exceed expectations!

Secondly, thank you to each and every one of you runners who showed up and tackled the mean trails of Rock Creek, C&O Canal and Potomac Heritage. I’ll say it again: I did not envy any of you yesterday heading out with the rain, and the resulting wet leaves, slippery rocks, stream crossings, twisted ankles, falls and vicious dogs! The many firsts that were accomplished yesterday are awe-inspiring from those running their first 50k, first VHTRC run, and first time running with a raw egg, etc.

I think that calculating and adding up the results is were I have the most fun each year. Below are the full results. There was quite a bit of jockeying around in placements after the bonus points came into play. Each bonus point equaled 5 minutes off your time!

Available points:
“Breakfast at Sarah Café” Pancake & Hash brown Challenge - 1 bonus point at Battery Kemble
“Shrek’s Snack” Onion Challenge - 1 bonus point at Roosevelt Island
“Look Ma, I joined the Circus!” Juggling Challenge - 1 bonus point, also at Roosevelt Island
“Bet you can’t eat just one” Asian Pringles Flavor Taste Challenge - 1/2 bonus point for each chip tried, 1 bonus point for each correct flavor guess at Turkey Run
“Mama Hen” Egg Challenge - 3 bonus points for intact egg delivered to the RD at the finish line, 2 bonus points for cracked but whole egg, 0 bonus points for destroyed egg, starting at Chain Bridge
“Flattery and Bribery will get you everywhere” - 7 bonus points at the finish at Peirce Mill
“Story of the Run” - 9 bonus points at Peirce Mill
“Best Blood” - 5 bonus points at Peirce Mill

Bob Coyne got out to an early lead from the rest of the field by giving me a bottle of his own honey, nabbing a cool 7 bonus points at the start (flattery and bribery will get you everywhere)! Many of you took part in the pancake & hash brown challenge at Sarah Smith’s Café.

Some of you showed that the circus is your true calling with some juggling, and others of you decided that having ogre breath and burping onions was worth the bonus point at Roosevelt. Stephanie Hill earned the “Story of the Run” bonus points a little after mile 9’ish by having a dog bite her. (She continued on to Turkey Run, but ultimately ended up Ubering back to the finish to enjoy some curry and tell us her story.)

Chain Bridge is where a few of you pulled the plug and smartly decided on the “Party Loop” so that you could quickly get back to the curry.

For those that continued on, the ability that some of you showed at guessing exotic Pringle flavors was quite impressive! Sorry to inform those that were incorrectly told, but NO, there were not any bonus points for peeing on the American Legion Bridge (the Beltway turnaround point).

While there were lots of scrapes, sprains, cuts and bruises; I didn’t see anything that would have warranted “Best Blood” bonus points, which is a good thing! The amount of eggs that did make it back to the finish has me considering a new challenge for next year, in that if you cook and eat the egg at the finish then you get 2 more bonus points! (We’ll have egg substitute for the vegans).

Congratulations to Bruce Martin on a stellar first place finish in 5:40:50! His decision to bring back an egg wasn’t needed, but was a smart play, nonetheless. David Lee came in 2nd after 6:10, and 3rd went to Stewart Jollymore at 6:17:15. Our first place female, Erin-Kate Aleksak, cruised in and with her bonus points, she and Trevor Moore jumped up to a tie for 4th place overall at 6:47.

I’ll get a full run report out [Editor’s note: not holding our breath at this point! ;-) ] and the results up on the web page here this week. John Calabrese has posted his report already, and you are all welcome to share pictures, reports and stories to add to the posting.

The 2022 PH 50k starters, trying to stay dry

Other reports


Bruce Martin smoked the competition and Erin-Kate Aleksak made sure to secure her victory with a strong performance in the bonuses!

LastFirstSexAgeOfficial Finish TimeBonus PointsTotal TimeDistance
1. MartinBruceMale405:55:50III5:40:5030.5 miles
2. LeeDavidMale236:25III6:1030.5 miles
3. JollymoreStewartMale386:32:15III6:17:1530.5 miles
4. AleksakErin-KateFemale437:32IIII IIII I6:4730.5 miles
4. MooreTrevorMale387:32IIII IIII I6:4730.5 miles
6. MartinDanielMale446:50:56 6:50:5630.5 miles
7. FreedmanDylanMale297:27IIII II6:5730.5 miles
8. EzzeldinHusseinMale407:13I7:0832.5 miles
9. MohammedAliMale447:13 7:1332.5 miles
10. HeinemanSueFemale568:01IIII IIII7:2130.5 miles
11. GingrichAndyMale437:31I7:2630.5 miles
12. CalabreseJohnMale428:17:10IIII IIII II7:27:1030.5 miles
13. BourgeoisGaynorFemale548:17:15IIII IIII II7:27:1530.5 miles
14. MaugerNateMale338:16IIII II7:4630.5 miles
15. NoonanEllienneFemale298:17:27IIII I7:52:2730.5 miles
16. FoxMartyMale718:25I8:2030.5 miles
17. KlemmJeffreyMale718:54I8:4930.5 miles
18. ElyRonMale519:18I9:1330.5 miles
JoshiVarunMale28DNFI7:5126.8 miles
CohenCarolFemale46DNFIIII II6:5324.8 miles
HubbardQuatroMale62DNFIIII III6:4824.8 miles
HillStephFemale32DNFIIII IIII IIII3:5116.8 miles
SullivanPatrickMale56DNFIIII I4:0016.8 miles
HordJohnMale545:31II5:21Party Loop
HowardCharleneFemale505:31II5:21Party Loop
CoyneBobMale756:00IIII IIII6:35Party Loop
AndrzejczakPiotrMale42DNF 2:0412.8 miles
JacobsPaulMale446:50III6:3530.5 miles

Paul Jacobs headed out super early in the morning and ran his own solo Potomac Heritage, but still was able to deliver an egg and enjoy some La Tejana Breakfast Tacos at the finish!

Last updated November 12, 2022