Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2018 Report

November 4, 2018  •  Washington, DC

51 starters, 32 finishers

51 runners headed off on a perfect autumn morning on the 4th of November. This was the first running of the Potomac Heritage FatAss 50k Run at it’s new start/finish in Mt. Pleasant neighborhood in DC.

In all it was a great success and followed in the great spirit of the event from years before. Runners were treated with some new trails marked by blue chalk. Although it seems that a few veteran runners (and a few runners following them) missed the great new re-route up and on the Glen Echo Trolley trail. We had many a bandit runners, Swedish Mofia, Nipples, Navels, Drawings, Fireball, deer and wildlife sitings. Remember that this was a run where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. If you are keeping score at home, medical help is on the way. Don’t argue with them, just go where they tell you to.

The after party rolled on until 7pm and the Kobocha Curry was a huge hit! Much libations and fun were had and we all can’t wait to do it again next year! Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that donated their time out that day to make sure that everyone was accounted for and provided aid.




As best as could be deciphered… Results

 EntrantDistanceFinish/TimeBonus PointsAdjusted TimeNotes
1Jacobs, Paul50k4hr 53min24hr 43minEven after getting sidetracked at Turkey Run
2Sefzik, George50k5hr 18min25hr 8min
3Dexter, Jason50k5hr 34min 5hr 34min+ 1 bonus mile
4Brown, Ryan50k5hr 44min 5hr 44min
5Howe, Josh50k6hr 25min56hrBonus points for last person to leave party
6Herring, Dave50k6hr 25min46hr 5min
7Gowen, Jonathan50k6hr 17min26hr 7min
8Patterson, Geoff50k6hr 27min 6hr 27min31.9 miles
9Majeed, Theresa50k6hr 52min 30s16hr 47min 30sFirst Female, plus the most detailed runner!
10Carruth, Alex50k6hr 50min 6hr 50min
11Fox, Marty50k6hr 52min 6hr 52min
12Dempsey, Stephanie50k7hr 11min36hr 56min
13Ellison, Aaron50k7hr 30min37hr 15minAward for most inventive route! (31.9 miles)
14Howard, Charlene50k7hr 30min37hr 15min31.9 miles total
15Arbuckle, Andrew50k7hr 40min37hr 25min
16Harry, Stephan50k7hr 36min27hr 26min
17Pena, David50k7hr 39min27hr 29minDecided he wanted more C&O (34.8 miles)
18Bourgeois, Gaynor50k7hr 40min27hr 30min
19Pitts-Kiefer, Samantha50k8hr 36min127hr 36min33.86 miles total #allthepoints #sideboobsunday
20Jasins, Alfred50k7hr 40min 7hr 40min
21Syarto, John50k8hr 2min47hr 42min32.67 miles total
22Long, Jason50k7hr 58min27hr 48min34 miles total
23Huffman, Larry50k8hr 7min37hr 52min31.9 miles total
24Sherlock, Paul50k8hr 7min18hr 2min31.9 miles total
25Merrick, Russell50k8hr 21min28hr 11min
EntrantDistanceFinish/TimeBonus PointsAdjusted TimeNotes
26Klemm, Jeffery50k8hr 23min18hr 18min
27Gadd, Steve50k8hr 30min28hr 20min
28Lichy, Amanda50k8hr 35min38hr 20min
29Lichy, Patrick50k8hr 35min38hr 20min
30Stanton, Christian50k8hr 27min18hr 22min30.5 miles total
31Mills, Eve50k8hr 59min 8hr 59min34.36 miles total
32Golla, Sirisha50k9hr 28min 9hr 28min
33Slepoy, Raisa50k**9hr 55min 9hr 55minDecided her house was a better Finish line (34.31 miles)
34Zimmermann, Mark24.47hr 39min17hr 34minDropped at Chainbridge on the way back
35Stanton, Elaina20.026hr 10min 6hr 10min
36Thibodeau, Larry19.875hr 25min 5hr 25min
37Thibodeau, Tracey19.875hr 25min 5hr 25min
38Grolemund, Robert19.855hr 31min 5hr 31min
39OConnor, Brian R19.44hr 45min14hr 40min
40OConnor, Brian19.44hr 45min 4hr 45min
41Swab, Kenneth19.45hr 30min 5hr 30min
42Burki, Emaad19.45hr 33min 5hr 33min
43Moore, James19.45hr 36min 5hr 36min
44Leean, Caroline19.45hr 40min 5hr 40min
45Smith, Francesco19.45hr 40min 5hr 40min
46Gray, Reinhardt19.4?1?-5min
47Knipling, Gary19.4?1?-5min
48Horowitz, Jeff19.4(?)Short Route ?
49Anderson, Kari186hr 40min 6hr 40minSuper Special route
50Gowen, Pamela186hr 40min 6hr 40minSuper Special route
51Stephens, Jake13.93hr 10min 3hr 10minDropped at Chainbridge

All times, distances and points are approximate… does it really matter? The more important thing is that you got a great run in, with friends and had fun doing it!

Last updated December 16, 2019