Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2012 Report

November 5, 2012  •  Washington, DC


A big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers for their participation in the Potomac Heritage 50K on November 4th, 2012. In particular, the aid station captains, Amy Platt, Eric McGlinchey, Vicki Kendall, and Jaret Seiberg, and all of the aid station volunteers who helped to make this run possible. Also, thanks to the core WUS folks, Tom Corris, Betsy Nickle, Joe Schramka, and Doug Sullivan for the pre-run marking earlier in the week. Once again, thanks to Todd and Joe for helping with the food at the finish! Also to those of you who brought yummy treats, these were very much appreciated by the runners and partiers.

As for the run, Brian Mayer took the official win in 4:33. Although two people, Mark Manz and Jonathan Baggett, ran faster and may have run even further, they did not check in at all of the aid stations and missed a portion of the course and therefore will have to return and run again to remove the “*” from their finishes. Brigit Mitchell was the first woman who ran the entire course to reach the finish. She gained extra bonus points for the treats she brought to share.

Although many people collected a large number of bonus points, no one took more than Chris Farmer, who had 55. It seems highly likely that it took more than 55 minutes to get these 55 bonus points, but nonetheless, the effort is commendable. Andrew Arbuckle was close behind with 50 bonus points. It’s not clear how these two garnered more points than Adele Fenwick, who spent most of the afternoon with egg on her face to keep accumulating points.

Congratulations to all finishers! I hope everyone had a great time and will come back again. The results are posted below, and for the most part, they are complete nonsense. They are based on multiple factors, mostly what you wrote down at the end, but also, on the aid station reports. If you don’t think you got all of the bonus points you deserved, feel free to tell everyone that you were cheated.


Quatro Hubbard's.


50k RunnersRun TimeBonusNet TimeComment
Brian Mayer4:3854:33points for course condition updates
Simren Dulai5:14204:54new WUS recruit
Keith Ives5:14204:54new WUS recruit
Keith Knipling5:25205:05xtra points for the double
Gray Weaver5:23 5:23
Birgit Mitchell6:01305:31xtra points for beer
Jason Boeckman6:02105:52
Adele Fenwick6:38455:53does anything for points
Joe Schramka6:26305:56course marking xtra points
Martin Lowenfish6:0255:57
Priya Naik6:1356:08
Bernard Pesjak6:10 6:10
Jeff Best6:32206:12
Troy Byers6:30 6:30
Quatro Hubbard6:40106:30
Mitchell Potter6:3856:33
Hilary Peabody6:5356:48
Niqui Johnson7:18206:58
Gary Knipling7:18206:58
Michael Orestes7:0557:00
Paul Ammann7:12107:02
Paul Crickard7:1857:13
Tim Johnson7:18 7:18
Brian Kolb7:45257:20
Chris Farmer8:17557:22(55 bonus points??)
Jeffrey Klemm7:24 7:24
Karen Donohue7:50257:25
Alan Gowen7:55307:25
Charlie Miracle8:00257:35points for donating Betty
Beth Weisenborn7:58207:38
Neil Kuhn7:4557:40
Gaynor Bourgeois7:50107:40
Marc Raimondi7:40 7:40
Amanda An8:17357:42
Andrew Arbuckle8:33507:43
Ed Walsh7:58 7:58
Linsi Broom8:17 8:17
Neisa Condemaita8:2858:23
Carole Williamson8:29 8:29
Dan Mackeben8:29 8:29
Mark Manz4:21* 4:21*ran the fastest
Jonathan Baggett4:30* 4:30*
Other Runnerstime(miles)pointsnet time
Martha Nelseon742,638 miles
Aaron Schwartzbard742,638 miles
Jeff Furr5:29(27)205:09
Phil Hough6:05(27)105:55
Hannah Underdahl7:00(25)56:55
Ed Demoney8:47(24) 8:47
Ed Cappucino4:52(23)54:47
Francesco Smith23 miles
Bob Fabia21
David Quivey4:31(19)503:4150 bonus pts for 50 yrs
Tom Corris4:30(19)403:50course marking points
Sima Tamaddon4:14(19)104:04
Bobby Gill4:14(19)54:09
Debbie Shaffer4:31(19) 4:11
David Woll4:40(19)204:20
Jill Quivey4:52(19)304:22brownie pts.
Pam Gowen6:05(19)205:4520 pts for just being Pam
Justin Flickinger7:03(19)156:48
Lu Flickinger7:03(19)156:48most lost before 5 mile pt.
Jeff Reed-195
Joe Clapper4:00(16)303:30points for bringing the booze
Michele Harmon4:00(16)303:30points for bringing the booze
Marti Kovener20 on bike
Drew Watson20 on bike10
Kirstin Corris -9 (miles by car don’t count!)
Jes Lynch?Started!

*These participants ran the fastest, but missed the first check-in at Turkey Run.

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