Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2010 Report

November 7, 2010  •  Washington, DC


The 2010 version of the Potomac Heritage 50K was accompanied by sunny and uncharacteristically dry conditions. Again the runners experienced the beautiful fall colors of early November. Thanks to the volunteers who came out to assist and encourage the runners and enable this event to occur once again, especially to the Platt family, the Seiberg family, Emily Grossman, and Vicki Kendall, for serving as aid station captains!

Prior to the start, we had a brief moment of reflection for our friend Mike Broderick whom we lost only two days prior to a very aggressive cancer. Mike has been a good friend to many of us and will not be forgotten. As has become the custom, bonus points were awarded for the performance of various tasks at the aid stations. These points have been incorporated in the results. Bonus points were calculated based on the reports of the aid stations and not based on what the runners themselves reported, which invariably differed from what the aid stations reported.

Bonus points were awarded for various physical challenges created in memory of Mike as well as eating doughnuts and carrying an egg for four miles without breaking it. Some runners also created their own challenges. For example, Mike Bur ate the raw egg he carried for four miles when promised extra points. Carolyn Gernand carried her unbroken egg for eleven miles, all of the way to the finish. Mike Bur also ate Carolyn’s raw egg, all in an attempt to accumulate bonus points. The only egg carriers who failed to receive any points were Gary Knipling and Quatro Hubbard. Although they carried their eggs for four miles, they hurled the eggs at David Snipes and thus were unable to return unbroken eggs. Scooby Bur, first and only canine finisher, received bonus points for eating the two broken eggs.

While all of these antics were taking place, Brian Mayer was finishing the run in a record time of 4:20 and Michael Stadinsky was quietly building up an arsenal of bonus points to receive an adjusted finish time of 3:42. Thus Brian achieved the fastest running time ever and Michael received the fastest adjusted time ever. The first woman was Kristin Eddy, followed closely by Ragan Petrie. Both Kristin and Ragan, despite their speedy times, took a little break to earn bonus points, with Kristin displaying impressive jump-roping technique.

As you can see, the results are complete nonsense, so there’s really not much point in asking me to correct them. However, if I accidentally left your name off, please let me know so I can add it. I hope everyone had a great day and I looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Photos and other reports

Shawn Ferry’s blog and photos. Bobby Gill’s photos


Michael Stadinsky11550k5:373:42Abs of steel
Brian Mayer 50k4:204:20Fastest Runnig time--running course record
Sean Andrish1150k4:454:34wins masters division
Marko Rajkovic 50k4:424:42bakes good bread
Kristin Eddy2250k5:204:58first woman--awesome socks!!
Erik Gruner1050k5:205:10escort for first woman
Ragan Petrie1050k5:225:12second woman
Rahim Coronado 50k5:155:15no time to stop for points
Rachel Clattenburg1050k5:405:30third woman
Jeff Furr1050k5:405:30egg points!
Mike Dorsey1450k5:525:38strong first 50K
Brian Longshore1650k5:565:40jumps rope
Laura Dewald2450k6:095:45arrived 8 hours early
Mike Bailey450k5:525:48thank god he didn't run alone
Kevin O'Neil1050k5:585:48Bonus points for enthusiasm
Allan Perez 50k5:505:50missing something?
Mitchell Potter 50k5:505:50solid as always
Danny McDonnell 50k5:525:52Great to see Danny again!
Donnie Chapman1450k6:085:54sprinted past Betsy and Conrad to the finish
Jeff Best1450k6:095:55carries egg and jumps rope
Drew Crowley 50k5:565:56led father and son team
Jim Eskew 50k5:585:58no idea where he went, but he came back
Betsy Nickle1650k6:186:02Ready for her first 50 miler
Joe Schramka650k6:096:03enjoys the home course
Bob Crowley1250k6:196:07anchored the father and son team
Conrad Fernandes1050k6:196:09building up the miles
Gary Knipling5550k7:056:10loses 10 points for egging Snipes
Mike Bur8450k7:376:13Poor Laura
Michael Orestes1250k6:286:16husband/wife team?
Rob Colenso1750k6:426:25Bonus points for calling the course well-marked
Jeffrey Klemm1050k6:506:40brings egg to safety
Paul Sherlock1250k6:556:43Many finishes here
Robert Mitchell1450k7:076:53jumps rope and carries egg
Tom Davidson1050k7:046:54leads the family team
Alan Gowen 50k6:556:55president fails to earn bonus points
Beth Weisenborn 50k6:556:55secret service protecting president
Mark Zimmermann1850k7:136:55jumped off the wait list
Quatro Hubbard250k7:057:03loses 10 points for egging Snipes
Gaynor Bourgeois1650k7:247:08knows the course by now
Regina Nuzzo1450k7:277:13she LOOKs happy
Marti Kovener1050k7:247:14snickety snax
Stephan Vogel7150k8:277:16bonus points made up for late start
Scooby Bur2050k7:377:17first ever canine finisher--bonus points for eating broken eggs
Adam Matheson1050k7:307:20good to see Adam again
David Snipes1050k7:307:20Did the double!!
Gray Weaver 50k7:237:23no idea where he went from Turkey Run, but he came back
Laura Bur1250k7:377:25Poor Laura
Jeff Reed1050k7:577:47Volunteer turned runner
Thomas Phillips1050k8:007:50not related to Bob
Carole Williamson1850k8:228:04not related to Caroline Williams
Frederick Davis1050k8:198:09all the way from Ohio
Anstr Davidson2050k8:278:07fitness challenge + egg
Lucia Davidson1050k8:278:17another strong family finsh
Bob Coyne 50k8:308:30Bob--great to see you out there
William Grauer 50k8:428:42steady gets it done
Carolyn Gernand2050k9:459:25carried her egg all the way home
Nova Demoney 50k9:519:51looking strong at finish
Eugene Bruckert1050k11:1511:05improves on last year
Tim Foley1350k?? He came back, but we don't know whe
Frank Ruggiero 27M Has house on the course
Cathy Wright828M8:007:5228? I'm sure there's a way
Ed Cacciapaglia1227M5:535:41Cappucino!
Britney Smith1227M6:376:25confused but not lost
Keith Helms10327M6:404:57confused but not lost
Peihan Orestes1224M6:476:35husband/wife team?
Greg Zaruba1224+M4:003:48coming off double gender win the previous weekend
Dave Quivey622M4:254:1922--really?
Martha Nelson1219M2:522:40No--the food isn't ready, go get firewood
Jill Quivey219M4:204:18peanut butter and chocolate
KC Tackett 19M4:204:20training miles
Linda Wack1019M4:204:10came back to listen to the Dead
Sharon Lapkoff419M4:354:31Halloweeny Queen
Pam Gowen819M5:125:04Crab soup! Thanks!
James Moore1819M5:124:54Grand-daddy again
John Hayward 18M3:523:52and Dasher
Tom Corris 12M never really wanted to run in the first place
Rick Ayers 17M drops after making donation
Joe Hanle 24.5M drops to go to work
Patricia Navin Greenfield 17M stayed at turkey run
Bob Phillips217M drops to volunteer
Patricia Richards 17M stayed at turkey run
Bryan States MOST LOST
Jackie States MOST LOST

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