Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2009 Report

November 2, 2009  •  Washington, DC


The 2009 version of the Potomac Heritage 50k has been completed through spectacular fall colors, pleasant fall temperatures, and excess moisture. Thanks to the volunteers who came out to assist and encourage the runners and enable this event to occur once again!

Michele Harmon getting bonus points.
Michele Harmon goes for bonus points as Joe Clapper looks on.

As has become the custom, bonus points were awarded for the performance of various tasks at the aid stations. These points have been incorporated in the results. Taking into consideration the reports of the aid station captains, various symbols have been appended to the results. The * indicates that although the runner likely completed at least 50K distance (and usually more), it is probable that the runner completed this distance on terrain other than the actual course. Along these lines, Gwen Parker and David Ferris, representing the Prince George’s county contingent, were voted by the aid station captains to be the “most lost”, as designated by the ** adjacent their names. We congratulate Gwen and David on their journey that covered so much of the local area.

Some other notables include Eugene Bruckert, who was clearly the most persistent participant, as he started the course 3 hours early and pushed on to the finish in just under 12 hours. Also notable, is the fact that Joe Clapper managed to accumulate 22 bonus points. Carolyn Gernand topped this total on the women’s side by accumulating 25 bonus points. It is unclear from the record whether these 22-25 bonus points took more than 22-25 minutes to accumulate. Also, covering the least distance, was Keith Moore, who signed himself in as “present”. We’ll give him a pass this time as he is recovering from surgery.

Running fast and finishing first was VHTRC member and Georgetown student Joseph Kessler. Joseph had emailed me earlier to make sure that the event wouldn’t be canceled in the event of rain. I told him that we would run regardless of tsunamai, tornado, earthquake, blizzard, or hurricane. Unfortunately, we got only rain. The rain didn’t slow Joseph, as he completed the distance in a time of 4:44. Close behind, representing WUS and the VHTRC was Neal Gorman in 4:45. Perhaps Neal will re-visit his bonus point strategy for next year. Sophie Speidel schooled the kids and grabbed the overall women’s crown without the need for bonus points. Her winning strategy appeared to include some bonus distance through Battery Kemble Park.

In the ever popular 30K version of the run, Ragan Petrie blazed through the distance in 3:31 to take the overall win. The first men including Corris, Broderick, and Hayward finished in the crowd that followed her by about 30 minutes. If the food was gone by the time you finished, you can blame Corris, Broderick, and Hayward for shortcutting.

Hope to see you all again next year!


Joseph Kessler50k 4:444:44
Neal Gorman50K 4:454:45
Bradley Hinton50k 5:005:00
Mark Manz50k 5:005:00
Keith Knipling50k 5:095:09
Will Weidman50k 5:145:14
Ted Bielawa50K 5:405:40
Chris Hamley50K155:535:38
David Snipes50k105:515:41
Sophie Speidel50k 5:425:42
Gaby Gorman50k*66:025:56
Alisa Springman50k206:195:59
Megan McGrath50k 6:026:02
Paul Ammann50k106:146:04
Kevin Stapleton50K76:156:08
Joe Clapper50K226:316:09
John Kinnaman50k 6:146:14
Matthew White50k56:196:14
Mitchell Potter50k56:256:20
Chris Meanor50k76:286:21
Michele Harmon50k106:316:21
Laurie Reinhart50k56:286:23
Ryan Fulwider50k 6:306:30
Eric McGlinchey50k106:406:30
Tim Loomis50k156:506:35
Brian Elliott50k76:466:39
Greg Loomis50k106:506:40
Sheila Rao50k56:466:41
David Terry50k26:466:44
Paul Sherlock50k157:056:50
Quatro Hubbard50K177:116:54
Todd Burns50k 7:057:05
Hamilton Tyler50k 7:137:13
Alan Lagon50k127:257:13
Alan Gowen50k57:197:14
Gaynor Bourgeois50k107:277:17
Ed Cappucino50k107:277:17
Jo Lockner50k37:277:24
Gena Bonini50k* 7:277:27
Doug Sullivan50k207:507:30
Dan Mackeben50k157:477:32
Karen Donohue50k77:477:40
Mark Zimmerman50k 7:457:45
Ben Tesdahl50k 7:557:55
Marti Kovener50k 7:557:55
Paul Blackman50k58:007:55
Cindy Cohen50k158:398:24
Carole Williamson50K58:368:31
Roc Myers50k158:508:35
David Ferris50k*" 8:398:39
Gwen Parker50k*"58:348:34
Kirk Gordon50k109:008:50
Glenda Rodriguez50K28:578:55
Anstr Davidson50k159:148:59
James Moore50k109:149:04
Debra Leathers50k159:229:07
Lucia Davidson50k109:149:04
Pam Gowen50k 9:149:14
Carolyn Gernand50k2510:109:45
Eugene Bruckert50k1011:5711:47
Gary KniplingAid 6
Trevor ElliottAid 6
Patrick McGladeAid 5
Rick AyersAid 4
30K Results    
Ragan Petrie30k 3:313:31
Tom Corris30k104:003:50
John Hawyard30k104:003:50
Mike Broderick30k54:003:55
Linda Wack30k44:003:55
Kirstin Corris30k54:043:59
Dave Quivey30k154:254:10
Drew Watson30k154:254:10
Jill Quivey30k 4:254:25
Maria Bertacchi30k-5??

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