Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2008 Report

October 20, 2008  •  Washington, DC

Sunday, October 19th was a perfect day for just about anything. For a special treat, the first couple of blocks of the 50k were closed to traffic because of a local 5K run starting a half hour later. While we briefly considered changing the course, the DC police and the 5k organizers were very accommodating, so we stuck with the original plan.

As has become tradition at the PH50K, bonus points were awarded for completion of various tasks. These tasks included consumption of doughnuts, anchovies, and spam, naming countries in a bizarre geography game, hula hooping, and other unreported tasks. This year bonus points were also awarded for various other things including volunteering in addition to running, getting very lost, but still going the distance, and giving me gifts!

The Potomac Heritage Trail

Justin Faul scored a record number of bonus points, 43, for being extremely good at the aid station tasks. He also ran fast enough so that he almost took the overall win. However, Keith Knipling prevailed in a course record 4:32 running time, overtaking Justine Morrison’s previous course record of 4:33. With 5 bonus points for some pre-run volunteering, Keith easily took the win, Justine came in as first woman.

Additionally, there were so many people who got lost before the first aid station that it was impossible to keep track of them. By the time these lost folks reached aid station one, the usual back of the pack folks were long gone. David Snipes was the first of the “lost pack” to arrive at aid station one and was uncertain as to whether the others would ever make it back. Alan Gowen, Bob Combs, Chris Meanor, and Laurie Reinhart were among those who were believed lost forever until they showed up just before aid station one had packed up. Voted “most lost” by the returning runners, was Susan Baehre, who made it back with little knowledge of where she had been and how she had gotten there. Caroline Williams and Kirk Jansen took a tour through the streets of Georgetown before finally returning late in the day.

Kerry Owens
RD Kerry Owens.

Big huge thanks to these folks who really made the day great for everyone!

  • Aid Station Workers:—Special thanks to Amy Platt, Mike Priddy, Wendy Fite, and Jaret Seiberg, who have come back year after year to manage their aid stations. Thanks also to Dave Pinnick, Tim Foley, Challen Edwards, Vicki Kendall, Jonathan Snow, David Gaudette, Jim Cavanaugh, Mike Bailey, Ted Lapkoff, Gary Knipling, Bob Phillips, and Jeff Reed.
  • Grill masters/food preparers/cleanup: Todd Burns, Joe Calhoun
  • Pre-run—Mike Bur, and Kirstin Corris for their help with shopping for the consumables.
  • Marking:- Wendy Fite and Sean Andrish


Photos by Mike Bailey and Charlie Miracle.

Other reports

Report by Bobby Gill on his blog.


The results omit those whose distances are entirely unknown and those who only showed up for the party. There were plenty in both categories. Sorry to those I’ve missed.

RunnerDist in kmBonusTimeTotal
Keith Knipling5054:324:27
Justin Faul50435:174:34
Bobby Gill50365:184:42
Justine Morrison50104:574:47
Andrew Simpson50235:184:55
Will Weidman50 4:584:58
Laura DeWald50245:275:03
Ragan Petrie5055:275:22
Eric McGlinchey50155:405:25
John Shepard50326:165:44
Donna Peters5015:505:49
Quatro Hubbard50306:285:58
Mitchell Goodman50156:135:58
Ed Cacciapaglia50176:165:59
Ted Bielawa5056:076:02
Mike Broderick50 6:056:05
Brian McNeill50196:316:12
Paul Sherlock50196:326:13
Alisa Springman50156:286:13
John DeWalt50406:566:16
Mitchell Potter50 6:196:19
Monika Bachmann50 6:206:20
David Snipes50387:026:24
Mark Mckennett50306:566:26
Lillian Ricardo50 6:306:30
Amy Agnolutto50 6:326:32
Linda Gaudette50206:586:38
David Monticello50 6:406:40
Jack Clark50187:026:44
Jen Page50146:586:44
Andy Anderson5056:516:46
Hunt Bartine5056:556:50
William Shannon50337:246:51
Loren Thomas5056:566:51
Mia Eriksson50 6:556:55
Laurie Reinhart50287:307:02
Mary Campbell50157:247:09
Bill Turrentine50237:327:09
Karen Donohue50157:277:12
Dan Mackeben50127:277:15
Chris Meanor50107:287:18
Steve Allgeier5077:267:19
Alan Gowen5057:267:21
Bob Combs50217:447:23
Charlie Miracle50117:347:23
Dave Yeakel Jr5077:337:26
Alan Lagon50127:427:30
Joe Murgo50207:517:31
Carolyn Gernand50308:308:00
Paul Dwyer50109:008:50
Eugene Bruckert501011:0510:55
Kirk Jansen31378:438:06
Caroline Williams3118:438:42
Kirstin Corris28406:245:44
Tom Corris28156:246:09
Pam Gowen28287:407:22
Lucia Davidson2877:407:33
Bradley Hinton27 4:504:50
Carl Camp2522
Susan Baehre2554:454:40
Mike Bailey25253:533:28
Victor Lin23154:384:23
Stephanie Wheeler2210
Paul Ammann21 4:37
Michael Bur20304:003:30
Sophie Speidel20164:003:44
Sharon Lapkoff20 4:004:00
Ralph Ingles2014:334:32
Glenn Landis8.5

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