Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2007 Report

October 27, 2007  •  Washington, DC

After three solid days of driving rain, the skies began to lighten a little for the start of the PH50k. The day began with a light rain, but within a few hours became a beautiful seasonal day. Despite the record rains, the trail conditions were decent and the course markings hung onto the trees. However, the creeks swelled and rushed to a level that made crossing prohibitive. Quick action from aid station volunteers and Ed Demoney resulted in clever re-routing that enabled forty eight runners to complete the entire distance. Twenty four others completed lesser distances.

As has become tradition at the PH50K, bonus points were awarded for completion of various tasks. These tasks included apple bobbing, consumption of “black magic,” and ring tossing. Since quite a few women were spotted wearing mardi-gras beads, it is apparent that some other bonus points were disguised as ring-tossing points.

Mike Bur scored a record number of bonus points—28. However, in order to obtain 28 minutes off his time, Mike Bur spent 90 minutes in the aid stations obtaining these points. Mark Crisman was more efficient, managing to accumulate 25 bonus points and still finish the course in 5:54. His bonus points gave him the net time of 5:29.

CJ Blagg is this year’s victor, with a fine time of 4:48, which is the men’s course record. Congratulations CJ! (The overall course record is Justine Morrison’s 4:33 achieved with no bonus points). The women’s winner this year was Michele Harmon, with a time of 5:03. The early leader, Mike Schuster, proved to be a rabbit, who never had any intention of completing the full distance. After building up a lead, he stopped to bob for apples to allow others to catch up and continue the chase.

With the weather taking a turn for the worse in the days before the run, we expected a poor turnout. However, of the 88 people who were signed up, 73 showed up in some capacity. We give them credit for the ½ mile trek from their cars to the party. Various excuses, such as injury, pregnancy, laziness, and fear of rain were mentioned. You know who you are! Caroline and Walker Williams were particularly late to the start and used this as an excuse. Walker was in such a hurry to get to the PH50k, that he “accidentally” left Caroline at a rest stop in South Carolina on the way to the run. Since she left her cell phone in the car, there was quite a delay before she was able to convince Walker to come back and get her.

Big huge thanks to these folks who really made the day great for everyone and also make it possible for me to contemplate doing this again!

Grill masters/food preparers: Todd Burns, Joe Calhoun, Mary Campbell

Course markers: Karen Krieg, Diana Widdowson (10 extra bonus points for course marking with me in the dark and pouring rain!) Amy Sproston, Tim Foley

Aid Station captains: Amy Platt, Mike Priddy, Wendy Fite, and Jaret Seiberg—(All pros who keep on coming back and make this easy for me)

Cleanup: Michele Harmon

Course re-direction: Ed Demoney

Aid station workers: Tim Foley, Rich Priddy, Alexis Wistermayer, Wendy Marszalek, Marissa Melton, Ted Lapkoff, Ron Fite, Joyce Fendley, Mike Andreski, Ed Cappucino, Betty Miracle, Gary Knipling, Bob Phillips, Rayna Matsuno

Beer Procurement: Joe Clapper—everyone who was in attendance surely noticed that I forgot to give Joe a “budget” for buying beer.

Shirt crew: Linda Wack, Carolyn Gernand, Keith Knipling, Quatro Hubbard


Note: First number is the time returned by the precise VHTRC timing clock. The second number reflects the bonus minutes that were deducted from the time.

NameTimeTime deduction
C.J. Blagg4:484
Fred Dolan4:5710
Michele Harmon5:0310
Joe Clapper5:0310
Chris Deal5:1611
Chris Miller5:17 
Mark Crisman5:2925
Alex Papadopoulos5:3211
John Anderson5:3310
Diana Widdowson5:4520
David Olsen5:5016
Justin Faul5:5310
Mike Broderick5:5610
Al Yoon5:56 
Henry Dunbar5:5915
Randy Yasenchak6:0010
Chris Brown6:015
Mario Raymond6:0110
Jon Norris6:05 
Eric Olson6:075
Gaynor Bourgeois6:0910
Marti Kovener6:1810
Brian McNeill6:3412
Doyle Gantt6:3510
Margie Hughes6:3511
Laurie Reinhart6:3610
Mitchell Goodman6:45 
James Hinton6:49 
Paul Amann6:50 
Karen Donohue7:0210
Ryan Carter7:0411
Mike Holland7:091
Rhonda Keilholz7:12 
Lark Dunham7:13 
Chris Batten7:2120
Charlie Miracle7:3110
Stephen Szibler7:3810
Pam Gowen7:41 
Victor Lin7:41 
Michelle Faucher7:4410
Quatro Hubbard7:5210
Glenn Gravatt7:55 
Joe Murgo7:55 
Anstr Davidson8:012
Jim Simpson8:26 
Mark Zimmerman8:26 
David Snipes??? 
Kim Jenkins??? 
Shorter Distances  
Adam Matheson  
Justine Morrison  
Sharon Lapkoff  
Carole Smith  
Mike Bur  
Mike Schuster  
Jim Cavanaugh  
Marty Lindeman  
Rick ??  
Jeff Reed  
Vince Vaughan  
Dan Mackeben  
Ed Demoney  
Mary Campbell  
Drew Watson  
Jill Quivey  
Dave Quivey  
Debbie Shaffer  
Grace Hong  
Sydney Shepherd  
Michael Milaszewski  
Mel Saraniero  
Keith Knipling  
Caroline Williams  
Walker Williams  

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