Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2006 Report

October 22, 2006  •  Washington, DC


Runners at Second Aid Station
Runners at Second Aid Station.

Now in its fourth year with its current start and finish and rougher terrain, the PH50k has evolved into a multi-sport event. This year, participants with hidden dart throwing, doughnut eating, ball tossing, bead tossing, and apple bobbing talents were able to improve their finishing position.

The winner, Justine Morrison, blew away the old course record and didn’t need any bonus points to help her. Until Turkey Run, Don Padfield and Fred Dolan hung tight with Justine, hoping to avoid the inevitable “chicking” stigma. Fred Dolan got a bit lost and ultimately didn’t cover the entire course, although he did do plenty of running and ultimately finished with Justine. As for Don, he just hung in there until Justine asserted her dominance. Don was the previous course record holder, and he managed to run considerably faster this year.

The second official event finisher, Amy Sproston, even without her plentiful bonus points for her multi-sport skills, surpassed the women’s course record set by Sophie Speidel last year running a fine time of 5:22. Amy’s bonus points brought her time down to 4:35. Don’t ever make a wager with Amy over a game of darts. With these extra bonus points, she managed to edge out Don Padfield, who was the first official male finisher.

Many finishers had excellent urban adventures. Laura Nelson visited several businesses to ask for directions. Lucia Davidson and Pam Gowen also decided to take a city tour. Quatro Hubbard, not surprisingly, despite having run the course several times, found the course markings quite difficult to follow.

The Potomac Heritage Trail.

Several first timers also had excellent finishes. Randy Yasenchak of PA came down to run his first ultra and finished with the fine time of 5:53. Congratulations to all of you first time ultra-finishers!

Many thanks go out to the volunteers! Amy and Steve Platt handled aid station one for the fourth year in a row. Michele Harmon and Mike Priddy, fresh off their trip around the world, came back to manage Aid 2. Wendy Fite put together an excellent aid station at Chain Bridge. She was ably assisted by Vicki Kendall, Mike Bur, Kirstin Walcott, and Ted Lapkoff. Jaret Seiberg managed the Turkey Run Aid station for the fourth year in a row. He had the invaluable assistance of Betty Miracle, Bob Phillips, Jim Cavanaugh, Bunny Runyan, and Gary Knipling. Gary organized the bonus point system for Turkey run. Not surprisingly, this system involved beads and included some special bonus points for women. (Apparently, no women felt the need to earn these bonus points.) Ed Demoney and Karen Krieg were a great help with course marking. Tom Corris manned the grill for many hours to make sure everyone was well fed.

Hope you all enjoy the run results. Regardless of your finishing position, you will all be rewarded with a free entry for next years event. Hope to see everyone back again next year!

The trail upstream from Turkey Run.
A garter snake on the trail.

Apple bobbing videos

Mike Bur's apple bobbing videos on YouTube.


PlaceNameRunning TimeBonus TimeTotal TimeComment
1Justine Morrison4:33 4:331st overall
2Amy Sproston5:222 CC/35 A3/10 A64:35a
3Don Padfield4:4710 A64:371st man
4David Olsen5:205AS3/5AS65:10 
5Wayne Stone5:25 5:25 
6David Popik5:415 A3/5 A65:31b
7Alex Papadopoulos5:414 min TR5 min A65:32 
8Diana Widdowson5:425 A35 A65:32 
9Paul Melzer6:1710 A1/30 A3/5 A65:32 
10Dave Strauss5:405 A65:35 
11Kevin Bligan5:415 A35:36 
12Kavara Vaughan5:42 5:42 
13Randy Yasenchak5:53 5:53first time ultra finisher
14Dennis Maietta6:275 A4/20 A3/5 A65:57 
15Andrew Pinger6:342 A4/30 A3/5 A65:57 
16Al Yoon5:59 5:59 
17Doug Sabel6:04 6:04 
18Ed Cappucino6:2710 A1/5 A3/ 5 A66:07 
19Laura Nelson6:2710 A3/5 A66:08c
20Marti Kovener6:145 min A66:09 
21Mike Bailey6:412 A4/20 A2/5 A66:14 
22David Snipes6:4120 min A3 5 min A66:16 
23Laurie Reinhart6:19 6:19 
24Craig Tufts6:3410 A15 A66:19 
25Tony Escobar6:20 6:20 
26Edgar Bennett6:21 6:21 
27Stephen Szibler6:275 A66:22 
28John Shepard6:355 A3/5 A66:25 
29Gary Hearn6:4110 A3/5 A66:26 
30Rick Ayers6:5320A3/5A66:28 
31Michael Moore6:31 6:31m
32Quatro Hubbard6:4510 A36:35 
33Bill Shannon7:1030 A3/ 5 A66:35 
34Eric Olson6:505 min A35 min A66:40d
35Andy Anderson6:41 6:41 
36Joni Fontana6:42 6:42e
37Mike Bright6:43 6:43 
38Nolan Shigley6:485 min A66:43f
39Alan Gowen6:45 6:45 
40Gaynor Bourgeois6:47 6:47 
41Paul Sherlock6:535 min A66:48 
42Susan Baehre7:035 A36:58g
43Krysia Pohl7:095 A37:04h
 Grace Hong7:095 A37:04h
45Charlie Miracle7:305 min A67:25 
46John Schwabe7:455 min A67:40 
47David Achenbach8:1020 A3/5 A67:45 
48Anstr Davidson8:065 A3/5 A67:56 
49Karen Donahue8:3320 A2/5 A68:08 
50Doyle Gannt8:3315 A3/5 A68:13 
51Pam Gowen9:1525 A38:50i
52Lucia Davidson9:1520 A38:55i
53Fred Dolan4:342 A5/5 A3/5 A64:22j
54Ron Ely5:3010 A3/5 A65:1528 miles
55Clint Currie6:3510 A3/5 A66:2528 miles
56Heather Trainum3:49  24 miles
57Patricia Zerfas3:57  24 miles
58Tom corris3:5510 A23:4520 miles
59Linda Wack3:55 3:5520 miles
60James Moore3:55 3:5520 miles
61Beverly Bennett4:00 4:0020 miles
62Linda Gaudette4:10 4:1020 miles
63Chris Brown4:15 4:1520 miles
64David Gaudette4:40 4:4020 miles
65Sharon Lapkoff4:20 4:2020 miles
66Michele McLeod   20 miles
 <20 miles    
67Sophie Speidel4:00 4:00k
68Paul Longenderfer 20 A3 l
69Ed Demoney    
70Drew Watson    
71Lori Crandall    
72Tim Foley    
73James Weigand    

a: threw three straight bulls eyes
b: the only finisher reported to have indulged in Mulled Wine at the Chain Bridge Aid Station.
c: mega bonus miles—had greatest urban adventure. Resorted to phone book to find finish.
d: got a late start but had a nice finish
e: Four time finisher!!
f: Blew bubbles while bobbing
g: quote of the day “Oh no—I will toss, but I will NOT bob.”
h: a true tie
i: also had a true urban adventure, but Pam got 5 more bonus points
j: Fred ran fast and finished with Justine, but unfortunately got off course and didn’t make it up to the Beltway. However he did keep running around the parking area after getting lost and likely covered the ultra distance.
k: Sophie ran her own course, and we don’t know exactly what it was, but she repeatedly impressed upon everyone that it was 17 miles.
l: No idea what happened to Paul, but obviously he’s pretty good at darts.
m: finished his first ultra

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