Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2004 Report

November 7, 2004  •  Washington, DC


Sunday, November 7, marked the second running of the New Potomac Heritage 50k. Once again this year, the day became unseasonably warm, but this year was pleasant for volunteers and runners alike. About 60 runners covered at least some distance on the course.

Volunteers at aid station 1, the fertility aid station, distributed oysters and doughnuts to incoming runners. This year, Aid station 1 was our only “unauthorized” aid station, but was blessed by the park police before the runners came by. The park policeman almost closed down the aid station when Amy Platt offered him a doughnut, as he viewed this as an insult to the police community. However, as a father of a young toddler, the park policeman enjoyed talking fertility with aid station volunteers, Amy Platt, Steve Platt, Meggie Scogna and captain Sierra Platt. Bob Phillips also assisted with doughnut distribution.

Sophie Speidel and Ed Cacciapaglia at the post-run party
Sophie Speidel and Ed Cacciapaglia at the post-run party.

Because of the apparent doughnut surplus, Amy Platt offered doughnut bonuses. These bonuses are reflected in the results. David Olson and Marty Lindemann received the most doughnut bonus points.

Volunteers at aid station 2, the heavy metal aid station, dressed in heavy metal attire to provide aid to the runners at Roosevelt Island. Michel and Mike sported their heavy metal drinking vessels along with the Javelina finishing skull. Michele and Mike appeared to be having so much fun that one runner asked Michele “How can I get your job?”. I hope this runner volunteers to work aid station 2 next year.

After four miles along the Potomac Heritage trail, the runners reached the partying chain bridge aid station manned by Seth Mosier, Vicki Kendall, and Jason Murray (and I believe also Jason’s canine-American friend). At this point, some runners returned to DC over the chain bridge and others continued on to the next aid station at Turkey run staffed by Jaret Seiberg, Bob Phillips, Charlie Miracle, and Betty Miracle. Jaret has maintained such total responsibility for this aid station that I do not even know where this aid station is located, but I trust that everyone enjoyed the visit.

While the runners were on course, Mike Bur and I ate a few doughnuts and re-marked the course for the runners’ return from chain bridge into Battery Kemble Park. This year we used flour so that it would be difficult to remove before the runners came back. After returning home, Mike cleared out the back yard by chopping down weeds and creating a wood pile. I don’t care what everyone says about Mike…he’s really a pretty good guy. He created a lot more space for the after party at which he became the tireless grill master.

In addition to the volunteers mentioned above, I’d like to thank Amy and Kirstin for helping with food prep on Saturday night and Karen Krieg for marking the course with me on Saturday night at 10PMish. Seth and Jaret both had a huge part in the preparation and the three of us basically worked together to get the run going again this year, so obviously everyone owes a big thanks to both of them.

Kirstin Walcott enjoying the post-run party
Kirstin Walcott enjoying the post-run party.

The first runner in was Joe Decker, who said he had a date with his Harley Davidson and rushed out without any refreshment. He was followed shortly thereafter by Janet Krones, who got a ride back after twisting her ankle. The first 50k runners in were Steve Burton and Brian O’Connor. These two may have deviated a little from the course for the last two miles, but didn’t really shortcut, so we’ll give them the win. Scott Mills ran the actual course and was probably about 15 or 20 minutes behind. Marti Kovener was the first woman to return. Marti is a transplant from the West, but is enjoying the convenience of our urban trails. Sophie would have had to either ditch Quatro or eat three more doughnuts to catch Marti. Gaynor Bourgeois also had another excellent run this year.

All of the runners were great guests and if I had taken the money everyone offered me, I could have thrown another big party next month. I think the photos of the after party will speak for themselves. I hope you can all come back again next year!

2004 starters
Starters of the 2004 PHT, outside Kerry’s house.

Other reports

Report by Nick Neakrase


Photo Collages from Sophie Speidel: One | Two | Three

Photo Collages from Michele Harmon: One | Two | Three


50k finishers  
Steve Burton5:14Steve and Brian ran fast, improvising the last three miles
Brian O’Connor5:14 
Scott Millsxx:xxThe first finisher who didn’t get lost or eat doughnuts
David Olson5:45††Earned 20 minutes of doughnut points
Gary Grilliot5:50Not too many rocks
Mike Broderick5:59Birthday boy getting faster every year
Al Yoon6:05Finished with David Olson but didn’t eat doughnuts
Marti Kovener6:09First Woman in
Jamie Webster6:09First Adventure racer in
Chris Faigle5:59†Joined us from Richmond
Kirk Jansen6:09Kirk and Craig signed up early and trained well
Craig Clarkson6:09 
Ed Schultze6:15Strategy change away from training fast and racing slow
Gaynor Bourgeois6:39Back for another great year
Quatro Hubbard6:35†Not a dull moment with Quatro, Sophie and Greg
Greg Loomis6:35† 
Sophie Speidel6:35† 
Chris Andres6:45Ran with Quatro, Greg, and Sophie but no doughnut
Gary Richwine6:53A good day — nothing broken
Andrew Pinger6:43†Unemployed, will be coming back to eat leftovers
Russ Evans6:56After several detours, returned to share his cooler full of beer
Nick Neakrase6:56surprise entry
Anne Andrews  
Maria Bertacchi  
Christine Couldrey7:16 
Mike Everly8:31 
Joyce Fendley8:31 
Joni Fontana7:57 
Mike Holland  
Renee Holmes7:45 
Grace Hong7:17First 50K
Brian McNeill8:15keeping his friend on trail
Joe Murgo8:29 
Chris Shanley7:45 
PJ Vasquenza  
Julian Watson8:15 
Marty Lindemann †† actually only ran 19, but gets the finish with doughnut bonus miles
27 Milers  
Monika Bracken 
Ed Cacciapaglia complete with Knob creek!
Joe Clapper found another way to shortcut
Jon Clark called from the course to let us know how he was doing
Emily Jacobs 
Chris Rumohr wishing she had eaten doughnuts
22 Miles  
Mike Wedemeyer tapering for JFK
19 Milers  
Beverly Bennett Beverly, Edgar, Linda, and Sandi — the big 19 mile pack
Edgar Bennett  
Jim Cavanaugh Slacking off! Only 19?
Joe Decker Set a decisive 19 mile course record!
Linda Poteate an easy day for linda
Sandi Rodgers 
Susi Cora† ran less than 19, but gets doughnut miles
Mary Johlfs† 
Kirstin Walcott† Runner/volunteer gets the 19
Other Runners  
Michael Kamin injured but upbeat
Karen Krieg Runner/volunteer
Janet Krones Much — did a number on the ankle
Tom Corris Showing plenty of after-party endurance
John Dodds Sent a drop bag to the start, but did not make an appearance until the end
Heather T never checked in or out, but visited aid stations
Farouk Elkassad spotted on the trail

† and †† indicate doughnut bonus points

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