Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

2002 Report

  •  Washington, DC


The run started with a cold clear dawn at the Capitol Yacht Club. 57 Runners participated in this years event. Some choose to head in early, meet along the trail, while a core group completed the entire 50 Km. Those who made it back to the CYC enjoyed hot showers, good company and lots of good food (vegetarian chili, wild rice soup, sandwiches and more).

Of special note were two new participants to this years event. Ray Scharenbrock completed his 7th circuit of running a marathon or longer in all 50 states plus DC. His running buddy, Don Lang also completed his 322 marathon and plus run. Meeting runners like this makes events like this even more special. There also were several runners who completed the distance for their first ultra.

A very special thanks to Dan Grayson for providing Aid at Roosevelt Island, Ft. Marcy, and Fletcher’s Boat House. We couldn’t do this event with the quality of aid without Dan. I want to thank everyone who participated. Jeanne and I enjoy putting this event on each year and will continue as long as we have the full cooperation of all the runners.

This years participants were: Steve Platt, Amy Bloom, James Moore, Rebecca Moore, Meggie Havemann, Glen Fleming, Bob Phillips, Anstr Davidson, Lucia Davidson, Charlie Miracle, Scott Mills, Kerry Owens, Stan & Margie, T.J. Harrington, Seth M., Pam Gowen, Alan Gowen, James Cavanaugh, Phil Young, Janet Vicent, Lou Jones, Noelle Olson, Maria Bertacchi, Joe Clapper, Betsie Millar, Donald Lang, Ray Scharenbrock, Olwen Huxley, Chris Shanley, Mary Deppa, Brian McNeill, Jeff Reid, Gena Bonini, Jeff Reed, Monika Braken, Farouk Elkassed, John Dodds, Bill Turrentine, Terry Ottina, Lance Sullenberger, Charles Bright, Lisa Green, Danny McDonnel, Bunny Runyan, Karen Kreig, Rocky Febener.

If I forgot anyone, misspelled your name, etc. (sorry)

Happy Trails,

Larry & Jeanne


The start
The start.
Along the trail, photo one
Along the trail, photo one.
Along the trail, photo two
Along the trail, photo two.
At the Cabin John Bridge
At the Cabin John Bridge.
Back to Washington
Back to Washington.
The C&O Canal.
The C&O Canal.
Cabin John Bridge
Cabin John Bridge.
Fletchers from Virginia
Fletchers from Virginia.
Patti Mcdonnell photo one
Patti Mcdonnell photo one.
Patti Mcdonnell photo two.
Patti Mcdonnell photo two.

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