2019 Report

February 9, 2019  •  Fort Valley, VA

37 starters, 37 finishers

Below are the compiled times for the second Massanutten Training Academy run for the 2019 winter training season for the MMT 100 Miler. It was very cold at the start, but sunny and generally a pleasant winter’s day on a dry trail.

37 runners lined up at dawn at Signal Knob to take on the run, and all 37 finished the complete distance for this training run. The run started at 6:15, and all the runners finished by 16:40, with only a few going off trail and no apparent injuries. Just what we are looking for when it comes to these Training Academy runs! We expect these 37 to again be successful finishers once the MMT 100 rolls around in three months.

Listed are the running times for each, including the check-in times at the two aid stations that volunteers manned along the route. The 30-mile training run route generally mirrors the second third of the MMT 100 run course. Time of day is shown for the two aid stations along the way, and for the check-in at the finish of the run. Elapsed time is shown in the final column.

Bear in mind: this was NOT a run. No one treated this as a run. These should not be considered “race results.” The times are provided for informational purposes only. This can help others who pull the route from the event site and run the course self-supported, so that those runners can approximate times. It can assist those considering this training run in future years to estimate their own run times. And it is helpful for volunteers to see the range of times that runners take to cover certain sections.

Big thanks to Dave Woll for the job he did organizing this run. Thanks also to the 2019 volunteer crew: Kevin Bligan, Brian Schmidt, Larry Tumblin, Tracey & Larry Thibodeau & family, Jim Treece, Lisa Johnston and Jeff Pence (for bringing in his van, which was big enough to cart over half the runners to the start). Final note: for the 2020 MMT Training Academy Run #2, Guy Towler will be stepping up to organize the event. Thanks to Dave for his great work with not only this run, but with Training Academy Run #3 and the Chocolate Bunny (both of which he will continue to lead).


NameVeach Gap (8.5)Habron (21.1)Finish(30.2)Time
Dirk Schulze7:4510:1212:206:05
Carl Bligan7:4510:1212:236:08
Keith VanGraafeiland7:4510:1212:416:26
Jason Jugar7:4710:2512:466:31
Kevin Walker7:5410:2512:476:32
Shawn Krause7:5610:2512:496:34
Russ Holland8:0510:5513:237:08
Christopher Flint8:0310:3513:347:19
Jason Counsman7:5610:5513:357:20
Justin Hersh8:0010:5513:427:27
John Green8:0510:5613:457:30
Jeff Pence8:0511:0513:467:31
Tom Simonds8:0811:0313:497:34
Lori Johnson8:0411:1213:517:36
Laura Yoder8:0411:1213:517:36
Eric McGlinchey8:0711:1214:007:45
Richard Sisson8:0510:5514:057:50
Dawn Gray8:0511:1514:107:55
Jamie Greenawalt8:2711:2514:107:55
Charlie Joyce8:1311:2714:258:10
Robert Kolb8:1111:3314:308:15
Tom Wolford8:1111:3314:308:15
Barbara Brown8:1311:4314:408:25
Chris Beers-Arthur8:1811:3414:458:30
Crista Horn8:1811:3414:458:30
Bill Breidenstine8:0811:3614:528:37
John Peabody8:1811:4314:578:42
Trevor Elliott8:0511:3115:108:55
Shelly Cable8:2012:1215:359:20
Carole Williamson8:3012:2015:379:22
Brian McNeill8:2012:1215:409:25
Sarah Curtis8:2412:0316:059:50
Tony Escobar8:2012:1716:059:50
Sirisha Golla8:3012:2816:3710:22
Elsa Araujo8:3012:2816:3710:22
Brady Haycock8:3012:2016:4010:25
Serhot Ozturk8:3012:2016:4010:25

The run started at 6:15 AM; aid stations and finish display times runners checked in.
71 runners signed up for the 2019 run and 37 started.

Last updated December 16, 2019