Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2016 Report

December 10, 2016  •  Clifton, VA

139 starters, 67 finishers


Three of the original MGM runners back at the scene of that crime 25 years later: Anstr Davidson, Joe Clapper and Steve Boutilier
Three of the original MGM runners back at the scene of that crime 25 years later: Anstr Davidson, Joe Clapper and Steve Boutilier.

The results from the 25th anniversary of the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50k, run on December 10, 2016. This year’s Fat Ass run was held on a sunny, breezy and chilly day on the Bull Run Run trail. Of the 195 entrants, 139 managed to get up and make their way to the start. 67 checked in at the finish having completed the full 31 mile distance. For the 25th anniversary the run and logistics went seamlessly. We had 3/4 of the founding fathers of VHTRC present and three of the original seven MGM runners. Our youngest runners were 14 years old, the oldest 82. A good time was had by all on what was a beautiful December day.

Those that showed were treated to a special commemorative 25th anniversary knit cap. The VHTRC board purchased the hats in three different colors, designed to match the Christmas theme of the run. The white hats were given to club members who began running the MGM 50k back in the 1990’s - matching the white hair on many of them. The green hats went to the newer (“greener”) runners, those who had started running MGM since 2010. And the red hats were given to the runners who started their MGM days back in the Oughts.

Congratulations to Dan Fogg, who defended his MGM 50k 2015 title with another superb run. Dan came through the aid station at the marathon mark in 3:30, and finished with the excellent time of 4:18 for the full 50k. The fastest previous time that this researcher could find was all the way back in 2000, when Courtney Campbell toasted the course in 4:06. Dan’s 4:18 may be the 2nd fastest to date.

Martha Nelson was the first woman to the finish, though she clearly was not racing. Martha ran the distance (in 5:37) with a group of friends, all bedecked in festive paraphernalia in celebration of Trevor Baine’s 35th birthday. The same level of in-depth MGM research returned a likely event record among the women of 5:00 for Michele Harmon back in 2001, and tied by Justine Morrison in 2012.

Other reports

Bernadette Kilcer’s report of her run, which was cut short by an asthma attack on the trail.


Martha Nelson sporting her unique Gluteus MaxiMoose shorts pre-race
Martha Nelson sporting her unique Gluteus MaxiMoose shorts pre-race.

See photographs taken by Gil Gray of the runners who made it past the Marina Aid Station to the section of the trail just beyond Old Yates Ford Road and photographs of the start by Quatro Hubbard.


Below are the full results, including the self-reported distances and arrival times back at Hemlock for those runners who ran their own abbreviated version of the MGM.

PlaceNameAgeSexHomeMilesFinish TimeRun Time
1Dan Fogg32MDC31.0012:18 PM4:18
2Jake Rankinen32MVA31.0012:34 PM4:34
3Christopher Moore31MVA31.0012:56 PM4:56
4Freddy Mondale24MDC31.001:03 PM5:03
5Keith Knipling40MVA31.001:08 PM5:08
6John Love33MVA31.001:11 PM5:11
7Andy Bacon38MVA31.001:16 PM5:16
8Jesse Fuller32MVA31.001:23 PM5:23
9Matt Christovich37MVA31.001:25 PM5:25
10Martha Nelson35FDC31.001:37 PM5:37
10Trevor Baine35MDC31.001:37 PM5:37
10Joey Cohen33MDC31.001:37 PM5:37
10Aaron Ellison40MMD31.001:37 PM5:37
14Mohamed Hassanein43MVA31.001:41 PM5:41
14Willie Lorenc36MVA31.001:41 PM5:41
16Kelly MacDonald27FMD31.002:00 PM6:00
16Todd Ellick33MVA31.002:00 PM6:00
18Windy Aziz40FVA31.002:04 PM6:04
19Mikala Shremshock33FWV31.002:06 PM6:06
20Gaynor Bourgeois48FDC31.002:09 PM6:09
20Scott Allender42MVA31.002:09 PM6:09
22Geoff Patterson33MDC31.002:14 PM6:14
23Caroline Murray29FWV31.002:18 PM6:18
24Scott Crabb45MVA31.002:24 PM6:24
25Julian Jamison43MDC31.002:28 PM6:28
25Tom Simonds62MVA31.002:28 PM6:28
27Tom Buell42MVA31.002:29 PM6:29
28Richard Sisson46MVA31.002:32 PM6:32
29Lara Zoeller32FVA31.002:34 PM6:34
29Paul Ammann55MVA31.002:34 PM6:34
31Joe Clapper58MMD31.002:39 PM6:39
32Bob Greenberg51MVA31.002:40 PM6:40
32Michael Stefanon48MVA31.002:40 PM6:40
34Elizabeth Farry26FDC31.002:46 PM6:46
34Marty Fox66MVA31.002:46 PM6:46
36Sara Davidson33FMD31.002:48 PM6:48
36Jared Byrd33MMD31.002:48 PM6:48
36Rob Colenso42MVA31.002:48 PM6:48
39Rob Kolb48MVA31.002:52 PM6:52
40Andrew Carta31MMD31.002:55 PM6:55
41Ted Bielawa46MVA31.003:00 PM7:00
41Alvin Lee42MMD31.003:00 PM7:00
43Ed Walsh67MVA31.003:06 PM7:06
44Dan Aghdam48MVA31.003:18 PM7:18
45Kellie Allison40FVA31.003:20 PM7:20
46Charlie Poffenberger42MVA31.003:31 PM7:31
47Maureen Rohrs61FMD31.003:32 PM7:32
47Steve Boutilier57MMD31.003:32 PM7:32
47Stephen Cooper62MMD31.003:32 PM7:32
47Josh Howe37MVA31.003:32 PM7:32
47Chris Pabian40MPA31.003:32 PM7:32
52Samantha Bingaman21FMD31.003:35 PM7:35
53Jeffrey Klemm65MVA31.003:38 PM7:38
54Bob Coyne69MMD31.003:41 PM7:41
54Brian O'Connor51MMD31.003:41 PM7:41
56Megan Tuncer19FMD31.003:44 PM7:44
57Helen Hayn38FVA31.003:48 PM7:48
57Robert Gaylord68MVA31.003:48 PM7:48
57David Wood54MMD31.003:48 PM7:48
60David Beam38MVA31.003:49 PM7:49
61Jeremy Gray43MVA31.003:56 PM7:56
61Scott Horneber38MVA31.003:56 PM7:56
63Judy Holden55FFL31.004:04 PM8:04
64Bill Turrentine68MVA31.004:05 PM8:05
65Sirisha Golla41FVA31.004:35 PM8:35
65Bill Wandel73MMD31.004:35 PM8:35
67Mike Whichard36MVA31.005:07 PM9:07
Less than a 50k       
DNFMike Bender53MVA26.202:40 PM 
DNFSusan Gardner52FVA26.003:32 PM 
DNFJenny Roberts36FVA25.001:30 PM 
DNFSarah Ouadah25FMD25.001:46 PM 
DNFJarrod Brennet26MMD24.2011:41 AM 
DNFDave Quivey54MAZ23.001:14 PM 
DNFJill Quivey50FAZ23.001:18 PM 
DNFAlan Doss57MWV22.501:09 PM 
DNFChristian Sorenson25MVA22.502:18 PM 
DNFKristin Tidwell44FVA22.232:14 PM 
DNFRob Tidwell46MVA22.232:14 PM 
DNFGreg Zaruba50MMD22.0012:05 PM 
DNFMeredith Hering35FMD22.0012:47 PM 
DNFJarrett Hering36MMD22.0012:52 PM 
DNFBecca Tidwell14FVA22.0012:58 PM 
DNFJade Zaharoff26FVA22.001:28 PM 
DNFSteve Zaharoff58MVA22.001:28 PM 
DNFJackie Ong55FVA22.002:13 PM 
DNFEdward Cacciapaglia62MVA21.001:19 PM 
DNFFrancesco Smith62MMD21.001:31 PM 
DNFJim Bapst48MVA20.501:04 PM 
DNFTodd Wallenstein39MVA20.501:04 PM 
DNFMario Raymond87MMD20.0012:05 PM 
DNFJaret Seiberg47MMD20.0012:05 PM 
DNFJeffrey Davis47MVA20.0012:44 PM 
DNFAlice Hisamoto55FAK20.001:19 PM 
DNFKelley Fitzsimmons35FVA19.251:07 PM 
DNFLeah Pan35FDC19.251:07 PM 
DNFMeg Wiegand31FDC19.251:07 PM 
DNFJim Schatz57MVA18.0012:28 PM 
DNFPatricia Miller59FVA18.0012:44 PM 
DNFBarry Smith64MMD18.001:14 PM 
DNFDavid Woll51MVA17.0011:17 AM 
DNFCaroline Williams54FVA17.001:14 PM 
DNFWill Rohrs63MMD17.001:19 PM 
DNFAndrew Assur34MVA16.0011:34 AM 
DNFPatty Edleblute43FMD16.0011:34 AM 
DNFMeredith Minix43FVA16.0011:34 AM 
DNFSerhot Ozturk36MMD16.0011:54 AM 
DNFChad Epler43MMD16.0011:55 AM 
DNFTristan Epler14MMD16.0011:55 AM 
DNFEmily Lathrop21FMD15.5011:14 AM 
DNFSisou Armstrong43FMD15.2411:48 AM 
DNFKaren Rinehart49FMD15.2411:48 AM 
DNFKaren Wille45FVA15.0011:11 AM 
DNFRichard Romeo53MMD15.0011:41 AM 
DNFLoel Romeo52FMD15.0011:55 AM 
DNFThomas Green66MMD14.004:19 PM 
DNFJeff Reed56MVA13.0011:59 AM 
DNFDenise Coll56FVA12.5011:31 AM 
DNFSteve Grassi48MVA12.0011:14 AM 
DNFAlisa Springman42FVA12.001:45 PM 
DNFJim Daniels43MVA12.001:45 PM 
DNFCherry Grassi44FVA11.0011:27 AM 
DNFJohnny Nguyen33MVA11.0012:02 PM 
DNFBernadette Kilcer40FMD11.001:13 PM 
DNFPaul Crickard63MMD11.001:42 PM 
DNFJudith Weber57FMD11.001:42 PM 
DNFKevin Green44MMD10.0010:28 AM 
DNFMichele Harmon50FMD10.0010:28 AM 
DNFSarah Smith45FMD10.0010:38 AM 
DNFGary Knipling73MVA10.0010:43 AM 
DNFBrady Haycock36FDC10.0011:54 AM 
DNFDiana Hsieh27FVA10.001:13 PM 
DNFAllison Holko36FVA9.6011:23 AM 
DNFRan Sun31MVA9.0010:48 AM 
DNFJames Moore72MMD9.0011:18 AM 
DNFRebecca Moore71FMD9.0011:18 AM 
DNFMary Shaw54FFO6.1010:18 AM 
DNFAnstr Davidson71MVA   
DNFNova Demoney82MVA   
DNFAlison Gittelman44FVA   

The race started at 8 AM.

The last three runners started and ran a short distance for a certain amount of time - none of it documented.

Run times were not calculated for any of the runners who cut the 50k short. In at least some cases, they didn’t return to the finish under their own power, or their check-in time was well after the time they had actually stopped running.

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