The VHTRC Is 30 Years Old

The VHTRC turned 30 in December, 2022, and we are celebrating with a year-long photo scavenger hunt.

Happy New Year, VHTRC!

Anstr Davidson, Joe “President for Now” Clapper, Chris “President for Life” Scott, Tim Stanley, Keith Brophy, Steve Boutillier, and Marty Szekeresh at the 1992 le Grande Dierriere, the first VHTRC official event.

This year, as part of our year-long celebration of 30 years of the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, we’re throwing a photo scavenger hunt. Whether you participate in the Fun Run or the Competitive category we hope you get out and have a great 2023 with your fellow Club members.

And if not those things, do it for the prizes.

In front of Gunston Hall at the 1999 Eagle Run.


  • Fun Run: Check off 30 different items — we gave you 50 to pick from — by the end of 2023 for a finish and a fun prize.
  • Competitive: Complete the Fun Run then go for points. Unless noted, each item in the hunt is worth one point. The Club members with the three highest point totals will make up our winners podium and get some sweet swag. What you ask? TBD! Your Happy Trails Board will pick something good, we promise.

Post your photos on any of the Club social pages (in the Facebook group, @VHTRC on Twitter or @TheVHTRC on Instagram) using the hashtags #VHTRC30th or #HBDHappyTrails.

RD Ed Demoney, volunteer Bill Sublett, and Club founder Anstr Davidson before the 2001 MMT.

Track your completed scavenger hunt items with this printable PDF.

We look forward to following all your shenanigans this year. Happy Trails, gang!

Group at the start of the 2008 Vicki's Death March
Group at the start of the 2008 Vicki’s Death March.


Last updated December 31, 2022