Group on top of Hawksbill during the 2019 SDM.

Sophie Speidel

July 4 Trifecta Day 3: Sophie’s Death March

Also known as “Shenandoah’s National Park’s greatest hits,” this 24-mile loop’s highlights include White Oak Canyon, Hawksbill, Stony Man, all connected by beautiful ridge running on the Appalachian Trail.

  • Sat Jul 6, 2024
Start location
Start time
  • 7:00 am
  • 24.2 miles
Total ascent/descent
  • 5,200 feet
Run organizer

This year, SDM will be the Grande Finale of the July 4 holiday weekend’s Trifecta runs. This clockwise loop begins with a climb up Whiteoak Canyon and its numerous waterfalls, culminating with a summit of Hawksbill, the highest point in Shenandoah National Park. From there, we traverse the Blue Ridge northward on the Appalachian Trail to Skyland, with a general store stocked with drinks and snacks (please bring money). Then it’s off to Stony Man and then a descent down Nicholson Hollow to Weakley Hollow and Berry Hollow Fire Roads back to Whiteoak Canyon. Bring your chair and some refreshments for the traditional Party in the Cedar Run after your finish!

More details on the loop, including turnsheets, are on Furbutt’s Favorites.

Sophie Speidel and friends on Hawksbill
Sophie Speidel invites you to her eponymous death march.

Last updated January 19, 2024