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Keith Knipling

2015 Report

23rd Running

VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run

Fairfax Station, VA

Saturday, September 19, 2015

215 starters, 203 finishers

94% finishing rate


Robin Watkins won the race in 1:43:21.

We scored another beautiful — though hot — day for the 2015 running of the Women’s Half Marathon. Two hundred fifteen women toed the start line, and 203 finished. In addition to the runners who dropped out during the race, the trail took some other casualties — many women crossed the finish line with all kinds of scrapes and bumps. This entrants field had some bruisers!

Runner-up, Holly Bugin, brings it home.

Robin Watkins won the race in 1:43:21, besting fellow VHTRC member Holly Bugin, who’d led for much of the race but missed a turn near mile 9 and was eventually set straight by a pack of Boy Scouts. Holly lost her lead when she veered off course and fell back to as much as eighth place before surging to a second-place finish. Ann Stanley of Richmond took third, and the first VHTRC finisher was Sheila Vibert.

Eight teams of mothers and daughters ran this year, and everyone finished. The team of Anne and Rhea Weaver won with a combined time of 4:12:36. Anne also competed on two other teams with her daughters Erin and Sarah. And in an amazing, inspiring family affair, Jill Jacobs ran on teams with her mother and her daughters. That’s three generations in one family.

Sophie Speidel set a new PR of 1:55:34.

Volunteers turned out in full force to serenade the runners at the start line, pamper and/or heckle them at the aid stations, ply them with costumes to race in, kiss boo-boos on knees, offer smoothies, and generally save the day. As always, the support at the race was unparalleled. A huge thanks to our army of amazing volunteers!

Thanks for participating in another great Women’s Half Marathon. See you next year! Until then, happy trails…

Volunteer Jonathan Loewus-Deitch helps a runner at the finish.
Chefs Mario and WHTom, and sous chef, Kathleen, at the smoothie bar.

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