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Hashawha runners make their way across the rolling fields during the 2010 race.
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2017 Report

February 25, 2017  •  Westminster, MD

106 starters, 99 finishers


The traditional date for the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run is the last Saturday in February, and thus the big story invariably is the weather. We’ve had black ice, mud, snow, mud, bitter cold howling winds, mud, and just about everything else mother nature can dish up. On two occasions we’ve had to cancel the run due to ice storms and too deep snow. Last year, finally, we had the best weather ever that was so benign, that few really remember it.

Women's champion Shelia Vibert (left) and men's champ Jarrod Brennet
Women’s champion Shelia Vibert (left) and men’s champ Jarrod Brennet.

The eighth running of this special run brought temperatures at the start that were 60 degrees warmer than just two years ago, and so once again the weather played a big part in the outcome of the run.

Under partly cloudy skies and temperatures of nearly 70 degrees, it was the heat of all things that runners had to deal with for most of the day. Jarrod Brennet ran at the front of a tight men’s field all day taking the win in 3:56:19. Shelia Vibert led the women from the gun, and crossed the line in 4:27:03, and in doing so set a new course record breaking Kristin Bremer’s previous record by over 8 minutes.

It wasn’t until afternoon that the lightning sirens at the nature center sounded their warning of the first storm of the day when the heavens opened and heavy rains cooled the runners still on the course. An hour or so later though, it was a different story when the next storm slammed in like a sledge hammer with driving rain and sideways hail pummeling the runners, and chilling them to the bone as temperatures fell nearly 20 degrees in just a few minutes.

Our aid stations kept on top of the changing weather; with our exemplary volunteers seeing to it that runners had what they needed whether it was cold water and ice to cool runners down, or hot soup and warm perogies to warm them up.

All finishers received one of our coveted Hashawha Hills handmade mugs, and everyone enjoyed hanging out indoors after the run enjoying hot post run food and the camaraderie of friends who have shared a special experience out there on those deceptively “harder the they should be” Hashawha hills.

Many thanks to all our volunteers and many thanks to all our runners who treated our venue with respect and helped to make the eighth running of Hashawha Hills one of the most memorable ever.

In a time when the supply of ultras seems to be outstripping the demand, we had more applicants for our 120 runner field this year than ever before. The next running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run will be on February 24, 2018. In a time of escalating entry fees, we continue to make every effort to see to it that runners receive their money’s worth, and so in keeping with tradition the entry fee, as it does every year, will be reduced by 10 cents to a ridiculous $19.25


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeFirst LoopFinishFinishes
1Jarrod Brennet26MMount Rainier, MD1:53:263:56:191
2Adam Watkins36MWashington, DC2:04:294:09:591
3Chris Mead30MWoodbine, MD1:54:024:16:131
4Timothy Greszler38MBethesda, MD2:14:224:24:161
5Jack Kurisky49MBurke, VA2:05:404:25:161
6Sheila Vibert35FArlington, VA2:10:094:27:031
7John Marciari45MBaltimore, MD2:06:054:28:582
8Robin Watkins33FWashington, DC2:15:554:46:361
9Chris Flint34MBurke, VA2:19:154:49:021
10Vincent Lucas39MYork, PA2:15:594:50:591
11Barry Hauptman53MBethesda, MD2:19:064:51:231
12Russell Dresher34MHudson, MA2:19:064:52:142
13Thomas Haine50MTowson, MD2:10:224:53:595
14Rachel Greszler34FBethesda, MD2:23:424:55:171
15Grace Fisher36FHancock, MD2:26:124:57:281
16Matt McDonald47MHagerstown, MD2:08:104:58:433
17Christian Luhmann39MCoram, NY2:28:215:02:581
18Gray Weaver33MApt 102, VA2:16:105:15:453
19William Hoff47MWestminster, MD2:29:195:16:001
20Lori Johnson53FRed Hill, PA2:29:295:16:083
21Andrew Murphy32MArlington, VA2:20:395:16:331
22Ryan Bauman38MLancaster, PA2:29:045:16:551
23Michael Lombardo49MElkridge, MD2:26:285:19:212
24Pat Gilbert53MBaltimore, MD2:26:265:19:514
25Sarah Mikalauskas37FNew Market, MD2:24:355:20:332
26Heidi Tompkins29FHampstead, MD2:29:035:24:412
27Doug Camann49MClarksboro, NJ2:29:245:25:055
28Brian Carr41MBaltimore, MD2:29:395:25:193
29Benjamin Cordell33MParkville, MD2:34:275:26:143
30Ashley Carr31FBaltimore, MD2:36:235:30:211
31Paul Encarnacion56MBrunswick, MD2:41:105:33:152
32Alex St. Clair41MAlexandria, VA2:28:055:38:242
33Chris Beers-Arthur48MFrederick, MD2:36:325:39:061
34Sean Ferguson32MBaltimore, MD2:46:185:40:332
35Casey Fisher33MAbingdon, MD2:32:325:45:171
36Tacy Powers48FNewark, DE2:48:285:45:242
37Laura Bowman23FNew Providence , PA2:48:085:47:311
38Larry Huffman56MGreat Falls, VA2:42:375:51:062
39Brian Glass33MFairfax, VA2:47:325:51:121
40Chris Coder35MWestminster, MD2:34:295:52:533
41Paul Headland48MFrederick, MD2:37:135:54:413
42Sarah Ouadah26FColumbia, MD2:42:525:55:301
43Joe McQuade42MCumberland, MD2:43:225:58:552
44Adam Renninger36MWestminster , MD2:37:506:01:331
45Eleonora Duregon30FBaltimore , MD2:45:536:10:561
46Al Campos43MSpringfield, VA2:39:456:11:001
47Donald Oreskovich51MFairborn , OH2:48:476:12:431
48Paul Sherlock60MArlington, VA3:03:556:13:144
49David Mitchell46MLovettsville, VA2:49:396:13:311
50Conan Mowbray43MSterling, VA2:32:056:14:432
51Laura Drake27FArlington, VA2:49:286:21:452
52Brian Hapeman44MCharlottesville, VA2:57:486:22:101
52JoAnne Smart40FCharlottesville, VA2:58:106:22:101
54Richard Sisson46MTappahannock, VA3:04:516:22:341
55Ron Eshleman48MCatonsville, MD2:36:306:24:184
56Rob Tidwell46MKing George, VA3:05:086:29:171
57Alisa Springman42FFront Royal , VA3:24:426:29:214
58Jim Daniels43MFront Royal, VA3:24:486:29:223
58Shannon Kraus44MGlen Echo, MD3:01:336:29:223
60Julius Garcia57MReston, VA2:52:086:30:451
61Jamie Greenawalt48FBedford , PA3:03:176:31:233
62Shelly Cable47FBedford, PA3:03:146:31:365
63Chris Batten66MTaneytown, MD3:00:326:34:212
64Jackie Ong56FReston, VA3:13:356:40:011
65Richard McCleary46MLittle Egg Harbor, NJ3:03:126:40:151
66Megan Replogle36FNew Market , MD3:07:396:40:371
67Gary Knipling73MMason Neck, VA2:55:176:42:041
68Erik Iliff37MCrofton, MD3:03:416:45:051
69David Wood54MAbingdon, MD3:15:426:45:502
70Gary Bowman51MConestoga, PA3:14:036:46:222
71Meranda Pierce42FMount Joy, PA3:13:556:46:253
72Eva Basehart49FAmherst, NY3:16:196:48:083
73Gary Maier64MWallkill, NY3:14:126:48:201
74Andrew Carta32MCrofton, MD3:02:376:50:082
75Judith Weber57FEllicott City, MD3:20:286:50:553
76Jonathan Wilson41MPennsauken , NJ3:19:446:55:181
77Kenneth Webb42MSilverspring , MD3:02:226:55:201
78Catherine Cohen47FCockeysville, MD3:14:256:56:121
79Mark Cable45MRuckersville, VA2:59:176:56:564
80Tyler Ashworth32MWashington, DC3:01:476:57:041
81David Miller41MFrederick, MD3:12:576:58:321
81Rachel Ridgway46FIjamsville, MD3:12:566:58:321
83Paul Crickard63MColumbia, MD3:19:287:01:094
84Alan Lagon47MBaltimore , MD3:30:457:01:237
85Edward Cacciapaglia62MReston, VA2:53:177:03:031
86Cassandra Lizza36FLancaster, PA3:20:267:11:272
87Brigitte Sheehan56FNewark, DE3:19:137:16:123
88Steve Coco46MWestminster, MD3:13:347:16:272
89Alberto Vazquez47MLutherville-Timonium, MD3:00:507:16:362
90Carole Williamson55FEldersburg, MD3:20:427:22:547
91Faye Weaver43FEllicott City, MD3:27:137:28:511
92Christine Schauerman51FEllicott City, MD3:27:077:31:542
93Frank Volny38MColumbia, MD3:27:097:31:552
94Michael Hart53MFront Royal , VA3:17:547:31:591
95Janet Kemp33FFredericksburg, VA3:34:157:37:321
96Lori Bentley52FManchester, MD3:33:387:48:381
97Dawn Smith37FPasadena, MD3:36:007:50:041
98Lang Mary63FPasadena, MD3:35:587:50:051
99Alan Zwart46MWashington, DC3:45:468:19:023

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