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Hashawha runners make their way across the rolling fields during the 2010 race.
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2016 Report

February 27, 2016  •  Westminster, MD

111 starters, 98 finishers

Report: The Best Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run Ever?

On Saturday, February 27, the dawn broke clear, cold, and still. The best weather the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run has ever witnessed. The ground, saturated from snow melt and torrential storms only days prior was frozen as runners made their way to the start from the Bear Branch Nature Center.

The Hashawha Hills course is two circuits of a 15.5 mile loop, and under sunny skies the largest starting field we’ve ever had was soon on its way. The frozen ground made for some fast running early on, but it wasn’t long before some of our trademark mud came into play. This is after all, Hashawha Hills, and so we had fantastic trails that were in excellent shape. But we also had some deep mud along with standing water, a little snow and ice and of course that wonderful stream crossing. Not to mention all those hills, from which we get our name.

The Famous Aid Station, encountered by runners 4 times during the run, lived up to its reputation. All our volunteers, manning aid stations, sweeping the course, or working to prepare food and seeing to it that everyone felt welcome, are the fuel that drives this machine year after year. Sometimes it is good to have a friend!

Except for a very brief time Jason Lantz led from start to finish, turning in the fourth fastest finish time ever in 4:07:21. Jason already owns the third fastest finishing time which he ran in 2013.

Sarah Mikalauskas, finishing in 5:03:58, took the female win, turning in the fourth fastest women’s time in run history.

Despite the deep mud, as the sun shone down and the temperatures warmed, the beauty of the course won out, producing our highest finishing rate ever. As they crossed the finish line, all our finishers received our trade mark Hashawha Hills mugs, which are handmade by a local potter. Our male and female winners received pottery crocks, finished to match their mugs.

After finishing the run, everyone enjoyed hot food, cold drinks, and warm companionship in the nature center; sharing stories, swapping lies, and basking in the glow that only comes at the end of a big adventure.

Every year is different. Last year the course was buried under way too much snow. We’ve had the year of black ice, the year of ice and mud, and the year of high winds. Was this the best year ever? They’ve all been unique, and maybe in the end, that’s a good thing. Thanks to all our runners who showed the utmost respect to our venue and to others sharing the park with us. Thanks to our volunteers who made this happen.

What do you get for an entry fee of $19.45? Coffee and cookies during the pre run inside the warm nature center. Aid stations second to none. An easy to follow course of trails, forest roads, open fields, plenty of hills and of course that stream crossing. Split second timing, a hot meal at the finish, and our trademark handmade mugs. This run produced a profit for the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. Therefore, we’re still not sure runners are getting their money’s worth, and so we will stick with our tradition of lowering the entry fee every year.

On the last Saturday in February 2017, entry into the eighth running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run will be $19.35.

Happy Trails!
Alan Gowen.
Run Director, Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run


1Jason Lantz34MLancaster, PA4:07:212
2Kevin Hennessey43MBel Air, MD4:25:391
3Brenden Lingg32MBaltimore, MD4:27:263
4Ryan Paavola31MRichmond, VA4:36:001
5Matthew Smith36MWinchester, VA4:45:101
6Russell Dresher33MHudson, MA4:48:121
7Tim Skoczen36MCarroll Valley, PA4:48:491
8Thomas Haine49MTowson, MD4:55:534
9Robert Koch33MLexington, VA4:57:141
10Sarah Mikalauskas36FNew Market, MD5:03:581
11Larry Watson II49MPocomoke, MD5:06:461
12Emily Clay26FBaltimore, MD5:07:571
13PJ Vaughan38MArlington, VA5:10:441
14Brian Carr40MBaltimore, MD5:11:302
15John Marciari44MBaltimore, MD5:17:521
16John Nogle39MFayetteville, PA5:25:161
17Henry Peck58MLutherville, MD5:32:224
18Matt Craig43MBaltimore, MD5:37:532
19George Hollerbach60MNewtown, PA5:41:241
20Don Riley52MPhoenix, MD5:42:361
21Brett Martin35MArlington , VA5:44:111
22Alex St. Clair40MAlexandria, VA5:45:141
23Pat Gilbert52MBaltimore, MD5:45:483
24Heidi Tompkins28FThaxton, VA5:49:551
25Doug Massengale40MCatonsville, MD5:53:511
26Dustin Campion30MKeedysville, MD5:53:541
27Joe McQuade41MCumberland, MD5:56:321
28Dirk Helfrick45MWaynesboro, PA5:58:322
29Shannon Kraus43MGlen Echo, MD6:00:402
30John Fitz41MKensington, MD6:01:021
31Benjamin Cordell32MParkville, MD6:01:082
32Ben Wallace33MFairfield, PA6:01:281
33Chris Coder34MWestminster, MD6:03:562
34Kenneth Scerbo38MNewark , DE6:04:031
35Travis Sapsford42MNewark, DE6:04:061
36Terry Meade51MNewark, DE6:04:071
37Paul Headland47MFrederick, MD6:08:132
38Tacy Powere47FNewark, DE6:10:331
39Cassandra Lizza35FLancaster, PA6:11:301
40Angelo Otterbein42MMonkton, MD6:12:441
41Michael Stefanon47MManassas, VA6:15:391
42Ron Eshleman47MCatonsville, MD6:16:453
43Gary Knipling72MMason Neck, VA6:16:595
44Daisy Weill27FWashington, DC6:18:251
45Dani Seiss45FTakoma Park, MD6:18:311
46Christiana Fogg38FKensington, MD6:19:151
47Carrie Anderson33FHighland, MD6:19:551
48Frank Volny37MColumbia, MD6:19:551
49Scott Walstrum39MEaston, MD6:23:541
50Allison Abbe40FLeesburg, VA6:25:381
51Sean Lawler44MWestminster, MD6:28:185
52Gary Richwine67MLancaster, PA6:31:281
53James Sullivan52MAshburn, VA6:32:301
54Mark Cable44MRuckersville, VA6:35:043
55John Wirth36MAlexandria, VA6:37:362
56Larry Tumblin47MFort Valley , VA6:37:391
57Hillary Peabody29FWashington, DC6:37:491
58Matthew Floyd39MWestminster, MD6:38:192
59Andrew Larimore44MFrederick, MD6:40:481
60Peter McLaughlin53MNewark, DE6:41:463
61Sean Ferguson31MBaltimore, MD6:41:531
62Diane Behm39FWoodbridge, VA6:44:003
63Dennis Salter42MFrederick, MD6:45:371
64Paul Sherlock59MArlington , VA6:46:093
65Shelly Cable46FRuckersville, VA6:48:364
66Gwendolyn Shafer32FAlexandria, VA6:48:461
67Glen Stone46MAlexandria, VA6:49:181
68Jamie Greenawalt48FBedford, PA6:50:402
69Richard Britton61MSaint Leonard, MD6:50:401
70Janelle McIntyre50FEllicott City, MD6:51:321
71David Wood53MAbingdon, MD6:53:001
72Alan Lagon46MBaltimore, MD6:57:096
73Kelly Fletcher36FWashington, DC7:01:121
74Meranda Pierce41FMount Joy, PA7:01:222
75Christine Schauerman50FEllicott City, MD7:02:551
76Dwight Mikulis58MEllicott City, MD7:02:561
77Patricia Miller59FHamilton , VA7:03:091
78Paul Crickard62MColumbia, MD7:04:093
79Joyce Fendley50FArlington, VA7:09:381
80Christian Taylor42MNew Holland, PA7:09:501
81Bart Rein50MForest Hill, MD7:10:202
82Greg Forgang39MHockessin, DE7:16:011
83Thomas Gamber35MAbingdon, MD7:16:381
84Doug Camann48MClarksboro , NJ7:21:484
85Joe Hanle58MGermantown, MD7:22:512
86Carrie Drummond42FAlexandria, VA7:24:282
87Jared Carhart26MEldersburg, MD7:25:321
88Carole Williamson54FEldersburg, MD7:26:166
89Joseph McCann39MSykesville, MD7:29:011
90Brian McGonigal41MManassas, VA7:34:401
91Steve Coco45MWestminster , MD7:36:011
92Judith Weber56FEllicott City, MD7:50:522
93David Ahn41MMount Laurel, NJ8:29:471
94Carey Ahr39MFrederick, MD8:39:531
95Alan Zwart45MWashington, DC9:03:272
96Francesco Smith61MScaggsville, MD9:03:272
97Ezekiel Fuentes35MFort Belvoir , VA9:10:021


These results show the times and places at the end of the first loop.

Place FinishNameFirst LoopFirst Loop PlaceFinish
1Jason Lantz1:57:27(1)4:07:21
2Kevin Hennessey2:05:21(2)4:25:39
3Brenden Lingg2:08:10(3)4:27:26
4Ryan Paavola2:13:40(5)4:36:00
5Matthew Smith2:17:32(7)4:45:10
6Russell Dresher2:22:34(10)4:48:12
7Tim Skoczen2:17:46(8)4:48:49
8Thomas Haine2:17:28(6)4:55:53
9Robert Koch2:08:24(4)4:57:14
10Sarah Mikalauskas2:27:32(13)5:03:58
11Larry Watson II2:27:25(11)5:06:46
12Emily Clay2:33:02(18)5:07:57
13PJ Vaughan2:32:15(15)5:10:44
14Brian Carr2:27:30(12)5:11:30
15John Marciari2:19:19(9)5:17:52
16John Nogle2:32:50(16)5:25:16
17Henry Peck2:35:35(21)5:32:22
18Matt Craig2:43:53(29)5:37:53
19George Hollerbach2:43:34(28)5:41:24
20Don Riley2:32:52(17)5:42:36
21Brett Martin2:46:53(36)5:44:11
22Alex St. Clair2:40:38(24)5:45:14
23Pat Gilbert2:40:11(22)5:45:48
24Heidi Tompkins2:46:57(38)5:49:55
25Doug Massengale2:40:27(23)5:53:51
26Dustin Campion2:32:10(14)5:53:54
27Joe McQuade2:47:21(40)5:56:32
28Dirk Helfrick2:34:49(20)5:58:32
29Shannon Kraus2:40:42(25)6:00:40
30John Fitz2:44:51(32)6:01:02
31Benjamin Cordell2:45:26(33)6:01:08
32Ben Wallace2:41:00(26)6:01:28
33Chris Coder2:45:26(34)6:03:56
34Kenneth Scerbo2:48:08(43)6:04:03
35Travis Sapsford2:48:07(41)6:04:06
36Terry Meade2:48:07(42)6:04:07
37Paul Headland2:43:28(27)6:08:13
38Tacy Powere2:46:29(35)6:10:33
39Cassandra Lizza3:00:34(60)6:11:30
40Angelo Otterbein2:44:18(30)6:12:44
41Michael Stefanon2:46:55(37)6:15:39
42Ron Eshleman2:47:17(39)6:16:45
43Gary Knipling2:54:50(55)6:16:59
44Daisy Weill2:53:22(50)6:18:25
45Dani Seiss2:51:54(47)6:18:31
46Christiana Fogg2:59:04(57)6:19:15
47Carrie Anderson3:11:37(63)6:19:55
48Frank Volny3:18:35(84)6:19:55
49Scott Walstrum2:52:19(49)6:23:54
50Allison Abbe3:12:35(64)6:25:38
51Sean Lawler2:51:28(46)6:28:18
52Gary Richwine2:53:45(52)6:31:28
53James Sullivan3:15:05(67)6:32:30
54Mark Cable2:54:20(54)6:35:04
55John Wirth2:52:12(48)6:37:36
56Larry Tumblin2:53:49(53)6:37:39
57Hillary Peabody3:06:13(62)6:37:49
58Matthew Floyd2:54:54(56)6:38:19
59Andrew Larimore2:53:30(51)6:40:48
60Peter McLaughlin3:18:45(86)6:41:46
61Sean Ferguson3:14:55(66)6:41:53
62Diane Behm3:15:38(71)6:44:00
63Dennis Salter3:04:37(61)6:45:37
64Paul Sherlock3:16:08(72)6:46:09
65Shelly Cable3:15:11(68)6:48:36
66Gwendolyn Shafer3:15:25(69)6:48:46
67Glen Stone3:00:23(59)6:49:18
68Richard Britton3:18:41(85)6:50:40
69Jamie Greenawalt3:15:31(70)6:50:40
70Janelle McIntyre2:59:04(58)6:51:32
71David Wood3:16:47(74)6:53:00
72Alan Lagon3:31:09(95)6:57:09
73Kelly Fletcher3:21:43(89)7:01:12
74Meranda Pierce3:17:53(76)7:01:22
75Christine Schauerman3:18:30(82)7:02:55
76Dwight Mikulis3:18:32(83)7:02:56
77Patricia Miller3:16:19(73)7:03:09
78Paul Crickard3:27:08(92)7:04:09
79Joyce Fendley3:18:20(81)7:09:38
80Christian Taylor3:18:15(80)7:09:50
81Bart Rein3:18:01(77)7:10:20
82Greg Forgang2:48:41(44)7:16:01
83Thomas Gamber3:18:12(79)7:16:38
84Doug Camann3:17:07(75)7:21:48
85Joe Hanle3:19:58(87)7:22:51
86Carrie Drummond3:26:18(91)7:24:28
87Jared Carhart3:30:35(94)7:25:32
88Carole Williamson3:22:22(90)7:26:16
89Joseph McCann3:33:27(97)7:29:01
90Brian McGonigal3:28:15(93)7:34:40
91Steve Coco3:18:09(78)7:36:01
92Judith Weber3:31:15(96)7:50:52
93David Ahn3:56:41(105)8:29:47
94Carey Ahr3:56:31(104)8:39:53
95Francesco Smith4:00:11(107)9:03:27
96Alan Zwart4:00:22(108)9:03:27
97Ezekiel Fuentes3:38:34(101)9:10:02
98Andrew Arbuckle4:48:49(109) 
99Timothy Bryant3:20:06(88) 
100Neisa Condemaita4:48:49(110) 
101Karen Donohue3:34:42(98) 
102Barry Hauptman2:44:42(31) 
103Daryl Hultquist2:34:18(19) 
104Mary Lang4:50:03(111) 
105Scott Mason3:42:12(103) 
106Michele McLeod3:34:52(100) 
107Michelle Mitchell3:57:38(106) 
108Leigh Peck3:13:39(65) 
109Robert Perry3:41:26(102) 
110Jaret Seiberg2:50:38(45) 
111Linda Wack3:34:49(99) 

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